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Memories of BUKI
Buki is the love of my life. He is always the first on everything I do. I don't go anywhere without him. He is my companion. When I cry he always consoles me. He is my everything. My spoiled baby. The love of our lives. Baby Buki wait for mama. We will see you someday. I love you with all my heart. Papa misses you alot. Max is also looking for you. always Take care Buki. You are always in my heart and forever. I LOVE YOU. Always and Forever
8/9/2013 - King,Buki, I miss you a lot. It's not same with out you. Max is really trying hard to fill in the gap. Max misses you. He does not like the chicken fillet treats you left as much as you do. Remember every Friday Mama buys you baked chicken as a surprise. I miss feeding you. I love you quing always and forever. Hugs and Kisses from Mama, Papa and Max. Take care
8/12 - Hello Pangga, I really miss you a lot esp. over this past weekend. I hope you like the candles that I am lighting for you every night and the flowers also the kisses I give you before I sleep and before I go to work. It's really hard with out you. But I know you are in a much better place. Love you and have fun. 8/16 - My dear Beloved Buki, it's Friday and it's been 29 days of not having you around physically. We miss you alot. I don't know what to do without you. I love you sooo much. Please visit me soon. Take care always
8/19 - Baby Buki, I hope you love the new flowers I bought for you. Max did not sleep well last night. I think we heard you. thanks for visiting. I love you and misses you alot. Hugs and kisses always.
8/20 - Hi Buki it's me again. Sorry for being annoying like usual. Mommy misses you alot and I know you miss me too. I miss you responding to me when I talk to you. I miss all the hugs, kisses and you complaining when I get home from work. I miss you baby I miss taking care of you. I hope you are happy where you are and mommy will see you someday. You will always have a place in my heart and NO ONE can take that away. I love you, take care and visit us someday. Hugs&kisses from Mommy,Papa&Max
8/22 - Hi Baby Buki, I miss you quing. I can not belive you are gone. I am so sorry to lose you. I wish I did better. It's really hard to move on without you. Thank you for loving me. MAMA.
8/26/2013 - Hi Buki, we brought Max to the park over the weekend. He is still lazy but your Papa is really trying to make him exercise. Wish you are here so that you guys could still play around. Quing, I Love you and misses you alot. Take care until we meet again. Hugs&Kisses MAMA
8/28 - Buki my baby how are you. Mama can't stop talking about you and people think I am crazy. I love you, I miss you and you will be in my heart forever.
9/3 - Hi Pangga, Mama misses you so Much. Muwwwwah. I love you Buki. You are always in my heart& in my mind. Hugs & Kisses. Take care baby. Mama looves you.
9/6 - Baby Buki how are you? It's the weekend and we will have visitors, they will see your little resting place. We miss you alot. I can't stop crying. I love you.Take care 9/9/2013 - Hi Baby Buki it's mama again. I miss you pangga. Hugs and Kisses. Love you.
9/16 - I miss you Buki. I can not get over your loss. I wish for alot of stuff but I am really hoping to see you someday. Hugs & Kisses always. I love You.
9/17 - Pangga, I am asking myself WHY does this need to happen to us. We where all good just the three of us. I still cry up to now for losing you. I LOVE YOU. 9/23 - Hi Baby Buki. Muwaaah.I miss you&Love you sooo much. Hope you feel better where you are. Mama is trying really hard to feel better. Hugs& Love you forever.
9/27 Buki baby it's Mama again. I am really sad. Can't get over your loss. It's Friday&I miss feeding your roast chicken. It's cooler now wish you're here, I know you love staying outside. Wait for MAMA I will see you again and no one can seperate us ever someday. Take care and lots of love always. Muwaaaaaah.
9/30 - Baby I listen to Joel Olsteen this weekend, I know GOD has a purpose on Everything and I am trying to look at the bigger picture but it's really hard with out you. You are my everything but I will really try harder. Max was good over the weekend. We Miss you. I know you will wait for Mama. I love you. Muwaaaah.
10/7 - Hi Love of my life.How are you baby.Mama misses you alot.Take care always till we meet again.You are & always will be in My heart & in my mind. I Love you.
