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Memories of Bandit
He was such a sweetie. He came to me as a 7 week old baby of 8 lbs. Slept on my bed even when he was 80 lbs. He lived with me through some tough times. He moved with me to a new life, only to have his life cut short by a rattlesnake. He is still my sweetie. 05/16/03: Well sweetie, you've been gone a little more than a month and I miss you so very much. I miss the way you would let me kiss your nose before you could lick my nose. I miss your smile. I miss everything about you. I have lots of pictures of you and I sleep with your Big Dog stuffed animal (who is also wearing your Bandit costume head, since the Big Dog was missing an ear) every night. I hold it tight and dream about holding you tight. I can't wait till I get to hold you again in my arms. Love you lots baby dog! 06/06/03: Well baby dog it's been 2 months since you left. I still miss you so bad. I wish we could have had the time to enjoy life. You will forever be in my heart and in my dreams every night. We have new fur-baby named Duke. He is a yellow lab with green eyes. He is 5 months old and is helping me deal with your loss. I still can't believe that snake hurt you so badly. I'm so, so, very sorry I let you off your leash that day. I can still hear the snake rattles in my mind and wish I had been able to warn you. We are going to put Duke through snake classes so the same won't happen to him. But I'm not going to do something stupid like let him off his leash. I can't wait to hold you again and to hear you say "What-up". I love you Bandit. I miss you badly. 07/10/03, Well baby Bandit it's been 3 months since you left. I still miss you terribly. I want to hold you so badly. I miss the way you would let me curl up beside you when we slept. You were such the bed hog. I would give anything to have you hogging the bed again. Duke is growing up big as you. Already he is 60 lbs. You guys would have been best buddies. I got a new job this week. I'm moving to Tucson for it. I'm going alone. It will be neat to start over again. I wish you could be going with me physically, but you are always in my heart honey. I love you so much Bandit baby. I can't wait to see you on Rainbows Bridge. Hugs and kisses to you always. Love Mommy. 08/12/03, Well honey, it's been 4 months now and I still miss you just as much as I did the first day. I've moved into a real nice apartment in Tucson and my roommate has a dog named Jake. He's a 3-year old golden retreiver. He's a nice dog. I can't wait till I get to hold you again. I'm never going to let you off your leash again. Lots of wet kisses baby. Love Mommy. 10/13/03 Hi baby. It's been 6 months, yet it still hurts like it was yesterday. I want to hold you so bad. I want to keep you safe from all the bad things in the world. I know you are safe in Rainbows bridge and I will see you there soon. We will run and play like never before. I want you back in my life. Take care Bandit. Give my love to Laser. Mommy loves you so much. 02/27/04 Well baby you birthday has come and gone and I miss you so badly. I wanted to celebrate your sixth with you, but that only happened in my heart. I have been in contact with alot of others who have fur babies at Rainbows Bridge, and I know you are not alone there. I can't wait to hold you again. If I could pick one action that I could do over again, I would never let you off your leash. That day still haunts me like it was yesterday. Take care baby, have fun playing with Laser and all the other fur babies there with you. Love, Mommy. 04/05/04 Hi Baby. I can't believe I've made it through a whole year since you went to Rainbows Bridge. I want to hold you so badly. I still sleep with your stuffed puppy who looks like you, every night. I hold it like it is you and dream about playing with you again. My thoughts are always with you and Laser. Soon I'll join you guys on the Bridge and it will be like old times. Lots of wet kisses to you. All my love, forever and ever, Mommy. 08/05/04 Wassup Bandito? I can't believe a year and 4 months has passed. I miss you something fierce. I wish we would have had the time to explore this new life that I have gotten my self into these days. I hate not being with you and I'm not adjusting well at all. The only hope I have is that I can help prevent another fur baby from being a victim of a rattlesnake, by telling your story to others. Everyone who sees your picture, says that you are the coolest. I met a pit bull named Oreo last week. He was as big as you but both his eyes are black. I know that when the right replacement comes along I'll feel it and it will feel like you. I can't wait. Ta-ta for now sweetie. 10/05/04, Hi Bandit. It's been a year and a half since you left me. I hope you are making lots of friends there. I can't wait to hug you again. I miss you so badly. My life is so lonely without you. My truck got stolen a month ago and my precious little stuffed-you was on the dash at the time. Lauren let me borrow her little stuffed-Bandit til I could find mine. But I'm never going to see my truck again and I hope whoever took it doesn't hurt my stuffed-Bandit. I pray that they give it to a little kid that they know and it is loved as I loved it too. My new truck has a better security alarm. Well baby, I gotta get some sleep. I love you lots and miss you more, Mommy (-; 02/13/05 Dear Bandit, Happy Birthday to you baby dog. I dream of you and wish I could have spent another birthday with you. This would have been your seventh one. I miss you so much baby. I hope you and Laser are making all kinds of new friends. I can't wait to see you guys on Rainbows Bridge. Till then, I make do with your stuffed dog toy. Duke says "Hi". I love you honey. Hugs and kisses, Mommy. 