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Memories of Buddy
Buddy was a rescue. I got him at 6 months old.
He had a very happy life with us.
He loved the beach & swimming.

When he got sick, it broke my heart.
We found out he had addison's disease.
I made the unselfish choice not to put him thru all that for the rest of his life.
We took him to the Vet on Monday. He had stopped eating, was very lethargic all weekend.
The vet put him on IV fluids & kept him overnight.
When the vet told us the next day that he had Addison's Disease, I went to see him where they had made a nice bed for him.
As I looked into his eyes, I knew he didn't want to go on this way either.

I've always been able to "read my dogs", which many folks don't believe, but I do. I develop a very strong connection to animals.

So after looking into his eyes, I knew I had to let him go.
I don't regret the decision I made.
I know in my heart it was best for him. It's all about his quality of life.
I could have been SELFISH & tried to keep him alive, on drugs for the rest of his life, but he didn't want that & I respected his wishes. As much as it killed me inside.

A piece of my heart goes with all the dogs I have had.

I had rescued a German Shepherd this past June. He was abused too. It took a long time to heal him.

I think God brings other dogs into our lives like that, so that when they give me a piece of their heart, it helps to fill the void in my heart from the piece that went with Buddy.

I love & miss him, EVERY DAY!
I KNOW he will be waiting for me in heaven when it's my time to go.
He's in a much better place, happy, running, swimming, playing with all the other pets who are in heaven waiting for us!

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