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Memories of Bonnie
Our precious girl, you were a shelter survivor and already a senior citizen at the age of 8 when you came home to us. Oh, how you loved your new life. You were born again and lived everyday like it was a blessing. We will never forget the first time we took you to the park. The first time you got to float in the lake. The first time you got into your own baby pool in the backyard and soaked up the sun. The hundreds of walks in the woods and the first time you looked towards the sky to see snowflakes falling on your beautiful silky head. You had the most beautiful, gentle eyes that spoke of unconditional love at all times. You loved romping with your big sister and accepted the newest member of our family, your feline sister with open paws. It was that unconditional love for life and for your Mom, Dad, Nana and sisters that kept you going through the cancer that struck you at age 14. You did not want to leave us nor did we want to lose you. You made that so clear as did we. We did everything in our power to save you but at the same time we wanted you to keep your quality of life you had come to love so much. You did so well until a week or so before the end. The end came so quickly and showed no mercy. We had no choice. You couldn't breath and your eyes were asking for our help. Your wonderful doctor came out to the van where you lay on your bed because you were always afraid of the hospital. He took your life gently as you lay in our arms and your spirit soared high to the heavens with the angels. Your Nana who passed a few short months before you along with your sister Spunky who also passed just a few months before you were waiting for you with open arms. Mom and Dad know you are safe in their care now. We know you do not suffer any longer. We think of you every single day, miss you and love you with all our hearts. You will always be with us because you rest in the most beautiful angel urn at home where you always belonged. We love you baby girl. Life will never be the same without you. Until we can be together again, know that you are and always will be our precious angel. 1/17/03-Here there is no sadness, no sorrow and no pain. Here there is no crying and I'll never hurt again. Here it is so peaceful when all the angels sing. I really have to go now...I've just got to try my wings! We love you baby girl and we miss you so very much... 7/12/03- Happy Birthday Baby Girl! It was 7 years ago today that you came home from the shelter to live with us. We never really knew your real birth date so we made your adoption date your birthday. Mom, Dad, Nikita and Keisha miss you so very,very much. Have a wonderful day running free from all the pain and know that you are and will always remain in our hearts. We love you so much Bonnie. Happy Birthday sweety. 7/12/04: Happy Birthday Baby Girl! There isn't a day that goes by that we don't think of you. Many days we still have tears in our eyes and many days we laugh in spite of ourelves at your funny antics. We remember all the precious little things you used to do like when you would do your "rocking horse" in the woods attempting to chase your sister. You are now and will forever be in our hearts. There is a new picture of you painted by your Auntie Julie hanging on the wall in our new home. We cherish it as we do you. You are free little one, please know you are loved as much today as the day you blessed us by coming home with us from the shelter. We love you Bonnie. Daddy, Mommy, Nikita & Keisha 11/8/04--Our dearest baby girl it has been two very long years since you left us with empty hearts. We think of you daily and remember you with both laughter and tears. Your sister Nikita has defied all odds. She is still with us and is going on 12 years and 9 months old on the 18th of this month. We mentioned your name out loud the other day and she began looking for you. It broke our hearts all over again. We love you so much Bonnie and we miss you more today than yesterday if that is at all possible. We love you baby girl. 7/18/05 Oh Bonnie your big sister left us on May 31, of this year. Mom & Dad are in so much pain right now. We pray daily that she found you and you both found your Nanna and sister at the Rainbow Bridge instead of waiting for us. She made it to 13 years and 3 months old. She missed you terribly since you left us and we pray that the two of you are together again, running, hiking and swimming together. We love and miss both of you terribly. 11/8/05: 3 long years without you baby girl. The pain over losing you is still strong. We think of you daily and hope you and your sister, Nikita are together waiting for us. We love you baby girl. Always and Forever. Mom & Dad 11/8/06 Four years today our precious little girl. It seems like forever since we were able to touch your soft fur and give you kisses. Mom and Dad cut a piece of your fur before you left us and we held it today but it is not the same. We will love you forever and always Bonnie. We miss you so very much. Please give kisses and hugs to Nikita, Penny & Spunky for us. We loved all of you with our whole hearts. Mom & Dad 11/8/08 Sweet Girl, Mom & Dad have been talking about you alot lately. We have two new adopted babies from Tennessee whom we love very much. They each have their own personalities and they are nothing like you and your sister Nikita but they look very much like the both of you. We're not sure if it was intentional or not but they are loved as you were, just a bit differently. We miss you so very much.Please give your Nana, Nikita & Spunky a great big hug and kiss for us. We love you Bonnie and always will. Mom & Dad 11/8/12 Our sweet little Bonnie girl how you are missed each and every day. We still have your photos all over the house. We can't and won't ever let you go. You were so loved and lived an entire new life in the 6 years we were blessed to have you in our lives. It's been a really tough year this year with your sister Abbey having had two surgeries and possibly needing a third. Your brother Brodie is so much like you its unreal. We cannot believe you've been gone for 10 years already. Your hand painted portrait by your Auntie Julie is hanging in our breakfast nook area and I love looking at you every single day. The sun is shining, theirs a rainbow and butterflies. All the things we loved together and it is our sincere hope that you are surrounded by those things now waiting for us at the bridge. We love you Bonnie and miss you always. Mom and Dad 11/8/13--Eleven years ago today we lost you our precious baby girl. It feels like an eternity and at other times it feels like yesterday. So much has happened since you left us. We know your with your Nana and your sisters, Nikita and Spunky and we will see you at the Rainbow Bridge someday because we know in our hearts you are there waiting for us. We love you forever. Mom and Dad 1/14/16 Bonnie Girl I've been talking about you so much lately. A friend of mine is losing her baby girl to cancer. She has a different kind than you did but the entire thing is so very painful for her mom and dad just like it was for us. We still have all your photos in the house and this past summer as every summer since you left us when we were at the lake I brought a red rose and petal by petal put it into the water and talked to both you and your sister Nikita. It is so very hard leaving there every year because we're never sure we'll be able to go back. Sometimes I regret spreading your ashes there but it was your favorite place to be and you are with your sister. We love and miss you still Bonnie. Mom and Dad 12/4/16 Thinking of you today as always Bonnie Girl. We decorated the Christmas Tree last weekend and once again your ornament is on the tree. You are never, ever far from our thoughts and we love and miss you still. Mom and Dad 1/12/19 Another year gone by and still missing you and your siblings. We were not able to go to the lake this year and it broke Mom's heart. I cherished paddling out on the Kayak to spread the rose petals and talking to you and your sister. Our thoughts still hold you close. Missing you now and forever. Love Mom and Dad

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