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Memories of Buddy
He was my best furry friend for 16 years and I can't tell you how much I miss him already. I'll do my best to remember the happy times, but that's not easy to think of him only as a memory right now.
So many memories of all the things we've been through, both good and not so good. He helped me get through the stress of my mom and dad being ill and passing away. I don't know what I would have done without him. There's plenty of happy and funny times too. I accidentally set a chair on his paw when he was a puppy and felt so bad I gave him tons of sympathy and carried him everywhere. Whenever he saw me he would limp a little so I would pick him up, he just couldn't remember which paw was hurt. He learned to say please and shake hands for a treat. Speaking of treats he never gave up trying to con someone out of more than one. Any mention of McDonald's or Arby's would require a ride to said place. Whenever I came home on my motorcycle or was mowing the yard he would always be looking out the back window. Can't forget surfing on the orange chair either. Hardly ever saw Buddy without a toy. Always be prepared, never know when somebody will want to play. Of course sometimes grandpa needed to be convinced he wanted to play by poking him with a squeaky toy until he would throw it. Eating a bowl of Cheerios or a hamburger (AKA Buddy burger) will never be the same without my little friend doing Buddy tops for his share. When the mailman or garbage truck showed up that required one entire lap of the backyard at full speed. Until Buddy became ill he always had a smile, especially when he knew he was going to Grandma's house. I guess one of my favorite memories will be holding him, looking out the front window, and just watching the world go by.
Thank you Buddy for being my little furry friend for so many years. I miss you very much, but I'm so happy you're no longer in pain. If there's squeaky toys in Heaven I'm sure you've already been bothering grandpa with one. Be a good boy until we're together again.

7/19/2014 Hi little friend. It's been almost 2 days since you've been gone. I miss you more than words can say. Yesterday I ate a hamburger without having to make a Buddy burger too for the first time in years. I'll never forget all the Buddy tops you would do before I could set your dish down. Later I tried to eat a bag of Cheetos and I kept waiting for you to ask for one. How you loved Cheetos. I just had to put them away because I couldn't eat any more without my friend here. Later I need to do some laundry, but it will not be the same without you. Thank you for keeping all my socks warm until I could fold them. I'm comforted to know you're little body is whole again and I hope you've made a lot of new friends to run and play with. Be a good boy.

7/24/2014 Hi Buddy. They brought you home yesterday. My friend took good care of you. Your in a nice little wooden box and she even brought me a picture frame with your paw print and a lock of your fur. It sure was different from when I brought you home the first time. You were 3 pounds of furry energy. When I set you down in your new home you ran full speed everywhere trying to check out everything. You knew this is where you belonged. The next day you were trying to pull that stuffed cat toy out from under the table. It was three times bigger than you but you didn't give up. We laughed our sides sore at your silliness. You knew 30 minutes before anyone was going to be home. I never figured out how you knew that, but I sure miss seeing that little head looking out the window barking at me as I pull into the driveway. There's so many memories going through my head right now. I remember you asking to go outside at 2AM and then finding you had put a squeaky toy in the doorway for me to step on. You were nowhere to be found, but I know you were somewhere hiding and laughing at me stepping on the toy. I would have thought it was an accident except it happened more than once. I remember you howling at us when we came home which prompted me to call you Scary Wolf sometimes. I remember your little prance when we called you a good boy. You would always do things to get us to laugh and how I miss that. I miss you little friend. Be a good boy.

12/25/2014 Merry Christmas Buddy. It's my first Christmas without you. I sure do miss you little pal. I'll always remember how excited you would get when it was time to open presents. You wanted to help unwrap everyone's presents and then play in all the paper. We laughed our sides sore. I hope you're having fun at the Rainbow Bridge. Mommy and I were adopted by Puffy a couple weeks ago. He's just as silly as you are and I wish you were here to tell him how much you enjoyed this day. We're going to Grandma's house a little later and I know how much you loved doing that. Be a good boy.

7/17/15 Hi Buddy. It's been one year today that you went to the rainbow Bridge. I still miss you very much. You were the best furry friend anyone could ever ask for. You were always there for me through all the sad times with mom and dad and all the happy times too. I think of you daily and miss all the silly things you did that made you my buddy. We'll be having a Buddy Burger in your memory today. I'm sure you've made lots of friends at the Rainbow Bridge. We'll be together again someday Scary Wolf. Be a good boy.

12/24/15 Hi Buddy. Merry Christmas little friend. I sure do miss you, especially this time of year. I would always put a new toy in the tree for you and you would try to get me to give it to you everyday until Christmas morning. You were so excited. My health hasn't been to good for the past few months. I wish you could be here to sit with me. Puffy hangs out with me some, but he usually would rather be where mommy is, so I spend a lot of time by myself. It's not his fault though. He came from a bad home and was kept in a crate most of the first year of his life. He has a whole house to live in now. There was a hawk in our backyard yesterday. Good thing you weren't here because you would want to chase the birdie. That birdie might try to eat you. Remember the big sand crane? you tried to chase that until you saw how big it was when it flew away. I don't think you even touched the ground running for the back door. I will be thinking of you tomorrow little friend. Be a good boy.

7/17/19 Hi Buddy. It's hard to believe it's been 5 years since you went over the Rainbow Bridge. I still miss you little friend. You'll always be my Scary Wolf. I always got a howl from you when I came home. Telling me off for not taking you with me I guess. You'd like where I live now. There's lots of room to run and birdies to chase. I'll be having a Buddy Burger today. I wish you could be here to share it with me. You always found a way to make me laugh, such a comedian. It was always funny to see you trying to convince grandpa that he really did want to play, he just didn't know it. Be a good boy up there until we can be together again. I love you Scary Wolf.

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