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Memories of Buddy Thorsvold
Dear Buddy:
We want you to know how much we miss you. We remember the day we brought you home from the pet store, you were about six weeks old. You sat on Grandma's lap while PaPa drove the truck. You were so little and we loved you from the day we met you. Grandma and PaPa named you Buddy because you were our best buddy then, now, and forever!
We remember all your firsts...the first time you stepped on grass, your first toy, your first long trip to stay in a motel (you loved wandering the halls and sniffing under the doors to see if another animal was in the room) and of course finding that perfect place to pee! You were adored by so many people, your family, friends (humans and animals, especially Sugar, Dot Dot, and Sadie) and all the residents at the various extended elderly homes (especially where Beep and Aunt Eunie lived). The first time Beep saw you, she said you were a handsome dog, and she was so right!
And now a short ten years later we have to say goodbye Buddy, you were such a good doggy (never touched anything in the house that wasn't yours) and brought so much love and happiness to us. You could understand words that PaPa and Grandma said, and even some words we spelled, like cookie! We miss your beautiful smile, big eyes, and your bark (Grandma is so sad that she ever asked you not to bark so much). It is so hard to drive in our driveway and not hear you bark, and we miss you welcoming us home at the kitchen door with your tail wagging.
On the last Saturday you were with us, you and PaPa went for a walk around the park. Then during the night you started to vomit and didn't get any better so we took you to the emergency center and the doctor thought you needed to stay all night so they could run some lab tests. Unfortunately, for the next several days you stayed at either the emergency center or at the animal hospital where the doctors and staff tried to make you well. When it appeared you were not going to get well, we brought you home to Orion and to your house where we could love you and care for you. When you were unable to drink on your own or could get comfortable (you still didn't want to have an accident inside the house, so you bravely went outside to the grass) we made the hardest decision of all, we took you to your doctor (Dr. Houghton) who gave you some medicine to help you sleep. We watched you, our beloved Buddy, as you left this earth and traveled to your heavenly home. We hope God and the angels welcomed you home and that now you are well, happy, chasing cats, rabbits, other dogs, and most of all BARKING, as much as you want!
Never forget how much we loved you Buddy and remember to watch for Grandma and PaPa when we come to stay with you forever. Until then, Buddy our hearts are broken, our tears do not stop, and the house and backyard you loved are such lonely places for us. You now rest with some of your favorite toys next to the dog house in your backyard where Grandma and PaPa can keep watch over you.
Rest in peace our beloved Buddy!
December 22, 2018 Dear Buddy: We buried you today in the backyard that you loved, right next to Squirmy and just beyond the flower bed where you used to chase bunnies and cats. It was so hard to say goodbye to you, our beloved doggy. Our hearts are broken, we love and miss you so much. We hope you are feeling better, running, and eating and drinking. PaPa thought he felt you push your feet against him last night in bed like you always did when you wanted to go outside and find a place to pee. We hope you have met some nice dogs and cats that are becoming your friends. We put a globe light at your resting place so that we can see that area from the kitchen window and it shines brightly in the evening. Good night our sweet boy!
December 24, 2018 Dear Buddy: It's Christmas Eve but it doesn't feel like it with you not here. Maybe you have met some of your furry cousins, Quincky, Lucky, Laddie, Squirmy, Pepper, Pirate Jack, Shadow, Lacy, and Dannie. PaPa put a globe by your resting place so we can see from the kitchen window where you lay during the day and the globe shines brightly in the evening. Even though we can't hold you in our arms, we forever hold you in our broken hearts. Grandma visits your resting place before she goes to bed each night and tells you how much she loves you. Good night our sweet boy!
December 25, 2018 Dearest Buddy: Today is Christmas, We hope lots of beautiful activities were held in Heaven today to help celebrate God's birthday. Only special people/animals are called to Heaven during this time of the year, so you are one of them. Hope you are feeling well, running, eating, and drinking, maybe you even had some birthday cake! We miss you Buddy more than you can ever imagine! We visit your resting place often and send our love to you Heaven bound. Take care beloved Buddy until we join you in Heaven. Good night sweetheart!
December 27, 2018 Dear Buddy: It was one week ago today that you took your last breath on earth. During the night you were very comfortable and so restless that you were unable to sleep. When you started bleeding and were having difficulty breathing, we knew it was time to let you go. When your doctor's office opened PaPa drove the truck and Grandma held you on her lap telling you how much we loved you. You were a brave boy. Your doctor rubbed your ears just like you like and then PaPa picked you up and held your body close to him while Grandma craddled your head. At 8:15 you went from our arms to God's arms. So peaceful at last. We brought your earthly body home (PaPa driving and Grandma holding you in her arms) and we placed you on the sofa where you liked to sleep. Every time Grandma walked by you she bent down and gave you a kiss. We spent the day gathering up your favorite toys, and many other items we thought you'd like. It was such a sad, sad day for us. We miss you sweet Buddy!
