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Memories of BULLET
Bullet came home to us at 12 weeks of age, a 17 lb. package of energy, fun and love. He amazed everyone at the puppy kindergarden with how fast he learned everything and he had a way of making everyone he met like him. In a short 2 years he grew into a 110 lb. gentle giant who loved his walks in the park and swimming in the local lakes. When we moved from the city suburbs to our real country home on the edge of a state forest and within a short drive to a national forest, his leash was retired. He sure enjoyed those long walks in the forest or a swim in the river on a hot summer day. He returned all our love in many ways. I can truly say that I cannot remember him ever doing anything that would have disappointed us. He was there to help us if we tripped in the woods and the only animal that brought out any objections from him was a black bear that would come on the back deck and raid our bird feeders. He chashed him away a couple of times until blackie realised he was not wanted and stayed away.

When Bullet was 5 yrs old we brought his little puppy half/brother, Rocky, home to join him. The two of them bonded immediately and became inseperable friends. Bullet taught Rocky the lay of the land in the woods and Rocky's personality blossomed to match Bullet's. They ate, slept, played and exercised together and shared there love with us. About 2 yrs later we rescued Sugar, our little pitty mix girl. Once again, Bullet had a new friend, a little adopted sister this time. It was a sight to see the three of them bouncing around the yard, in and out of the woods at full gallop and never a bad word between any of them.

It wasn't long after that when Bullet began to slow down. He was satisfied to take a short walk and then sit on the porch to wait for us to come back from our walk with Rocky and Sugar. He was truly the most dignified dog I have ever seen. In the fall of 2009 Bullet developed a cough that he could not shake and after a couple of days we took him to the vet. He endured several tests and we were told that his poor old heart was working too hard and that the angels would be coming for him soon. We were devistated but we began some medications that cleared up his cough and he seemed to recuperate fine. His appetite was fine and he would have some short play sessions with Rocky and Sugar and our hopes soared that he would be with us for a while longer than the vet said.

Sunday morning, February 7th at 8:45 AM I awoke and Bullet was sleeping on the foot of my bed. I got up and sat on the edge of the bed beside him and he woke up. He sat up and looked at me and laid back down and closed his eyes and went with the angels. He passed with the same grace and dignity that he lived. No sound, no struggle, God called for a good dog and he answered without hesitation. Of course, being the selfish human, I tried to call him back but he had left for the Rainbow Bridge in the blink of an eye. It was his final kind gift to me that he left so quitely.

Peggy and I are heartbroken. We are still struggling with the loss of this beautiful friend. Even now his name slips out occassionaly when calling for the dogs to come in or Peggy will hold the door open a little longer waiting for the third dog. I know that some day we will be able to look back and think about the good times with Bullet but for now thinking of him only brings tears.

2-14-10 Well, Big Boy, it's been a week since you left us and our heartache is as deep as ever but I know you are in a better place with no more arthritise or any other ailments. I hope you have met up with our other angels there at Rainbow Bridge. Chauncey & Beau & Buttons & Cody & Shorty & Junior are probably running around the fields like crazy. Kitty & Lucky & Tigger are probably lazing in the sun and Pony & Gray should be grazing in the pasture. I bet Joey has found some other cockatiels to sit around and talk with.

I took away the peanut butter because you probably had your fill of that with all the pills you took wrapped in it. But,I sent along your favorite pillow. I thought Rocky might like to inherit it since he tried to steal it from you every night at bedtime but he hasn't touched it since you left and I know you will be glad to have it all to yourself again.

You will be proud of me today. I am taking another rescue transport for one of you guys, an American Bulldog named Gorilla who left a shelter in Iowa yesterday and will finish up in a foster home in Conn. tonight. So, watch over all the people on thier rescue legs and keep them safe and know that I am doing this, and as many more that I can, in your memory. Peggy and I will always love you. Talk to you later, Big Guy.

3-21-10 Hi Big Boy, just wanted to thank you for watching over me and keeping me safe on my rescue transports these last couple of weekends. They went smooth even in the bad weather. I guess by now you have everybody charmed at Rainbow Bridge, so I need you to put in a good word for me every once in while so maybe some of my mis-spent years might be kinda overlooked when I get there.
I know now that you were sent to me for the pupose of making me a better person and I am really trying to be. I want to be able to cross the bridge with you when the time comes.

