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Memories of Buttons
Jesus sent Miss Buttons into my life when I, really and unbeknowing to me, needed her the most. June/July, 2001 as I was walking in the yard and just passing under the clothesline, all of a sudden I heard this tiny kitten's meow. Looking down ... there she was. This baby black and white kitten running to keep up with me. She was so tiny that she couldn't even climb the back steps to my Patio. So, I reached down and helped her up.

"Okay little one here is where you'll stay. I'll feed you and take care of you until I find who your owner is." Next thing I knew somehow she had managed to climb down those back steps (or had fallen down them) and was at the side door sitting on the cushion of a wicker chair and seemingly demanding my attention.

I found out that she was actually given to a neighbor from a co-worker. After many visits (she not going home with him but rather staying at my home)George said that I could have her. That with his working all hours and sometimes not even at home for several days, that it was best that she be with someone who could take care of her and provide her a good home.

I let her stay in that cushioned white wicker chair and told her that she would NOT be coming into the house. Then, I noticed that she began to not feel good so off to the Vet we went. $97.53 later that day, this baby kitty truly came to live with me in ALL since of the word.

Ok, you can come in but you are NOT going to sleep with me . . . the next morning guess who was beside me in the bed. I smiled and it was a life-long loyal companionship from then on. But, what am I going to name you. I didn't even have a name to give the Vet. So, as I pondered I knew that 'Boots' wouldn't do 'cause I had an Aunt Boots and she hated cats in all sense of the word. No matter what I came up with didn't any seemed just right.
Then, this wee one happened to be in my lap, jumped down, and I noticed a black speck on the back of each of her hind legs...."Buttons" and you'll never guess what happened next . . . she meowed and it was "Buttons" from then on ... moral here is that Miss Buttons not only Adopted me under the Clothesline that early summer day but also had the skill of Naming herself!

**I was called on to do a Book Signing down in Florida and prepared for neighbor's to check in on her, feed her, and make sure she was okay and to call me if needed. Well, when I returned I couldn't believe my eyes. Yes, Miss Buttons was there to greet me BUT, so was a long line of Toilet Paper with not one sheet missed placed. There were these tiny kitty teeth prints in the the last sheet at the door and at least 45 feet of trail.
She was frustrated and mad at me for leaving her and the only way she could show it was by stringing the toilet paper ... have you ever tried to roll up a 45 ft length of toilet paper back on its roll ? ? ?

Then, there was the time I had errands to run in town and I'd gone into the clothes closet to check on some things and unbeknown to me, Buttons had slipped in when I wasn't looking. I picked up the car keys and drove to town. Guess I was gone at least 3 to 4 hours maybe 5. Took my time, doing what had to be done and even doing some pleasure shopping. Got home, preparing supper, ate, sat down to watch the News and began to hear this thumping noise.
I noticed that Buttons didn't meet me at the door as she normally did but I didn't think anything of it that possibly she was asleep someplace. Again, the thumping .. as if a door was trying to open which really scared me. Had someone broken into the house while I was gone? Slowly getting up from my chair I cautiously walked down the long hallway and noticed that the thumping began to get louder. Then, I heard a tiny meow . . . ha/ha/ha/guess what I had done. I had shut the closet door while Miss Buttons was in there.
Yes, she was an intelligent one...she heard me come home, but was unable to greet me 'cause she had been shut up in the closet by her Mama 'Sissy' ....was she ever glad when I opened that door . . .!!!
Many times I'd be sitting in Papa's recliner either using this laptop or watching TV and if I had any scrap paper I'd crumble it up to get Buttons attention and I'd toss it across the floor or try and land it on the coffee table where she was or over on the couch. Not missing a beat she'd somehow pick up the crumbled paper and toss it in the air then knocking it on the carpeted area beneath.
OR, if she was on the coffee table, she'd paw at it until it fell on the floor to which she'd just sit and stare until I got up, went and picked it up, and put it back on the coffee table for she to do it all over again, and again, and again .... so much fun I had with Miss Buttons !!!

Then, there was the time I was sick. This little precious girl actually came, laid beside me, curled down behind my legs in the crook of my knees and cuddled up as close as she could. Morning came and she'd mosey up out from under the covers and prance up onto my pillow and rub her tiny head against mine ... all in my hair with her paws ... and began licking my forehead ... doing everything she could to help me feel better. If that isn't love . . .
And, to my amazement after several months, my mother's loving spirit seemed to come out in Miss Buttons. Can it be? Mom used to stand with her left foot pointed outward...so did Miss Buttons left paw would point outwards when she was sitting! Mom was full of curiosity...so was Miss Buttons / in and out of closets, under tablecloths and furniture!
Mom shared many hours of whimsical moments...so did Miss Buttons! Mom showed affection...so did Miss Buttons! Mom played and danced and laughed...I used to pick Miss Buttons up and we'd dance, I'd laugh and you could see her smiling, and mostly, she loved jumping high to catch a string or catnip toy I'd tossed into the air or running after a ball I'd rolled across the floor or actually chase the tiny ball round and round and round on an exercise toy. Miss Buttons was very playful when she was young and middle aged and felt good and mostly, she / as Mama, loved unconditionally!