December 29, 2018 Dear Buddy: Today was the last time Grandma held you in her arms before we placed you next to Squirmy and just beyond the flower garden. As Grandma rocked you, she thought of all the times she rocked you while waiting for PaPa to come home from work. We wrapped you in one of your warmest blankets and placed some of your favorite toys around you. Lots of your toys were missing ears, as that was the first thing you chewed on and they all had been stitched back together (you liked ripping them apart to see what made them squeak), but they were your favorites so we never threw them away. We also included a picture of PaPa (holding you) and Grandma so you don't forget what we look like. Inside your traveling bag (the one with your name on it, that you always took your toys in) you'll find a baggie of your favorite treats (raw carrots), dry dog food, and a piece of Grandma's banana bread that you always liked to eat. The last thing we included was a letter from Grandma & PaPa and a Christmas card. Grandma read a letter to God (that she found in the computer) before we turned and walked back to the house. "O Lord our God, we come before you this day in sadness. Buddy, who brought us so much joy in life, has now died. His happy times in our family's embrace have come to an end. We miss him already.
Help us, O God, to remember the good times with Buddy. Remind us to rejoice in the happy times he brought to our home. Let us be thankful for the good life we were blessed to give him.
We are grateful to you, God, for creating Buddy, for entrusting him to our care, and for sustaining him in our love for a measure of time. We understand that all that lives must die. We knew that this day would come. And yet, O God, we would have wanted one more day of play, one more evening of love with Buddy.
O, God, as we have taken care of Buddy in life, we ask that you watch over him in death. You entrusted Buddy to our care; now we give him back to you. May Buddy find a happy new home in your loving embrace.
As we remember Buddy, may we love each other more dearly. May we care for all your creatures, for every thing, as we protected the blessed life of Buddy. May his memory bless our lives with love and caring forever. Amen."
Goodbye Buddy, we love you so much. We miss you our beloved Buddy and look forward to the day we can all be together again. Goodnight sweetheart!
January 01, 2019 Dear Buddy: It's New Year's Day! Last night was New Year's Eve, although it didn't feel like it. Grandma wrote some thank you notes to friends/family that sent cards and gifts after you left this earth. We watched a little TV, then PaPa went to bed early (he misses you sleeping beside him) and Grandma read a little. She stood by your resting place and told you how much she loved you and wished you a goodnight. Grandma misses tucking you in bed at night, putting the light blanket over you, just like you liked. Don't know when the hurt in our hearts will get any better, but we try and think about the fun times we had with you which helps for a short time. If possible please send us a message that you are okay as we worry about you, even though we know God and the Angels are watching over you. We wish that the doctors and staff could have made you well, but we think you were diagnosed too late. We would have wanted one more day to have held and loved you, but that is probably selfish on our part because we know you were too ill to stay here. Can't wait to see you again our beloved Buddy, we just want to be with you so badly. We love you our precious sweetheart!
January 02, 2019 Dear Buddy: When PaPa was feeding the squirrels and birds this morning, "that" big orange cat ran through the backyard...you would have loved to chase him...PaPa chased him for you! PaPa took some new animal toys down to the animal shelter today, they were duplicates of your favorites...they were happy to receive them. While PaPa was running errands, Grandma wrote thank you notes to the people who sent cards/flowers/gifts to us on your passing. So many people remember you...the clerk at the hardware store asked PaPa where you were...you liked going to the hardware store...you and PaPa almost went there daily. We hope you are running in the warm sunshine today with your friends, it's in the 20's here and cloudy. We are picking out our favorite pictures of you and will be putting them in an album. Got to get the laundry going. Love you our precious baby boy!
January 04, 2019 Dear Buddy: PaPa and Grandma went for a long walk today...first time Grandma has felt like leaving the house in two weeks. Passed out dog bones to those dogs who were outside. It was good to see those same dogs but when we came home, we missed you waiting for us at the door so you could have a bone also...just like old times. The lady who lives down the alley who used to have the big eskimo dog stopped her car and asked about you...she was sad to hear that you had been ill. This afternoon Helen and Sadie came down the alley and asked about you...they were sorry to hear you had been sick...Sadie missed rubbing noses with you through the fence. We all miss you and will never forget you Buddy. The house seems so lonely with you gone. Grandma sleeps with your yellow sheep and your yellow blanket every night, it brings her some comfort. Grandma mentions you in her bedtime prayers and asks God to make sure you're okay and to tell you that we love you. Hope you are getting those messages. Sleep tight sweet Buddy we love you!