We were so sorry you couldn't be here for Rocky's little birthday celebration the other night. We all miss you so very much and always will. Until we meet again, be happy, Big Guy.

5-8-10 Hi Bullet, it is hard to believe it was three months ago yesterday that you left us. The emptiness in my heart is as great as it was then and the sorrow is as deep. Peggy and I still tear up when we think of you and a votive candle burns by you resting place every night. We miss you so very much and we will love you forever. Say "Hello" to all our other furangels and let them know they are in our thoughts too. So long for now. Talk to you again soon.

8-7-10 Well, Big Guy, it's been six months today since you left us, a half of a year that seems like yesterday. I learned a little poem since last we visited and it is so very appropriate that I must include it.
You have gone on ahead
and nothing is the same
leaving pawprints on my heart
that always will remain

There isn't much else I can say that hasn't been said already. We miss you every day and you are never out of our thoughts and prayers. Rocky and Sugar say "Hello" and want you to know we will all meet again someday. Until then, my friend, so long for now.

2-6-11 Hi Bullet, it's super bowl Sunday again and a whole year has passed since you left us and oh, how we miss you. Since you have been watching over us, you know that we adopted Cooper and we also know you approve of us saving him. He is a good boy and has been keeping Rocky and Sugar company in your absense, but you will always be number one in our hearts. So, go back to whatever you were doing at Rainbow Bridge and watch over us until we meet again.

12-10-11 Well, Happy Birthday Bullet. You didn't think we forgot you did you? Not when you are in our prayers every night and I ask St. Francis to keep you close by his side so he can send you to be my guide to the Rainbow Bridge when my number comes up. I sure wish you could be here to celebrate your birthday with us but we have to wait for the big day when we will all be together again. So, go play with our other furangels and keep them all together until we get there and we'll talk to you again soon. So long for now, my friend.

2-5-12 Super Bowl Sunday, again. The date is different but it was on this Sunday 2 years ago that you left us after completing your mission here of making me a better man. Oh, how we miss you and think of you every day while playing with your brothers and sister. Time has taken some of the edge off of the pain but there is still a little empty spot in my heart that will be there forever until we meet again. Thank you for watching over us. See you soon.

7-24-12 Hi Bullet, just stopped by to say hello, things are pretty much the same around here, but you know that, and you know you are in our thoughts and prayers every single day and we miss you so very much. Did you meet with Karen's friend Chester when he got to the Bridge last month?
Tell him to send her a sign that he is doing great now that he has left that cancer back here because she is feeling pretty sad right now. Well, Big Guy, not much else I can say except, keep watch over us and I'll be along some day. See you then buddy.

12-11-12 Happy Birthday Bullet. Well, Big Guy, you would have been 12 years old today and we wish, with all our hearts, that you could have stayed with us long enough to celebrate it with us and your brother and sister. I look forward to the day when we can all be together again. I hope you are keeping your eye out for me so I don't have to look for you when I get to the Bridge. I'm getting awful tired and I hope to see you soon. Til then, so long for now.

2-7-13 Well Big Boy, it's been three years today since you left us and we miss you every day. Not much changes around here, your brothers and sister keep us pretty busy and I sure wish you were here to help us with them. Time is flying by and we will all be together again someday. Until then, run and play with our other friends there at the Bridge. Talk to you later, Buddy.

12-10-13 Happy Birthday Bullet. Sure wish you had been with us long enough to celebrate this one. We miss you so much and still have a hard time on these special days. Keep watch over us until we come to meet you at the Bridge. We will all be together again then. Until then, we'll continue to remember you in our prayers every day. Talk to you again soon, my friend.

2-7-15 Hi Bullet, oh my, how time flys by as we get older. It was five years ago today that you left us but it seems like it was just yesterday. We keep you in our hearts and prayers every day and it looks like you have to wait a little longer for us to join you at the Rainbow Bridge. You and I seem to have proven the old saying that "only the good die young" since you left too early and it looks like I'll make to the big 80 soon. But, just keep enjoying your time at the Bridge and we'll cross it together when I get there. Until then, goodby for now, see you soon.

2=7-16 Well buddy, another year has passed since I talked to you but, be sure that you are in our thoughts every day. Six years ago today, another super bowl sunday, not a happy memory. So, for now, just run and play with your friends at Rainbow Bridge and be happy until we grt there to join you. So long, for now, until we meet again.

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