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Memories of Buddy
July 5, 2024
10 years ago, Buddy. It feels like yesterday. We think about you every day.

June 24, 2024
Your bush looks great! I'm so glad it thrives as it reminds me of your spunk and resilience.

July 5, 2023
We miss your spunk and curiosity, Buddy. It's been 9 years and sometimes it feels like yesterday that you went to the Bridge. I bet you are having fun and making so many new friends. Oh, and the rabbit is still hanging out near your bush. :)

Buddy, this year started off a bit rough, so I've not been able to check in here on your Memorial. But not a day goes by that we don't think of you. Yesterday, we admired your bush. It's still going strong, and one day last week, a young rabbit was sitting right next to your bush. I finally bought a decorative box with your name engraved on it last month. I placed your urn in the box with a few of your favorite toys and bandana. It took so long to set up your memorial due to missing you so much. Miss you.

July 5, 2022
It's been 7 years. We miss you every day Bud.

June 13, 2022
I decided to start entries at the top of this very long memory journal...:)
I trimmed your bush yesterday. It's still looking good. I added a few pictures to your memorial--one at the cottage wearing your favorite sweater and one with a Gumby and Pokey T-shirt. We sure do miss you Buddy. Always will.

Carrots were your favorite snack and you loved riding in the car. You quickly figured out what stops produced a treat: the drive throughs at the bank, the drug store, and the coffee shop. You became a regular customer and people quickly grew attached to your visits. The boarding place had a special "kennel" for you so that the employees could play with you and keep you close to them at the front desk. You quickly became a celebrity with the staff, and they did not want you to leave when I came to pick you up. In fact, 3 days ago when you had your last grooming, the tech who brought you to me would not let you go and asked if she could hold you a little longer. She knew you were special.

We're kind of a mess here missing you, but you gave us great memories and we have laughed today thinking about you and your huge personality. A classic one was when you tried to tell me you wanted to eat out of a ceramic bowl. You refused to eat your food and kept slapping your plastic bowl and spilling the food all over. I tried several types of food, different plastic bowls, and then you did the unthinkable. You did something you have never done before or since. You had an "accident" on the floor and made sure you made eye contact. Once there was eye contact, you slowly turned and started to eat it! I could tell you were upset by the look on your face, as if to say "why did you make me do this?". After some thought, I remembered that my mother used ceramic dog bowls for her pups. I pulled out a white ceramic bowl from the cabinet and put your food in it, and that was that. You ate out of that bowl for 12 years. Sorry it took so long for me to figure it out!

Lots of other memories that make us smile, and we will miss you being with us here, at home. PJ has been looking for you. Probably trying to figure out when the next ambush will happen. Fluff took one of your blankets and moved it. We are all adjusting.

Thanks for all the happiness and joy you brought to our family.

Play hard with Butch and Buster.

July 13, 2014

Well, Bud Bud, it has been a week since you scampered to the Bridge and it feels like a year. We missed you today after grocery shopping as you weren't here to inspect all of the full grocery bags. That earned you the nickname "Grocery Inspector". Fluff has kind of stepped in as a backup to inspect the bags, but he just doesn't have the same approach. You used to dive in and pull out stuff and then guard your prizes. You never hurt anything, well almost. Remember the time we went to the lake and I had some bags on the floorboard of the car? You spotted them about 1/2 way to the lake and tore all of the bags open, and then started to tear the paper towel and toilet paper to shreds. At the end, you snorted as if to say "there, that's better!". I recorded that on my iPhone and have shared that with other dog lovers who think it is hilarious.

I'll check in from time to time and share another memory. Oh, by the way, a few people have visited you and want you to know there are others there at the bridge to show you the ropes--Finn and Pedro. Check them out. Run fast. Love, Your Mom and Dad

July 21, 2014

We continue to smile and talk about your personality and the things that made you so much fun--Rolling in the grass, scratching at the pantry door, barking at the refrigerator for a treat, and riding in the car sitting on the center console as a navigator.