January 06, 2019 Dear Buddy: Grandma went for a walk passing out bones to the dogs on her route. When she came home Joan and Dale from church were here...they brought all the Christmas cards from our mailbox at church, they said our box was getting "full." We haven't been to church since you passed we can't bring ourselves to carry on a conversation just yet. We miss you so much Buddy!
January 07, 2019 Grandma and PaPa went downtown together to get some supplies from Target and then we ate at Arthur's Deli on our way home. This was the first time Grandma has driven or been downtown since you passed. It was so sad to come in the driveway and not hear you barking. It was even worse to come in the kitchen door and not have you meet us with your tail wagging. The pain of losing you just hasn't lessened any in our hearts. Hope you are okay Buddy, please know that we think about you all the time and we cry at a drop of the hat when we remember you. Love you sweet boy!
January 08, 2019 Today Grandma and PaPa went to Iowa City for PaPa's eye check up and eye injection...you'll be glad to know that PaPa had a good check up. You probably remember those days as you had to stay home for hours and hours by yourself until we got home. You were always excited to see us when we got home and we were always glad to see you. You had trained yourself not to drink any water while we were gone so you wouldn't have to go potty. We always left water in your bowl, but you never drank. Today the UPS truck brought an album that we had ordered to put your pictures in...really cute, blue with a dog bone on the outside. Now Grandma needs to decide which of your pictures to put in the album. The UPS lady driver misses you, as you always barked when she rang the doorbell! Even if she didn't leave a package at our house, you barked when you heard her squeaky brakes when she stopped at the stop sign. We have such good memories of you our beloved Buddy!
January 17, 2019 Today was another sad day as we remembered four weeks ago we had to make a hard decision to let you go home to Heaven. We hope you are restored to good health and are running and playing with other dogs and cats, maybe even rabbits. PaPa was at the gas station yesterday and saw Mike (Lucky's Dad that you knew from the park) who asked how you were...he felt bad that you had gotten sick. So many people love and miss you, especially Grandma and PaPa. PaPa put a new light in the backyard right where you rest...it's black with a flickering candle...it lasts for eight hours each evening. We can see your light shining when we look out the kitchen window. Grandma continues to make an album of cute pictures of you, so she has something to hold and look at. Grandma holds one of your yellow sheep when she goes to bed...it helps her feel a little closer to you.
We love you our beloved Buddy!
January 19, 2019 It was four weeks ago today that PaPa and Grandma laid you to rest in the backyard just beyond the flower garden...it was so hard to let you go. We thank God for giving you to us to love and cherish for almost eleven years, you are truly missed. It snowed again, however, PaPa shoveled a path out to where you rest so that Grandma can say goodnight to you every night. Grandma looks up towards Heaven in hopes that you see her as she visits you. We hope you are okay and having fun with your new friends. Remember that Grandma and PaPa love you lots our sweet beloved Buddy!
February 05, 2019 It's rainy and icy tonight so PaPa went with Grandma out to say goodnight to you so Grandma wouldn't fall down. Grandma changed some of the items on your memorial page to sunflowers, a teddy bear toy, and a box of candy (we know you can't have chocolates, but we wanted you to have something Valentine looking). Grandma looks to Heaven every night, she hopes you can see her standing at your resting place. We hope you are doing okay, we miss you so much and each day is just as sad as the day before. We will some day be with you, never to be apart again. Goodnight sweetheart Buddy!
March 01, 2019 Hi my sweet boy Buddy! PaPa and I flew out to Bend, Oregon on February 17th to help Roger and Angel after Angel had surgery (she is doing good). Before we left that day we visited your resting place and told you we would be gone for awhile. We thought all day February 18th about you, as we do every day, however, the 18th would have been your 11th birthday. We missed celebrating your birthday, I hope God and the Angels and all your new friends celebrated with angel food cake (your favorite)! It snowed lots in Bend, in fact, the airport closed so we had to reschedule our flight. We arrived home Wednesday the 27th and the first thing we did was to visit your resting place in the backyard. Roger and Angel have two dogs named Venture and JoJo and two cats named Vinny and Thor, they were nice to PaPa and Grandma, however, it made us miss you even more. We miss and love you so much Buddy, you were such a wonderful furry child to us, never doing anything wrong, can't wait to be with you again never to ever say goodbye. Play and rest sweet Buddy!
