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Memories of BY's Amanda Lynn "MANDI"
Mandi was my little girl with attitude -- and I wouldn't have wanted her any other way. She was loving, quick to learn new things, and always one step ahead of the person that adored her. Life without Mandi just isn't life. To my Mandi -- I still miss you so much. 06/11/07 Another year little girl. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you...the tears aren't as often, but I think that is because I really work on myself to not cry each time I think of you. You are in my thoughts so much that I don't let myself feel the full extent of my sorrow --- if I did the tears would never stop. I miss you so much, and although my little companion Tessa is very special to me -- you will always hold my heart. I don't know what you did to me little girl -- I only know that I love you so much, and miss you more than words can ever express. 10/4/2007 You've been gone three years...feels like forever to this human. Three years and the tears still flow...I miss you so much. Love you little one today, tomorrow and forever. 08/27/2008 Time goes on and the tears are still there. I would have thought by now it would be easier, but it isn't. Tessa is a great dog, as are Sandy and Chyna --- but they aren't you. Sometimes I don't think it is fair to them that you are first in my heart....I do love them, but you hold my heart. October will be here soon -- and the four year mark will be reached. Take care little one. 10/04/08 4 years little one....it is still so painful and I don't know why....with the loss of dad this past year I feel so alone....I just want to be with you little one, yet that just isn't possible. I hope that the place you live on in is a great place...with dad's passing I feel you are no longer alone. Take care my girl, I miss you more than I ever thought possible. 10/4/2009 Five long years my girl...and you are still in my thoughts. This past Christmas I got a tattoo in memorial of you...and it does help. It feels like you are with me -- strange as that sounds. When I think of you I have just to look at my wrist to see your name. It isn't as great as you being here...but I have you with me always and that does help. I miss you Mandikins, and I hope all is good with you. Did you welcome Chyna? She reminded me of you sometimes and the loss of her was a heavy blow... Tessa and Libee, and even Gracee fill in the void you left -- but you will always be first in my heart. I love you Mandi, and miss you more than I thought imaginable. Take care my little girl. Know that you hold my heart forever. 10-4-10 Another year my girl and it hurts as much as ever....the tattoo does help, when you are on my mind I look at the tattoo with your name and remember I have you with me always. But I do miss you so much --- there are no days that I don't think of you, and miss you so much. Libee has turned into a great little dog --- she has a lot of your traits, but is her own girl. Tessa is very loving --- and a great companion. I did as you requested and chose a girl that didn't look like you. She is a special girl to me and fills a lot of the empty --- not sure how you would do with Gracee --- she is loving, but so silly. She makes us laugh....and I remember you as my girl with no sense of humor! I hope you welcomed Sandy....we lost two again in one year, just like your year with the loss of you and Didi...I hope the girls are all with you and you are all with Mom and Dad. Someday I do hope to see you again....in 6 years I can only remember 2 dreams where you came to visit.....you are welcome to visit anytime little one --- I would love to have you back, even if it is only in a dream. Take care my girl, know you are very loved, and very missed. 10/2011 I miss you so much -- there isn't a day that I don't think about you....and many days that I still shed tears. Seven years.....and it feels no better than it did the day you left. I have to live with the belief that I will see you again ---- I love you Mandi, you are my heart and soul. 10/2012 Another year --- you are still on my mind and in my heart. I do miss you so much...10/4/2013 9 years my special girl.....and it still feels empty without you. We have a household full of dogs...Libee, Gracee, Tessa, and now Boss....but memories of you overwhelm me. You truly were my soulmate, and life without you has a certain emptiness. I hope all is okay with you....please, if you can, visit me in my dreams...I miss you so ---- forever in my heart is where you will be. Miss you Mandikins.....wish I could have you back. 10/4/2015 Still missing you girl....sometimes I can think of you and smile, but so many days I think of you and there are tears....maybe because I see Libee struggling, and she may soon be joining you....but probably because I always felt something so strong for you, and without you something is missing. I love you so, always will.....if in the next year Libee comes to be with you, be patient with her, and love her....she was good for you in your final months.....and she's going to need a friend....she has been a tough little cookie. 10/4/2018 14 years....it is hard to believe you have been gone that long....Libee should be with you now --- you met her in your final months. She was quite a terror when she was young....but she filled a void that was there when you were gone. And now Tessa is with you too ----I hope the two of you have had time together --- she didn't take your place, but she did become an addition to the family. The loss of her this year was a jolt --- I wasn't ready. So now thoughts of you, and Tessa bring me to tears. Please watch over Libee and Tessa --- and know that I love you as much today as I always did....and thoughts of you can bring me smiles, but also tears. Take care my girl....I love you and miss you every day. 10/2019 15 years and thoughts of you bring me smiles, but often more tears. It doesn't get easier little one....but I love you, and miss you. Have you seen Georgee.....she is quite a character...she is one that makes my heart happy. She isn't you, and I don't expect her to be - but she makes my days good. She is a lot like Pandi and Sandy...so I think you would like her. Take care my girl - you are forever remembered and loved. 10/2021 Always in my thoughts....miss you everyday my girl.
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