A few updates for you. Your Dad planted a bush in your honor with a garden stone. We continue to get cards in the mail in support of our loss. We got a letter today from Michigan State University letting us know that a donation was made in your honor to the Companion Animal Fund. You continue to touch lives, and always will. Hope you found Finn and Pedro. Love, Your Mom and Dad

July 25, 2014

Had an interesting, odd moment today Buddy. You know I work with people a lot in my line of work, deal with confidentiality, and spend time listening and helping solve challenges. Some times, a person will thank me for the time and ask me "hey, who do you talk to?" My running joke was always "my dog, Buddy". Today, the question came up again, and I paused. My heart clenched, and I simply did not answer the question and merely smiled. Of course, I have a great family of people who are always here for me and listen, but you are gone. I used to call you Yoda because he was wise and did not say much...:)

A few other updates for you. You came home a couple of days ago and your little box is in your bed with your blanket and 2 toys. You still have Rich's towel he gave you when he went to college too. I left that in your bed. Molly has sniffed your stuff but won't touch it. I'm amazed because she always stole your food, toys and bones. She must know we are sad and she is honoring your memory. She is sleeping by your bed, but not on it. PJ is hanging out under the bed where you used to sleep from time to time. Fluff has stopped moving your blanket around the house. We got a call from the vet day before yesterday and I guess they took an impression of your paws and wanted us to have them. That was tough, but I'm glad we have them. I catch your Dad from time to time feeling low, so we console each other and talk about how much fun we had with you. You know, there are humans who leave this earth who probably have not made as much of an impact on others as you have. Thanks for hanging out with us for 13 1/2 years!

Please look for another pup named Buddy there at the Bridge. He sounds a lot like you, and I think you two will have fun together.

July 31, 2014

There are tales of a fearsome, gigantic sea creature that wreaked havoc on the open seas. Legend has it that certain people could control the beast, and upon command, unleash the destruction on entire fleets of ships. The phrase "release the Kraken" has been used in a few popular movies to alert you to the fact that things are about to get really bad. The monster was huge and could swallow an entire ship, so there was no mistaking that the "you know what was going to hit the fan" after hearing those words. While watching a movie this weekend and hearing "release the Kraken", I had a memory about you. You always stirred things up with your fellow furry friends here at the house. At times, we would put you in the bedroom and shut the door for a time out. After a few minutes, your Dad and I would look at each other and one of us would say "release the Kraken!".....and then go open the door. You would tear out like a flash and skid on the hardwood floor when you rounded the corner to the kitchen. You wanted to make sure you did not miss anything or a scrap of food hitting the kitchen floor. You weighed less than 12 pounds, but Kraken was a befitting nickname.

August 17, 2014

We went to the lake again this weekend. Of course, you went too. It was hard to see the place where you last stood, but your spirit will be with us forever Buddy. Driving back in the car I could swear I saw your bowls on the floorboard. You used to eat on the way home and then take a nap on the front seat. You were a great navigator and I will miss our rides.

August 22, 2014

This evening I found 1/2 of your pink tablet on the dresser. Finding it reminded me of when I took you to the vet a couple of years ago because you didn't seem like yourself. The vet checked you over and really did not find anything. She asked to take an x-ray of your abdomen, to rule out major obstructions or masses. She came back into the exam room and snapped the film on the rack, "schnick", and then flipped on the light. She said "do you see that gray looking cloud covering Buddy's entire body cavity?"....yep, I saw it. It looked like a fuzzy, gray cloud. I asked "what is that?"....simple answer, "gas". You had so much gas you were in pain, so you know what they did next....anyway, you were happier after letting off some pressure and from then on we used 1/2 of a Gas-X tablet if we saw you chasing your tail (that is what you did when you had a little bit of gas). That little pink tablet helped us all sleep better at night too! Hope you are having fun with your friends. We miss having you around to make us laugh. Love, Mom and Dad

October 8, 2014

We miss you. The Buddy bush is full of blooms and reminds us of you, and we even talk to you. I'm sure the neighbors wonder sometimes....Molly is still leaving your bed alone. Still amazes me that she will not touch your toys in the bed. I finally made it through a week without "tearing up". That took a few months. My coworker has a sick pup and it brought back some memories of your last day, so the last 2 days have been a bit harder again. I do think about the funny stuff you did and that helps. We miss you Bud. Love Mom and Dad

November 10, 2014

The sick pup pulled through, so that is good. I found your snow boots last weekend and smiled. You really hated those things and only wore them a few times. The alternative was putting your paws under warm, running water after you came in from the snow and had ice stuck to your fur. You really liked that. You basically wore a sweater all winter and loved one in particular that you wore your entire life. It had a diamond on the back, so we called you "diamond back rattler". I have dreamed about you a lot the last month. They are all funny dreams and make me smile. Hope you are playing hard and having fun. Love Mom and Dad

January 6, 2015

Sorry I did not check in for the holidays, but we did think about you a lot. It was different not having you here to play with new toys and entertain us with your antics. My friend told me yesterday that they had to say goodbye to their pup who they had for many years. That was Friday, and of course, I am sad hearing her grieve...brings back the loss of you like it was yesterday. We miss you. Love Mom and Dad

March 8, 2015

Sad week and don't know why..just that we miss you. Love Mom and Dad

April 4, 2015

Today is my birthday and the sound of your tags woke me. I swear that I heard you, but maybe not. It was very faint as if you were near, but yet far away. Obviously, you were on my mind and I've dreamed of you a lot lately. We miss you Bud.