March 25, 2019 Hi our sweet boy Buddy! We hope you are feeling well, eating, drinking, resting, and playing with your new friends. We miss you so much and we will never forget you, you brought us so much joy and happiness. It is so quiet in the house without you, PaPa and Grandma remember all the places you went with us and the funny things you did...such good memories...one minute we're smiling thinking of you and the next minute we're crying because we miss you so much. Aunt Eunie passed away on March 21st, you visited her at the nursing home, she was 100 years old! She was buried on March 25th. You will remember Aunt Eunie when you see her, however, she will be walking, no longer sitting in a wheel chair. Aunt Eunie and Beep were sisters, so you will probably see them together. Beep was Grandma's mother, you visited her at many different nursing facilities. Good night our Buddy, we love you!
April 10, 2019 Hi our Buddy! PaPa and Grandma flew out to California on March 27th to visit Rachel and her family. It was Chloe's 17th birthday! We baby sat Rachel's pets while she and her family flew to Paris and London during spring break. Rachel (PaPa and Grandma's daughter) has many pets, you probably remember them as you drove with us to California to visit them on two different occasions...there's Ginny (the dog), Maisy & Peyton (the cats), and Charlie (the turtle). One day we took Ginny to her vet because she had an ear infection, but with ear medicine she was feeling better in no time. We missed seeing you and Ginny walking on the side walks together, also walking on the beach, and drinking out of the same dish in the kitchen (you always remembered where the water dish was), and sleeping with us in the guest bedroom. We flew home on April 9th. The house is so quiet without you...after playing with Ginny it made us miss you more than ever if that is even possible. As soon as we arrived home, we visited your resting place. Love you precious Buddy!
April 21, 2019 Happy Easter Buddy! Hopefully special things happen at the Rainbow Bridge on this special day. PaPa and Grandma visited the cemetery where Grandma's mom and dad and grandma and grandpa are buried, you've been there many times, you always liked to walk around sniffing, and if it was hot you looked for shade under a tree. It's hard for us to go to the places you use to go to with us, it hurts not having you with us. We stopped at McDonald's for supper on the way home...it was too windy to eat outside, so we ate inside. PaPa and Grandma have been busy cutting and sewing pieces together to make a quilt for Chloe...we'll give it to her next year when she graduates from high school. Grandpa has been working in the yard, getting it ready for summer...he misses having you in the yard while he is working. Grandma visits your resting place every night and tells you good night and reminds you of how much we love and miss you. Maybe you can see PaPa and Grandma from the Rainbow Bridge. Good night our precious Buddy!
May 05, 2019 On May 01, PaPa and Grandma drove to Ohio to visit Renee and her family. It was the first time we have driven in the truck on a trip without you. We missed you sitting on Grandma's lap and also taking naps on the pillow between PaPa and Grandma. We saw the leather couch that you liked to sit on at Renee's house and you also liked to lick the leather. We went to Corey's award ceremony on May 02, he is one of several valedictorians of his high school's graduating class. On May 05, we drove back home...we missed stopping at the rest areas so you could find a tree, sad! We love and miss you Buddy!
May 12, 2019 Mother's Day...PaPa and Grandma went to Church today, the first time we have gone since you passed away. Grandma cried through most of the service and after the pastor finished preaching his sermon, we left. We stopped at the cemetery where Beep and Bok and Grandma and Grandpa Peterson are buried...I left a pretty flower on Beep's grave. I hope your mother knows what a loving little boy she had and we thank her for lending you to us.
We love and miss you sweet Buddy!
May 13, 2019 PaPa had a dream last night, he shared it with Grandma...he was standing in the kitchen and looking out the window when he saw you hopping around the backyard. PaPa yelled at Grandma and then we both ran out to see you...you came to us and we petted you...and then you ran towards Betty's yard and you were gone. PaPa told Grandma that you looked healthy and happy. It's almost like God sent you down to see PaPa and Grandma because He knows how much we grieve for you. We cherish your visit and now we know that God has restored you to good health and you are happy living at the Rainbow Bridge. Buddy we think you came to show us that you are okay and to tell us goodbye. Goodbye for now precious Buddy until we see you again. We will always love and miss you.
May 19, 2019 On Thursday, May 16 Grandma and PaPa drove to Crawfordsville, Indiana where we stayed all night in a motel, not the motel we used to stay at when you traveled with us (that would be too sad) and then the next day we continued on to Dublin, Ohio to see Renee and her family. We attended Corey's high school graduation Saturday afternoon and then went out to dinner. Whenever we're at Renee's house, Grandma does not sit on the sofa (the one you used to enjoy licking) because it reminds me of the many good times you and Grandma sat on that sofa. Sunday morning Grandma and PaPa drove back home. It's just not the same traveling without you sitting on Grandma's lap or laying on a pillow between Grandma and PaPa. We miss you and love you sweet Buddy!
