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Memories of Bunny
Job 12:7-10
Psalm 96:11-12

Our Bunny was such a wonderful pet. We truly feel like God created her just for us. She fit into our family perfectly. We would always praise her and tell her what a good girl she was. We could leave the house for a while and leave her out and not have to worry about her getting into anything. She would stay in the living room and wait for our return.She had free roam of the house, and was only put in her cage at night, to keep her safe. And it was large and homemade. The last month of her life though, we kept it open 24 hours a day, and I slept in the living room with her.
She used a litter box and was so good using it. She would run to it when she had to pee! So cute. She drank out of a bowl too. She loved bananas, and would get so excited and prance around in anticipation. But more than snacks, she loved love. She would let us caress her and snuggle her forever if she could. She was always near one of us. She would snuggle between our feet when we sat on the couch. She would even come to wherever we were standing, and lay down between our feet. And we sat and layed on the floor with her everyday. My husband would lay down and say" I'm putting out the bunny bait", and she would come running and lay beside him. She really was like our daughter. Our hairy daughter we would say. We have two sons, and she loved us all. She was the baby girl of our family.
And she was so beautiful! It didn't matter as time went by, we would always ooh and ah over how beautiful she was! We would say she looked like a fairytale creature, a fantasy forest creature that was our friend. And her insides matched her outside as well. I've never known such a sweet, gentle, loving creature. All she wanted was love, and and her food!

She lost one of her front legs almost 2 years ago and we were amazed how she pulled through that ordeal like a trooper. Since she only has one front paw, she needed help holding her ear to clean it. She would come up to us and ask us to do this for her. She would flip her head a certain way and we knew exactly what she wanted. We felt so blessed to have her. I can't say enough good things about her.

And while we do not believe animals or people become angels after death, or that we can have contact, or talk to those who have passed, we do hope that we will/can be reunited with Bunny again in heaven. I love the rainbow bridge poem, and do hope that she is somewhere like that. And although the bible doesn't expound on what happens when an animal dies, we still have hope of her still existing. We actually hope she will be one of our rewards in heaven. We even pray and ask God to please let us have her again. We will wait for now, even though it hurts so bad. And we will relish in all the wonderful memories and the deep, longing love that we have in our hearts for her(and tons of videos and pictures),and how she touched our lives so deeply.
Miss that baby girl so bad!!!!

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