May 13, 2015

Orange left us day before yesterday. He was at least 14 years old which is pretty dang old for a goldfish. He was special and we will miss him. He is resting near your memorial stone in the front yard, next to your bush. If you see him, say hi. Love ya Bud Bud.

June 20, 2015

We just got back from Maine and you would have enjoyed it. There were dogs welcomed everywhere we went. Seems like Maine is a dog-friendly state. We saw some beautiful country and the ocean was awesome. Not much wildlife but the weather was perfect. Your bush bloomed a lot while we were gone and it looks beautiful. Love Mom and Dad

July 5, 2015 3:30 p.m.
One year ago you left us and we miss you as much as we did then. Your memory makes us smile every time we think of you. Miss ya, Love Mom and Dad.

October 9, 2015
I went to the drive thru bank and was reminded how you used to sit perched on my lap and watch the tube come down hoping there was a dog treat inside. You were always excited to stick your nose down in the tube and sniff around. Fall is around the corner and your bush is still blooming. Fluff has left us and has a memorial stone next to yours under your bush. Your bed is still where you left it with your toys and Molly still refuses to touch any of it. She will lay next to your bed but not steal your toys. Hope you are having fun with your friends and look for Fluff. Love Mom and Dad

December 13, 2015
It is almost Christmas and PJ is tearing up the packages and bows on the gifts I just wrapped. He also tore off the gift label on one of the boxes. I probably should not have gotten him a catnip box for scratching! Last night, after I spent a few hours wrapping all presents, PJ had a little accident on one of them--too much too eat too quick....ick. Anyway, we miss you romping around and playing during this time of year. We love you and miss you.

April 3, 2016
Hi Bugs. We miss you a lot, and put a angel near your bush in the front flower bed last weekend. Unbelievably it is snowing today and it is the first few days of April. Your spirit lives on and we will never forget you. It is almost your birthday, so here is a birthday cake. I hope you and Fluff are wrestling at the Bridge. Love and miss you, Mom and Dad

April 30, 2016
You would have been 15 years old this April. Remember the time that you jumped on the table and stood there? You were new to our home and did not know the rules. As soon as I picked you up and told you not to do it, you never did it again. Of course, I made sure the chairs were all pushed in under the table so you weren't tempted. Well, you did do it 1 more time, about 10 years later. It was really bad too. Your Dad left his hamburger on the table and walked into the other room for just 1 minute. You were sneaky and jumped up on the chair and snatched his hamburger, but it was fair game because he didn't push his chair under the table. So, you did it 2 times in your lifetime. Not too bad.

May 1, 2016
Scooter should be at the bridge, so look for him. You loved playing with him.

June 12, 2016
Your bush is in full bloom and your Dad spruced up the flower bed with new mulch and arranged the memorial stones for you and Fluff. The angel still watches over you, Fluff and Orange. Romp hard my friend.

August 17, 2016
Look for Sassie. She is there now, at the bridge.

October 3, 2016
Sugar decided to join all of you. Look for her and welcome her to the bridge. On a happier note, Grandma got a new pup a few weeks ago--Jimmie. I'll look him over in a few weeks when I visit.

January 2, 2017
Jimmie is a riot and you would like him a lot. He is a typical high energy and curious pup. We thought about you a lot over the holidays and talked about you enjoying Christmas toys. Molly, PJ, Bruce and Ginny got new toys to include a double decker cat fort. The cats are staking their claim to either top or middle bunk. Fights abound...:)

April 15, 2017
Happy Easter Bud!

April 25, 2017
Happy birthday! I dreamed about you a few times lately. We took you to a concert and on a trip. You were having a grand time and it seemed real to me, rather than a dream. Cliff's pup went to the bridge a few weeks ago, so look for Parker.

July 5, 2017
3 years ago, Bud. We miss you, as always. Your bush is in full bloom again and looks fantastic. News: Grandma is moving here on Saturday and bringing Lucy and Jimmy. Remember that drive when we moved here? You loved riding in the car, but I remember after about 1/2 a day you looked at me with this expression that said "what the heck, can we park now and get out?"....:) Cliff got a new pup, Pickles. She is friendly and full of energy. We got to see her in May when we visited Grandma and she seems to fit right in. I'll check in again after the "trip" from Houston.