May 20, 2019 It was five months ago today that you passed away, we still can't believe you are gone from us. Grandma and PaPa hope that you are well and happy, running and playing with your new friends. We'll always love you precious Buddy!
May 22, 2019 Five months ago today Grandma and PaPa told you goodbye...now you rest in the backyard just beyond the flowers...the yard where you liked to play soccer with PaPa and the yard where you barked at everything...what we wouldn't give to hear you bark again. Grandma sat outside the other day for just a short time and there were so many nats, ants, and flies...we remember how those nasty flies liked to bite your "butt" and you would head for the garage...we hope the flies are nicer in Heaven. We have lots of good pictures of you Buddy that we enjoy looking at...we sent a picture of the three of us with you, it's right next to you so you can remember us. Thank you for being such a good boy and for letting Grandma give you hugs and kisses. The almost eleven years you had with us was just too short, but we know that you just couldn't get well and it was time for you to go to your Heavenly Home so God and the Angels could take care of you. We love and miss you sweet Buddy!
June 20, 2019 This is such a sad day for PaPa and Grandma as this is the day six months ago that we said goodbye to you our beloved Buddy at 0815 at your doctor's office. You started vomiting during the early morning hours of Sunday December 16, and when you continued to vomit we took you to the Emergency Animal Hospital in Bettendorf where they admitted you for what we thought would be observation. However, during the early morning hours of Wednesday December 19, the hospital called and said you were very ill and not responding to treatment so we went and picked you up and brought you home. You arrived home at 0545 and you seemed very happy to be home where you had lived for 10+ years. During the evening and the early morning hours of Thursday December 20th, you continued to be very restless, bleeding some, vomiting, and very ill. When your doctor's office opened we drove there and at 0815 we made the most difficult decision..we said goodbye to you, our best friend and beloved furry child. PaPa held you and Grandma held your little head. On the way home Grandma held you in your favorite blanket. On Saturday, December 22, 2018 at around 1:00 pm we placed you in a nice little special bed with your favorite blanket, toys, treats, pictures, and a letter from us. PaPa and Grandma said a little prayer thanking God for your life and for letting us love you. The grass has since grown over where you rest and PaPa turns on a beautiful light for you every night, and Grandma tells you how much she loves and misses you. When you left us, you took a part of us with you (we will never be the same). We trust that God and the Angels took you to the Rainbow Bridge that sad day so that you weren't alone. In the Bible it tells us that God has restored you to good health and He and the Angels are taking good care of you. We hope you have met some nice playmates, that you are eating and drinking okay, and that you are happy. We hope you know how much we miss you and maybe you can see us from the Rainbow Bridge. One day we will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge and we will enter Heaven together never to be apart again. You are loved and missed sweet Buddy.
June 22, 2019 It was six months ago today that Grandma and PaPa laid you to rest in the backyard that you loved so much. In a way it seems like only yesterday, however, in another way it seems like it's been forever since we held you in our arms. We stand where you rest each night and tell you how much we love and miss you. We talk about you every day sweet Buddy and we can't wait to see you again!
July 04, 2019 We hope if you are celebrating the 4th of July today, that there are no fireworks, as we know you don't like those loud noises. It rained off and on today but they did have the fireworks here in Orion, we could hear it from inside our house. We hope you are feeling well and that you are playing with some new friends. Life is just not the same without you. We know you miss us also, and we wish you could have gotten well and continued to live here, but everything we tried couldn't save you so we had to let you live with God and the Angels. Rest in peace sweet boy!
July 18, 2019 We had our house sided with light brown siding Buddy. You may remember how the paint was peeling off the wood, it turned out nice, maybe you can see how nice it looks from the Rainbow Bridge. Today PaPa had his eye check up in Iowa City and the doctor said PaPa's eyes are doing good. We remember how patient you were to stay at home all day by yourself while Grandma and PaPa went to Iowa City for PaPa's eye check ups. You were always glad when we arrived home and we were always glad to see you waiting for us at the kitchen door. We would give anything to have you once again waiting for us when we come home. We try to be brave but it's hard when we miss you so much. We love you sweet Buddy.
August 30, 2019 It's Labor Day Weekend Buddy....we remember taking you with PaPa and Grandma to the Fall Festival and eating our supper in the pavilion, you had some of PaPa's hamburger and a few potato chips along with your dry food and carrots. You were such a good boy and we miss you lots. We think and talk about you every day, you were the best dog ever! We hope you are feeling good and playing with your friends. Every night PaPa turns on the light where you rest...we hope you can see us from the Rainbow Bridge as we tell you goodnight and how much we love and miss you sweet Buddy!