In May of the following year is when Skipper happened to become a part of the Family. I really thought that Buttons needed a friend so I coaxed this other tiny kitten into the house. Surprising to me Buttons DIDN'T WANT ANY PART OF HER!!! No siree!!! It took may years for Buttons to accept that Skipper was a part of our family. And, sad part is ... Skipper felt that distance too! I could see her expression change when Buttons came in the room. Totally different. But, as the years rolled by, Buttons began to mellow and Skipper was accepted.

Early fall of 2015, then 14 years, Buttons contracted an eye infection to the point that her right eye was surgically removed. About six to eight months later I began to notice an opening of the sown area and sure enough, a tiny tumor began to form. The first biopsy showed it was benign so no treatment was provided. (What I didn't understand was why the Vet didn't offer to operate to remove it.) It continued to grow and the Vets said that there was nothing they could do and since it was benign that perhaps they could remove it (expensively) but more than likely it'd return.
So, nothing was done! I had to get a second opinion so in October of this year I carried Miss Buttons to another Vet and this time, she took another biopsy. To my dismay, it actually turned out to be cancerous and gave Buttons 5 to 6 weeks then a decision would need to be made. What can I say, a decision? "What do you mean" I asked with fear in my voice. "Isn't there anything you can do? Anything?" Nodding her head no, this Vet was very compassionate and with sadness in her voice softly whispered...
Then, again unbeknown to me, Skipper became deathly sick ... crying on a Monday night when a neighbor was here. The next morning I took her to this same Vet and received a Call about noon that Skip was in really bad shape and for me not to rush because she didn't think she'd last until I got there but to be safe. I grabbed my keys and sure enough, Skip passed before I arrived. I pray she's forgiven me for not noticing the suffering she was in.

"Oh Lord" I cried, please, I can't stand to loose both my sweet baby girls.... please... knowing what the Vet said about Buttons and now Skipper had gone Home without my even knowing that she was that sick...possibly Liver Cancer. I knew she had refused to eat the last day or so but I just thought she didn't like the particular brand of food as sometimes she would refuse. And, I did notice her stomach seemingly to increase in size and after knowing that normally she did eat a lot, here again, I just thought it was normal for her size 'cause she did weight around eighteen to twenty pounds.
Then, the night she was doing all that crying as if she were in pain, I noticed a glimpse of a golden glow coming from her left eye as she lay on the carpeted floor. (I witnessed Mama's Home-going and that same golden light appeared...but; and at the time, I shrugged it off as being just a reflection from the bright lamp lighting.) A little later I noticed that Skip didn't come right out after using the bathroom and when I looked, she was literally laying on top of the liter in the liter box.
Again, I didn't think that much of it. That perhaps she was just resting 'cause she was battling some arthritis in her elbows. But then the next morning, I noticed that she was shivering so I grabbed a throw blanket and wrapped it around her. Appeared she was having a chill. That's when I decided I'd better take her to the Vet. Normally when I placed her in the carrier she'd squirm but not this time as if she'd lost all her energy. I left her there and was to pick her later...I did, but not in the same condition as when I dropped her off.

At the burial site I leaned on my neighbor's chest, with tears and a trembling voice I prayed, "Dear Lord, please, spare Buttons...I don't think I can stand to loss both of them." Buttons survived until just shy of one day being a month since Skipper went to be with Jesus.
Knowing this day was coming I did the best I knew how to prepare Miss Buttons. I read the Daily Bible Scriptures to her. I quoted John 3:16 and the Lord's Prayer to her. Mostly, I prayed with her and for her. Yes, I even cried in front of her so she'd know that her Mama 'Sissy' was doing everything she could to help.
I pray that if I did anything wrong to help her cross over that she'll forgive me and that Jesus will forgive me. I am so looking forward to being with my precious fur Angels "Buttons and Skipper" along with my parents whom I loved deeply and terribly miss.

Internet search I stumbled across this beautiful website. Had never heard of Rainbow Bridge but am so grateful that this exists. It has been so intimately helpful to me especially since the Home-going of both my sweet, unconditional loving kitties. A lifetime spent with joy unspeakable and truly filled with their precious God-given love. I'm the blessed one here...with thanksgiving in my heart and soul for God allowing me His creation to care for, to provide a home, to love...I could talk to them, especially Miss Buttons, and it was as though she knew exactly what I was saying and you know, I really think she did!

One day, I pray, Jesus will say, "Your work on earth is done my faithful servant/friend. Your name is in the Book of Life. Please enter into your eternal Home." And, I'm praying there waiting for me will be my parents and my precious pets and all family and friends who have gone on before. Yes! A reunion I can Only Imagine...with no more sadness, no more sickness, no more pain, no more negatives...only breathtaking happiness for ever and ever and ever! Amen! To God be the glory, great things has He is doing and has done !!! Thank you, Lord Jesus!

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