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Memories of Bear
Bear liked to take things. I called him " A Little Thief " His color was black and he weighed 24lbs. He looked like a Bear. I called him and his Littermate Teddy, " Farm boys " because what ever I fed them, they would eat. Bear was fond of vegetables and fruits. Some he liked raw. Others cooked. I have a vegetable steamer and whenever the timer went off. He was waiting there for what ever was in the pot. Every Halloween I would carve a small pumpkin for him, and he would nibble on it for a couple of days.. He LOVED watermelon! He had to have his slice before I could have mine. I miss my " Bear-Bear " my little thief! October 12 2009 Hi Bear Bear, My little thief. Its been 10 yrs today since you had to leave me. You are always on my mind! You left me with so many memories. 5 yrs ago a black kitten came into my life. I named him Jack. But it seems I always call him Bear Bear :) He is sweet and gentle like you were. August 3 2011 Hi My Bear Bear. Are you and Teddy playing together? I bet you guys enjoy being together again. Have you met Boris? Like you, the Vet tried hard to save him, But it was not meant to be. Sigh! I can see the 3 of you running and playing together, no more pain. Young again. I miss you Precious! October 12 2011 Time really moves on. To me it does not seem that long since you left. There are always things that make think of you. sweet memories! A few weeks ago a black with white kitten went to Rainbow Bridge. Her name is Wuzzie. She was only on this earth for a few months. I told her about you, Teddy and Boris and that they will help her get settled in. Love You! October 12 2012 Hi Bear Bear, Love you Honey!! Miss you. Other kitties have come into my life since you died, but you have that special spot, my little thief! No other thieves have come into my heart. Maybe it is a lost art. Kitties don't steal anymore. This is the season of pumpkins, they are everywhere, all bringing back memories how you enjoyed eating them :) Love you Bear Bear October 12 2013 Hi my Bear Bear Are you and the boys enjoying yourselves? So many people have put out pumpkins this year. I see them everywhere. Once I put a couple of pumpkins out. But that was it... Its just not same anymore. Love you bear bear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! October 12 2014 Hi my Sweetie, are you and the guys having fun?? I got a new member to my furry family, His name is Henry, He is any where from 15 to 18 yrs old. He was found as a stray. He is a rusty orange in color, weighed 6 lbs when I adopted him, such a skinny, skinny kitty. He was a bag of bones. Its been 6 wks now and he is over 7 lbs, Yea!! Everywhere they are selling pumpkins now, so I think on you a lot :) Hugs to the guys, love you Bear Bear!! October 2015 Hi Bear Bear, Love ya!! Did you guys meet Henry?? I picked up his ashes today. His body was old and tired and all of a sudden he was unable to stand, sigh! There were options to help, but none for him, I find comfort knowing that he is with you guys. They had said there was a pumpkin shortage this year, I wonder where, There are so many that I see, that I know you would like. I noticed even the neighbors have put out pumpkins, Should I steal one for you ?? :) Hugs to the hugs. Love you Bear, Bear! October 2016 Hi Bear Bear, Love Ya. This has been one sad year. Henry, Sammy, Jill and Benito. Baby has not being doing well. Got a lovely Calico a few months ago. I had her 2 weeks and discovered she is deaf. She just turned 19. I don't know why she was given up? After 18 yrs, how can someone do that, Its a cruel world out there for animals. It seems this year pumpkins are every where, that means I see you every where. I miss you Bear! How is everybody doing? Chasing butterflys ? Hugs to all. Love you Bear Bear... November 2017 Hi Bear Bear, I'm a little late this year. it doesn't mean that I have forgotten you. How could I ever, Love Ya. Lot of changes this year all for the good. Unfortunely there were a couple of sad times, But that's life. Tell Sasha I am not trying to replace her. I just miss having a dog around, But it seems that I can't find a suitable one :). Gotta go visit Sammy Whammy. Love You Bear Bear... 05-08-2022. ❤️❤️

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