September 05, 2019 PaPa told Grandma today that he heard you walking through the living room with your tags jingling early this morning...I hope you saw Grandma lying on the davenport where she feels closest to you...I wish I had been awake so I could have held you and told you how much I love you. Grandma misses holding you and our snuggling together when we took an afternoon nap in the rocking chair. We would have given anything to have been able to make you well so you could have continued your life with us. A couple of weeks ago PaPa and Grandma saw Sharon and your girlfriend Sugar sitting outside of their home...we stopped and visited with them and Grandma held Sugar so close for a long time. Sugar is looking very frail and likes to lay on the cement in the sun. Sharon's son has built a ramp so Sugar can walk up to where she likes to lay by the window when she's inside and it's a sunny day...the sun makes Sugar feel better. Sharon said that she talks to Sugar every night about the fun times you two shared when you were both younger. Sugar is one month younger than you. Everyone misses you sweet Buddy, especially PaPa and Grandma...one day we will all be together!
10/14/19 We talk about you every day and tell you good night every evening...we will never forget you. We never thought that October 14th of last year would be the last time we would visit the Country Corner Farm Market with you. Grandma remembers holding you on her lap while we sat on a big pumpkin, this will always be my favorite picture that PaPa took of us. How happy we all were that day! You loved going there and especially liked walking down the rows of pumpkins. We never realized that you must have been ill back then, but you seemed happy that day. We would give anything to have you back with us. We hope you are feeling well, playing with your new friends, and missing us as much as we miss you. We love you our sweet Buddy!
11/20/19 It's been eleven months since you left us sweet Buddy, in a way it just seems like yesterday. That was such a sad day for PaPa and Grandma, we would do anything to have you back with us. The tears still flow especially when Grandma dusts your picture in the living room. You were such a good boy, you even knew which were your toys and which things were Grandma's...you never touched Grandma's stuff. We miss sharing our little treats with you, you especially liked banana bread. We hope you are feeling well and playing with your new friends. When PaPa and Grandma go for our walks we sometimes see a lady walking her two dachshunds and we wish that were us walking you. It's getting colder here but we continue to tell you goodnight every evening, just like we did when you went to bed each night with PaPa. We hope you can see us standing by your resting place in the backyard ...we hope the Rainbow Bridge is as pretty as it looks in the pictures....when God decides that our work here on earth is finished we will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge and together we will cross into Heaven where we will be together forever. We miss you and love you Buddy!
12/20/19 This was such a sad day for us as it is one year ago today that you left us traveling with the angels to the Rainbow Bridge. We wish the doctors could have made you well so we could have loved you for many more years but that just wasn't meant to be. Your Christmas gifts are still in the living room, Grandma just hasn't been able to put them away. Every day Grandma and PaPa talk about all the cute things you did and how much we love and miss you. We spent a few days last week in Ohio at Renee's home, you always enjoyed traveling with us and staying in the motels. Christmas at the Rainbow Bridge must be beautiful at this time of the year, maybe there are Christmas trees beautifully decorated and special treats...like cookies! We hope you have made some new friends and that you have fun chasing rabbits...there aren't many rabbits here in Orion this year, we remember how you liked chasing rabbits on your many walks. It's cold here and the snow has all but melted, there are a few stars in the sky as we look up toward Heaven each night to tell you goodnight, maybe you can see us from the Rainbow Bridge. We look forward to the time we are reunited with you, until then please know we love and miss you Buddy!
12/22/19 Today was another sad day, the day we placed you in your final resting place in the backyard that you loved. We wrapped you in one of your favorite blankets to keep you warm and snug, some of your favorite toys are with you, pictures of us, bag of food, and a piece of your favorite....Grandma's banana bread! Also, a piece of our hearts went with you. How do we say goodbye to someone we love, we can't! We look up to Heaven each night when we say goodnight to you, we hope you can see us from the Rainbow Bridge. Some day we will be able to see you again, hold you, and give you hugs and kisses...until then please know that you brought a lot of happiness into our lives and left us with many happy memories of the time we had together. We love you sweet Buddy!
12/25/19 Today is Christmas...We hope there is something special happening today at the Rainbow Bridge, like maybe you are getting an extra treat or a piece of banana bread! Christmas will never be the same since you left us, the cards and some of your Christmas toys remain in the basket in the living room, just as they were one year ago. We miss holding you and patting your sweet head. We miss you Buddy and hope you are being well taken care of by God and the angels. Maybe you have met some really nice dachshunds to play with, we know how dachshunds like each other. It is a beautiful warm, sunny day here in Orion with no snow. PaPa always shoveled a path for you to run around the backyard when there was snow on the ground...it was hard with such short little legs to jump over the snow drifts. Remember we love you and miss you Buddy!