04/05/06 Oh Honey, it's been 3 years since you left me to go to Rainbows Bridge. I still miss you terribly. I don't think I'll ever stop missing you baby. You were the most awesome puppy a person could ever share their life with. I'm so glad I did get to share some of my life with you. I just wish it could have been more. Lauren and I put up a memorial at the spot where that rattlesnake bit you. It's a cross with your picture and our words of love for you. Duke says hi again. I am sorry I missed your birthday this year, but I moved into my own apartment and I don't have internet access at home anymore. The new apartment is nice. It's a 1 bedroom loft with a pretty good sized back yard. It costs more per month so I had to stop paying for internet access to help make up for the increase. But it's only my place. No roommates. Just me and Duke and all my memories of you and Laser. My black and white stuffed dog collection is getting pretty big now. Almost all of them look like you. I have to go now sweetie. Love you forever (-; Mommy. 04/23/07-Baby Bandit, it's been 4 years since you left me. I still miss you like it was yesterday. I've got another fur baby living with me now. He is named "Bandit Again". He looks almost like you. He was a rescue from the Humane Society. He is quite the character. He is always happy and helps me when I'm missing you (every day). Well baby, Duke and Bandit say hi. I must go now. Love, Mommy. 02/13/08-Happy Birthday Honey. You would have been 10 today. I still miss you lots. Bandit Again and Duke are making my life nice, but nothing can replace you. I wish I didn't keep repeating myself but I don't know what else to say to you. You will always be my Valentine and always in my heart. I always dream of the day when I will see you again. Take care Baby. XOXOXO Love, Mommy 02/13/09-Once again, Happy Birthday Bandit. Still miss the heck out of you. Well baby, my life is off in a new direction again. I start a new job this month after being "let go" last year. That was after I had surgery for breast cancer. Things look good now. I love you lots, XOXOXOXO Mommy 04/05/09-Well baby it's been 6 years since you left me. Feels like yesterday. I have a new boyfriend named Jerome. You'd like him. He speaks dog. We've been going out for about a year now. Bandit Again has hurt his left leg and needs surgery but I'm not working again and we have to wait till I get money. Duke is getting fat because I haven't been walking them enough. We can't go to the dog-park because of the leg problem either. My life is changing alot, but what hasn't changed is the fact that I still miss you lots. Take care baby, love you. Mommy 04/05/11-Hi Bandit. How's my boy doing? I sure miss you still. I can't believe it been eight years since you left me. I love you baby. I've gotten a new job and it is a great job. It's as an inspector for a manufacturing company here in Tucson. There are almost 200 employees there. So, I've been making all kinds of new friends. My boss is really cool to work for. Not many people can say they love going to work. I do. You would be so proud of my neice Lauren. She plays softball and I hear she's pretty good. I haven't had a chance to go see her play live, but I will soon. I would have loved to play more ball with you baby, but I didn't get any more time with you. I love you honey, Mommy XOXOXOXO 04/05/12-Well sweetie, nine years has passed since you left me. I will never forget you. No matter what happens in my life, you will always be in my heart. I miss you. Bandit Again is no replacement for you, but i still think of you every time I say his name. Duke is as sweet as they come, but can't take your place in my heart. It's already getting hot here in Arizona. We go to the lakes alot in the heat and Bandit Again likes to swim. I often wonder if you would have liked swimming too. I'm sure you would have. You liked everything. I love you Bandit. 04/05/13-Honey Bandit, it's been 10 years since you went to Rainbows Bridge. I still get letters from people who visit you there. I had to put Duke on the path to Rainbows Bridge last year. I know you two are bestest buddies now. My heart still aches for you. I know that someday I'll get to hold you again. It will be so nice to feel your soft fur and happiness to see me. I've gotten another fur baby. Her name is Penny. She is a Pitbull also. We rescued her when her parents had to move and they weren't allowed to take her with. She is 4-years old and has the heart of an angel. You would love her. I want to talk to you so much, but I can't always find the time or the words. Please forgive me for not writing to you on your special days. I may not write, but you are always in my heart on those days. Till I can write to you again, remember you will forever be my baby dog. Love you lots, Mommy XOXOXOOOOOOOXXXXXXX 5/10/17-Sweet Bandit. I wouldn't have thought 14 years has gone by without you. But it has. I still miss the heck out of you. Bandit Also and Penny are still with me. Bandit Also is getting older and will someday join you at the Bridge. He's deaf now, but he will be able to hear your voice when he comes over. Penny is a little pistol. She doesn't know how to walk on a leash, without pulling. Maybe you could send down some helpful hints for her to learn better. We don't get to walk them as much as we'd like, because there are dangers under every bush and rock. I don't want to go through another snake bite again. Losing you was so hard. I've gotten past it, but I'll never get over it. I love you so much. Don't ever forget that. So many birthdays and anniversaries have gone by, where I didn't get a chance to write to you, but always thinking about you. I love you, Bandit Baby. You're so sweet. Luv, Mom.

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