December 3, 2017
Thinking of you as we get close to Christmas and how much you enjoyed the tree and toys. Molly found your Tigger toy last night and played with it. We miss you Bud.

Hi Bug, it is Easter weekend here and we are thinking of you. Your bush is not blooming yet because it is still cold, but in a few months, it will be full of pink blooms. Cliff got another pup to keep Pickles company--Marley. Australian Shepherd. We talked about you yesterday because it rarely snows in April, but the year we moved here to Michigan, it snowed 8 inches on April 9. You were so curious and walked out into the snow and sunk into the "white stuff".

We had snow up until a week ago, so your bush has not bloomed yet. I think we have the real cold behind us now, so I bet your bush will bloom soon. I thought about you yesterday and how you liked to run and play with Grandma's pups in her yard. You wouldn't stop for hours! So much energy. Love ya.

Dylan, Rich and Frank's pup, should be at the bridge. He lost his battle with cancer Saturday, so look for him. He is a silly little guy and loves to play.

Hope you found Dylan so you can show him the ropes. It is the holiday weekend and you used to go with us to the lake and relax. We talked about you today how you liked to go up to the cottage and look out the window on the back of the couch. Really good memories. Molly would go too and we had to ride in separate cars because you two did not get along very well. Your bush is looking good and will bloom soon. It got hot this weekend so everything is green.
P.S. I finally took the Christmas tree down from your residency...:)

I forgot to mention that I had strong flashbacks of you while cleaning the cottage this weekend. I was cleaning the french door windows and the sound it made was like you when you would jump on the closed doors trying to get to the dining area where we ate...:) It was like you were there.

In the news today: Tropical storm Bud forecast to become a hurricane.

Lucy arrived at the bridge at 3:45 p.m. today so look for her. You loved playing with her and I have pictures of you sitting in a chair together when you were both pups. Your bush is full of blooms now.

4 years ago. Miss you. We went to Lake Michigan today for a car ride and stopped for ice cream. When we pulled into the driveway, I had the impression you were here, but immediately thought, no, you are not. I think this is because I had a vivid dream about you night before last. It was very real and you were here with us. It is very hot here and I wondered yesterday how in the world you used to love walking on your leash in Houston when the heat index was over 100! You always wanted to go for the walk no matter how hot it was. The only time you balked at the walk was in the rain because I would put your raincoat on; you hated that thing.

Your bush is still full of blooms. It is very pretty and I smile every day when I pull into the driveway. It is nice reminder of you, and I'm glad your Dad picked it out and planted it. Rich got a new kitten. He named her Lily and she is really cute. He said she looks like Spookums, the cat he had when he was growing up. He sent me a video of her and she is feisty, like you were. Love and miss you Buddy.

Molly got to the bridge about an hour ago. Please take care of her. Our hearts are broken again.

Miss you Bud. I heard you barking night before last so thanks for visiting. I heard Molly too, so she was probably with you; thanks for bringing her. PJ, Ginny and Bruce are doing well and getting into all kinds of shenanigans. Your bush stayed in bloom a long time this year as we really did not get much snow. No snow for Christmas this year.

Spring is here but still cold. The snow snuck up on us this year and the first quarter of the year was brutal. Molly's birthday is today so kiss her for us. Love, Mom

Hi little Bud. Missing you still, always will. Love you, Mom

Trying to nurture the Buddy Bush back to blooming. I think the polar vortex we experienced this year shocked the plant a bit. I hope it will bloom later this year like it did before. Love, Mom

Your bush came back! It has bloomed a couple of times up until November. Dad put some mulch around it to protect it this winter. I bet it blooms like crazy next summer. Miss you. Love, Mom

I have dreamed about you for several weeks. All happy dreams with you running outside in the sun or sleeping on the chair. We miss you.

We would be pulling through the Starbuck's drive through if you were here, ordering your favorite sugar free vanilla latte. Miss those trips together and your classic "burp" after you licked the bottom of the cup free of foam.

Your bush is lookin' good!

Hot and humid today but that never slowed you down. You used to love your walks no matter how hot it was.

Your bush held up through a few freezes-tough, like you. Dreamed about you a few nights ago that you were in the back yard. I know you and Molly are now friends and having a blast at the Bridge. We miss you guys.

Your bed is still intact and Molly's pillow is next to it. It is funny that the cats don't bother either your bed or Molly's pillow. I drafted a book outline about you, and I might write the story soon.

Anniversary of you going to the Bridge--feels like yesterday. Miss you Bud.

I started entries at the top of this page. While editing this, Oliver, our cat, pounced on the keyboard. I certainly hope that some of the entries are not messed up or deleted! I did a quick check, and everything looks okay.:(

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