01/01/20 Last night was New Year's Eve and today is the first day of 2020. As the days, months, and years go by we will always remember you Buddy, our sweet little dachshund. PaPa always wanted a dachshund and when we decided it was time to get a puppy we only looked for a dachshund. The minute we saw you we knew you were the one we wanted. You were such a good little boy and as you grew and became older you continued to be perfect! It has been so sad without you, but we know that God and the angels are taking good care of you and most importantly, you are no longer ill. We hope you are remembering us and know that we remember you and we always will. You have given us so much joy and now we cling to the many memories you have left us. Goodnight Buddy!
02/14/20 Thinking about you today which is Valentine's Day...we miss you our sweet Buddy.
02/18/20 It's your 12th birthday Buddy! We remember celebrating your birthdays with angel food cake and a dab of whipped cream on top. Each birthday you sat on PaPa's lap while we sang "Happy Birthday to you." You licked your dish clean and then licked Grandma's paper plate, Grandma always left a few crumbs on her plate for you. It was always fun to watch you get your new birthday toys out of the paper sacks. We hope birthdays are celebrated at the Rainbow Bridge, maybe your new friends help you celebrate with cake and ice cream. We remember all the cute things you did and all the trips we took with you. Grandma misses tucking you in bed next to PaPa every night, making sure you had one of your toys and that you were covered with a warm blanket. Grandma and PaPa talk about you all the time, you were special to us and always will be. Grandma often dreams about you...in her dreams she sees you playing or barking at those two dogs you really didn't like as they came down the alley. Mostly Grandma dreams that you are sitting on her lap and she is giving you kisses and telling you how much she loves you. Happy
Birthday Buddy!
04/12/20 It's Easter today Buddy! We remember celebrating Easter with you every year, you had so much fun pulling your gifts out of a bag. Such happy memories of you Buddy. PaPa and Grandma miss you every day. Weather permitting we stop at your resting place every evening and tell you good night and remind you how much we love and miss you. Hope you are feeling well and playing with your new friends.
07/04/20 We are thinking about you as we do every day...it's the 4th of July and we know how much you disliked the loud fireworks. It's been a long hot summer, however, not too many bugs this year. There is a virus traveling around the United States, so we haven't been to very many places...PaPa goes to the grocery every two weeks and Grandma goes to the doctor/dentist appointments, Walgreens, and the craft store. Mostly we have just been walking around Orion. PaPa did fly to Oregon and fished with our son Roger Jr., but Grandma stayed home. We miss you sweet Buddy and can't wait until we are all together again. Maybe you have met Squirmy, who was our pet for 17 years....he passed onto the Rainbow Bridge about 20 years before we ever adopted you. We hope you have met some nice dogs (especially Dachshunds) to run and play with. We know you miss us Buddy, but we hope you can see us standing by your resting place in the backyard as we tell you goodnight Buddy. Love you sweet boy!
08/31/20 It's Labor Day Weekend. We remember taking you with us to the Orion Fall Festival on Friday nights where we walked around the craft tents, bought some peaches, and ate a hot dog or brats with you. You were always happy to be with us and we loved taking you with us where ever we went. People always thought you were cute and wanted to pet you. We miss you sweet boy and we love you lots!
10/31/20 It's Halloween Buddy! We remember how you loved to bark at the door when the trick-or-treaters rang the bell and you loved to go in the backyard and bark at the children as they ran down the alley. However, your last Halloween Grandma and you stayed in the basement and PaPa handed out the candy since Halloween was becoming pretty intense for you. Such fond memories of you precious Buddy! We love and miss you sweet boy!
11/26/20 Happy Thanksgiving Buddy! We hope all our precious pets receive an extra helping of yummy dinner today. We miss you so much! When the weather is nice, we stand by your resting place and tell you how much we love and miss you. The holidays just don't seem the same since you passed away. We wish we could have had one more day with you, but that would of been selfish of us since you were so sick we had to let you go. We know we will see you again some day, but until then, take care and run with your new friends. Love you!
12/20/20 Two years ago we said goodbye to you, our precious Buddy. We haven't been the same since, you took a piece of our hearts with you the day you ran to the Rainbow Bridge. We know God has restored you to good health and that the Angels are taking good care of you. Please don't forget us Buddy, we love you and always will. Until we meet again, run, you're free now!