10/10- Quing,wish you are still here. Mama needs somone to talk to.I just don't know what to do without you. I miss taking care of you. Rest Well Star Baby. Muwah
10/15- Hi babyLove,Mama & Papa was watching video's of your's and I cried alot. We miss you so much. We are really hurting inside for your sudden loss. I love you.
10/21 - Hi Baby Buki. I miss you sooo much. It's been 3 months. Mama cried alot last Friday. I miss hugging and Kissing you physically. I love you pangga. Muwah.
10/25 - Hi Quing. I am so lucky to have loved and keep loving you. You are my precious little darling. I miss baby.I am still hurting alot but trying. Love you.
10/28, Baby Love how are you. I miss you. Everyday before I go to work I always look up the sky to find the star I named for you. I love you always STAR baby.I know you are felling better & mama will try to feel better too.Watch Gizmo crossing over,passed away today. Mama's friends dog.
11/4 - Baby Buki I miss you so much. Everyone was looking for you yesterday. I miss every bit of you. I love you love. take care till we meet again. Muwah.
11/8 - Buki my langking pangkin. I love you so much. I miss you everyday. Please watch over me and all of us. I hope you are having fun there. Take care. Muwah.
11/15, Buki I hope you are having fun where you are. Lots of playmates. Don't forget MAMA loves you forever. Holidays are coming soon and I will surely miss you.
11/18, It's been the longest 4months of my life. Not having you everyday breaks my heart.You will always be in my mind and in my heart. Love you Buki, Star Baby. Muwah.
11/27 Happy thanksgiving Buki. Not sure if you are really giving Mama some signs but what I ask I see. I don't want to stop talking about you. I will keep you alive in my mind and in my heart. I love you star baby and thank you for loving Mama back. Hugs and kisses always. See you soon. Muwah.
12/2 It's now Dec.& Mama will miss you this coming holidays esp. on my Birthday. Buki please visit me. Mama misses you. I Love you always Star Baby. Muwah. Take care.
12/17 Buki my Love, I will be traveling soon with Max but you will always be in my mind and in my heart. Papa Jesus and all your friends will take care of you. Have fun this coming holidays until we meet again. I love you and you are in my mind and in my heart forever. No one can replace you in my heart. Hugs and Kisses from Mama, Papa and Max.
12/19 Buki, Pangga Mama will bring you in her heart. You will always be there where ever I go. Know always that you are loved and will always will. I love you.
12/24 Merry Christmas baby Buki, I am feeling really sad without you. You are in mommy's mind and heart. I love you always and forever. Take care. Hugs and Kisses from all of us. Jan 17 2014 It's been 6 long months to this day that you left me. It seems like a lifetime. - Happy New Year My Lovely Baby Buki. I miss you so much Quing. I love you so much with all my heart and forever. Someone told me not to bother you so much so you can rest. Not sure if true but I will try maybe it will help. Always remember you have my heart and I will see you again. Take care my Love. Till we meet again. Hugs and Kisses Always.
Jan 27 - I love and miss you a lot Buki. You are always in my mind and in my heart. I still have a heavy bleeding heart since you left me. Can't wait to see you. Muwah.
March 31 - Buki my love, I really miss you every waking hours of my life. I love you always & forever. Mommy's heart still hurts & forever will for your lost. I hope you are happy there. Till we meet again. Hugs and Kisses always. Mama
May 20th - Baby Buki, it's been the longest 10 months of my life. I miss you every waking hours of my life. I really need and want you back but I know you need to rest. Please visit me and max someday pangga. I love and miss you so much. take care till we meet again.

JULY 18 2014 - Buki my Love, today reminds me of the day Mommy lost you physically. It's a year now and the hardest year ever in my life. I accept that you are here with me in spirit. Of course I miss you everyday as I bother you endlessly from the time I wake up and the time I sleep. Buki you ARE MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE and I can't wait to see you someday. I know you are in a much better place now looking down on us. I will have a little celebration for you this week in your honor as I know you like company. Quing take care always and remember we all love you esp. Mommy as you are my first baby. I love you very much and take care till we meet again.
7/18/2017 - It's been a hard 4 years since you've passed as your brother Max a year later you went to rainbow bridge. I hope you see him there. Take of each other. I love you both always and forever.

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