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You came into our lives that warm June day a straggly mess. We weren't sure what you were, but you sure weren't pretty. You were so skinny (who knows what you'd been eating), you smelled and you had clumps of hair sticking out everywhere. You had collar marks around your neck, obviously from being tied-up outside, you were scared to death of stairs and your front legs bent outwards. When I finally brushed and cleaned you, I found you to be a very handsome boy. We really had not intention of keeping you, not with 2 dogs, 2 cats and a four-month old daughter, Shannah. We tried to find your real owners, although I was hoping we wouldn't since you obviously had not been taken care of. After endless weeks of newspaper ads and no one coming forth, it seemed you were destined to become one of the family. How funny that in only a few weeks we had grown so attached that we couldn't "bear" to give you up. You fit right in with the rest of the crowd! People thought we were crazy trying to take walks with a stroller and three dogs. I always joked that we were like McDonald's as we had only three sizes--medium (Casey 48#), large (Bear 90#) and super-sized (Strider 140#). You were wonderful to have around little children, as you always loved to give them kisses. You loved taking rides in the car, which was hard with three of you. In general, you truly loved life and people. It drove Doug crazy when you chased after your tail over and over again. I just sat and laughed and would say "That's just Bear!". You loved your Kong toy. I watched whenever Casey would take it and chew on it. Even though you were almost twice her size, you would stand right in front of her and wait patiently for her to drop it and then sneak in to grab it and runaway with your tail wagging if to say "I Got It!", just like a little kid. Our world came crashing down on November 27, 2000 when you were taken to the vet. You were diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure (CRF). To me that only meant one thing, I was going to lose you. I wanted to fight for you, but would let you go when you let us know it was time. For three months, with the medicine and IV's you were our beautiful bouncing baby again! You played with your Kong and even chased your tail, which brought tears to my eyes since I knew you felt better. On March 5, 2001, you let us know it was time for peace. You wouldn't move, wouldn't eat and wouldn't even follow Doug anywhere through the house. Your blood levels had gone very high and now your kidneys weren't producing any red blood cells meaning you were getting weaker. We let you go on March 6, 2001 to run free and never hurt again. You deserved to finally have peace in your life. Shannah misses you dearly. She cries for her baby Bear, but she knows you don't hurt anymore. She knows you're playing with cousin Jessica's dog, Toby and "Cousin" Butch is there throwing the frisbee to you. I cry everyday, missing your sweet angel face and missing your "Bear Hugs". I shall cherish our memories forever my sweet baby Bear! You are missed very much! Always remember that you are loved! You are forever in our hearts! Mommy (Tammy), Daddy (Doug), Shannah and all those who knew you. March 13th-It has been one week ago since I last saw your smiling face. Everyday I think of you, look at your picture and cry when I think of what a wonderful life we could have shared. I love you baby and miss you every day. I smile when I know you are getting to eat everything in sight and not that nasty prescription dog food. You were everything we could ever want. Love, Mommy. March 29th-It has been over three weeks since you left us and I still miss you dearly. I hope you are enjoying your new home and making lots of new friends. I can smile now when I look at your picture and know we did what was best for you. I still have my days though. All the family misses you very much. It's still just not the same without you here. We were truly blessed with your presence and are so grateful for that day we found you. Love, Mommy. August 10, 2001 - It has been five months since you left us. It's still so hard that we had to let you go, but you are in such a wonderful place. We have gotten another sister for you. Jasmine is a 6 month old Doberman mix. She is so much different than you. She will show some of your behaviors though. I will sit and watch her playing and laugh as I see her chasing her tail, just like her big brother did. That's when it's the hardest. I knew that was one of your favorite things to do. Shannah still misses you and it seems like everyone in the neighborhood misses your presence. When people ask about you, I tell them what a courageous battle you fought, but it was time for peace and it was the greatest gift we could give you. You graced our lives for three wonderful years and although they were short, they were long in memories. Know that we will always love you and keep you in our hearts. Love, Mommy. March 6, 2002 - It has been one year today since we last saw your smiling face. Even now, it's hard to believe you're gone. Shannah still misses you, but sees your pictures on the website. She especially loves seeing the ones with you and her together. My heart still aches for you, but knows you are in a better place. No animal will ever replace our beloved Bear. You are always in our hearts! Love, Mommy March 5, 2003 - By now you have already met up with Strider and I hope you two are getting along. I will be 2 years tomorrow since we last saw you, but the pain never truly has gone away. Having just lost Strider has brought back all the memories of having lost you. I still look at your picture and wish you could be with us again. Strider will surely watch over you and keep you in line since you always were a little wild. Remember we will always love you! Love, Mommy March 3, 2004 - My dear baby Bear, it is coming up on our lives being empty without you for 3 years. I still always think about you and know that you are in a better place. We have gotten a new brother for you, Syrus. He's a wild one and makes you look like you were such an angel. I'm not really sure how you would have dealt with him, but I'm sure you would have kept your ground. Strider will have met up with you one year ago tomorrow and I hope that you are still playing nice and not fighting over the food. I wish I could be with you and get one of your wonderful "Bear" hugs, but someday we will rejoice in meeting again. This is not goodbye but until we meet again. Love, Mommy 02/10/08 - My dearest Bear, your sister, Casey has joined you and Strider at the wonderful Rainbows Bridge. Please don't be hard on her as she's gone through a lot in the last few months. Shannah misses you terribly but still smiles when she she's your pictures. Jordan only sees your pictures but we tell him how wonderful you were. I know you would have been a big protector of all of the kids, even Alyssa, being only 4 months old I'm sure you would have kept her in line. Run free my darling angel and remember we will meet again someday. Love, Mommy 03/19/11 - Good morning angel! I know I haven't been back in a while but that doesn't mean I don't think about you always. I have been thinking about adding to our family again and I keep coming back to getting a German Shepherd like you. You were always the best of the "pack" and in a way I would hope that I would see a part of you in the new addition. I still have you in the den so that you are part of the family and can listen to my madhouse and remember what it was like. You were with me such a short time but had such a huge impact on all of our lives. Mommy misses you so much. I Love You Bear! 09/01/13 - Hello baby. It's hard to believe that you've already been gone 13 years already. I still vividly remember the day that we brought you home looking all scruffy. I know I haven't visited as much as I should but with work and kids it's been really hard. That doesn't mean I've forgotten you. You were my baby and I could never forget you. Until we meet again remember how much I love and miss you. Remember Mommy loves you!
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