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You saved me from the muggers in the grocery parking lot just by jumping out of our car and being a fearsome 50 pound furry marshmallow. You were also a gourmet cook, eating out the center of a fresh loaf of Italian bakery bread and readying it for dip! You were always Daddy's "little girl" and were truly sent from Heaven to take care of him in his illness when I had to work. For that, and everything, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER! 3/10 It's been a month and my heart is still broken, as it will always be, my little honey-bunny. People don't realize that you walk beside me always because you own a part of my heart. Love always, Mommy 4/5 Saturdays are the longest days of the week, my darling. Remember I was sitting on the floor with you saying a rosary for your safe journey and not wanting our last appointment to come. You got into the front seat of the car because you just wanted to be close to me during those last few moments alone together. I know that you went from my arms straight into Daddy's on the other side. I have to sleep in a chair now. I can't bear waking up and not reaching over for you. I asked God to take your suffering and give it to me. He did. Until we meet again, my most perfect Love! Mommy P.S. The squirrelies are getting fat 'cause they don't have you to chase them. 5/1 Your birthday is Sunday and I miss you so much I hurt. Celebrate with Daddy and I will see you both soon. Love you! Mommy 5/9 The lilacs are in bloom and I can't bear to do any gardening because you were always there with me. I miss seeing you on the porches and just inside the open gate keeping watch on everything. Wait for me, Dear Heart, I will be with you sooner than you know. I love you my most beautiful, precious child. Mommy June, 2003 I go to grief counseling for you. Everyone is very nice and I wish you could meet them, for surely they all would have loved you. I tell them all of your good stories (there are so many of them!) and I know they enjoy them, just like I enjoyed living them with you. I miss you and love you, my most precious one! Give Daddy a kiss from me and know that I kiss your picture every day. Love, Mommy X O X O I hope that you remember me to the face of God and tell Him how wonderful He is to have created good dogs like you. Keep watch over me, OK? 8/8 Today is 6 mos. since we've been apart. Time has truly stood still. I LOVE you SO very, very much and miss you terribly. There's a hole in my soul. 12/03 I truly don't know what I'll do without you at Christmas. All the joy is gone from my heart and my home. Sleep well, my most beautiful Christmas Angel, sleep well. 2/8 It's been a year, my sweet, little girl. Did you see the candles I had burning all weekend for you? You are always, ALWAYS in my heart. I LOVE YOU SO! 4/04 - Another Spring without you - no joy, no rebirth - - but for you, I'm sure that you are with God. 6/1 It's coming on Summer, I miss sitting outside with you. Play and laugh in God's meadows, my beautiful girl. 9/1 Another season is upon us, my beautiful girl. Enjoy the splendor of Autumn, our favorite time. My Love for you knows no seasons - it's tangible and living. Please wait for me, my Love. You were and still are, my very greatest Blessing. Coming up on Christmas, 04. I still have your stocking up. Missing you always! Jan., 2005 Your baby sister that you never met, Maggio-the-Shark, age 19 mos., joined you Jan. 14. It's been a bitter winter and I miss you both so much. I hope that you've met her and are taking care of her like I did. Till I meet you both again, you have my undying love! X X X X X X 0 0 0 0 0 0 MOMMY Love never dies, my Darling, Love NEVER DIES! 12/05 Christmas. Your stocking is up and I put a love note in. Missing you always, Mom 2/8/06 It's been 3 years and the tears are too numerous to count. Remember me to the Face of God. I love you my Darling Beijie-Poo! Always, Mommy 2/8/07 It's been 4 years, My Darling, Darling Girl, and I still think of you always and hope that you are happy. Please wait for me, let's not forget each other, OK? Love, Mommy 2/8/08 My darling, Darling Beijie! It's been 5 years & my heart has never healed. I hope you are playing w/Daddy, Maggio & Dundee. All my love to you, Sweet Girl! Mommy 1/10 My Little Darling! I took your sister, Raffie, to be blessed last year at Sacred Heart and remembered the times we went and how good you always were. I'm sure you are being good to the angels as well. I miss you bunches! Love always and forever, Mommy 2/8/10 It's been so very long that we've been apart my sweet baby, but please keep a spot warm on the blanket for me, I will be joining you soon. I love you so much and miss you terribly. Love always, Mommy Feb.2012 Nine years my most DARLING GIRL!! I almost joined you last week, but God still wanted me here. How I miss you and love you and remember you EVERY SINGLE DAY! God knows the day we will see each other again. Pls. wait and look for me, my most precious part of my soul! Here it is, my Baby, over 10 years since you have been gone. Sometimes I cry out your name in sorrow and I wonder if you hear me. Grandma joined you a few months ago. Remember when she visited us and I gave her the big bed that we shared? You slept with her that night bcs. it was your bed! I miss you and always love you. Give Da a kiss for me, OK? Love always, Mommy

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