12/22/20 Two years ago we placed you carefully in a warm bed with some of your favorite toys, notes, and treats and laid you to rest forever in the backyard you loved, right behind the flower garden. We can see your resting place from the kitchen window and we keep a light shining over you. This was a very difficult day for us then and remains so two years later. How do we say goodbye to someone so special, so loved, and so missed? It's not goodbye, but rest and play until we meet again! Love you sweet boy!
12/25/20 Merry Christmas our cute Buddy! We still have your Christmas cards and stuffed animal presents in a basket that we were going to give you for Christmas, we just can't put them away. We hear Heaven and the Rainbow Bridge are beautiful this time of year and the music is unbelievable. We hope you know how much we miss and love you Buddy! Sweet dreams!
02/14/21 Happy Valentine's Day sweet Buddy!
02/18/21 Happy 13th Birthday our sweet Buddy! How we wish you were here to celebrate your birthday with us, maybe even have some Angel Food Cake with whipped cream, your favorite holiday treat. We miss you and when we are in the backyard we tell you how much we love you. Hopefully you had a nice birthday with some of your new friends. Until we meet again, we send you our love Grandma and PaPa.
04/04/21 Happy Easter sweet Buddy! It was always fun to watch you rip open the brown paper sack with a few toys in it for you. Miss those happy days with you precious Buddy!
07/04/21 It's the 4th of July, I know how much you hated hearing the fireworks...I agree they were rather loud. PaPa and Grandma miss and love you so much.
11/25/21 Happy Thanksgiving to you Buddy! You loved having a piece of pumpkin pie with Dream Whip on top. PaPa and Grandma love you!
12/20/21 When it was almost 0800 we knew it was time to let you return to your maker, so we took you to Kimberly Crest Animal Hospital where we stayed with you until you got your wings and left us for the Rainbow Bridge. This was the saddest day of PaPa and Grandma's life, to make the decision to let you go to your Heavenly Home. Grandma remembers all the mornings when she would get out of bed, there you were waiting for her to give you a kiss. I wish I had a video of you putting your little right cheek on the floor while Grandma gave you a kiss on your left cheek, and then she would say "other side," and you would put your left cheek on the floor so she could give you a kiss on your right cheek. So many memories of our beloved Buddy! We hope you know how much we love and miss you sweet baby! It's been three years since you left us, some days seem like it was just yesterday....it doesn't get any easier without you sweet Buddy!
12/25/21 Merry Christmas sweet Buddy! It doesn't seem like Christmas without you. We hope you know how much we love and miss you. Hopefully the angels have something planned for all you beloved pets in Heaven. We still have your presents and cards saved and we have them all saved in a white basket in the basement so we can see them all the time. Love, Grandma & PaPa
01/01/22 Happy New Year our precious Buddy! Our hearts are broken without you. We hope you can see us from the Rainbow Bridge. Life doesn't get any easier without you, time does not help. Every day we talk about something you did that puts a smile on our faces, but a tear on our cheeks. We have so many memories of you sweet Buddy!
02/14/22 It's Valentine's Day Buddy! We carry you in our hearts. You brought so much happiness to people...not only our family, but our neighbors, and residents at the various nursing homes that Beep lived in. You had the cutiest little butt wiggle when you walked. When we go to Iowa City for PaPa's eye check ups, we see the sign where you and Grandma had our picture taken on our way to California. We stopped at lots of rest stops for you to potty and the rest of us to stretch our legs. You made two trips to California with us, but we don't go anymore as PaPa and Grandma are too old to drive that far. Love you sweet boy!
02/18/22 Happy 14th Birthday our precious Buddy! We hope you are eating cake (angel food cake with whipped cream on top) that was your favorite treat. Maybe there are toys for you to play with your friends, or, maybe you just chase each other around. Maybe there's even some cats you can chase! Love you sweet boy!
04/17/22 It's Easter Sunday! We have so many cute pictures and videos of you on Easter Sunday opening your gifts. You always put your little head in the sack and grabbed out the gift! You were our child and brought so much life into our home each and every day. You were a true blessing to us. It was hard to release you to the angels, but we cling to the thought that we will be together forever some day. Love, Grandma & PaPa
07/04/22 Today is the 4th of July! We know how much you disliked the loud fireworks, hopefully, you don't hear those sounds in Heaven....hopefully, it's just beautiful music being played there. Remember how many bugs (ants, gnats, and mosquitoes) flew around the patio and sometimes you just wanted to go in the house because they wouldn't leave you alone? Well, it seems we don't have as many bugs as we did back then. Grandma remembers when she sat in the lounge chair and you sat between her legs while she read books. Grandma misses those days! The lanterns and pretty lights adorn your resting place in the backyard. Every night Grandma stands at the window and tells you goodnight. Goodnight sweet Buddy!

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