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Memories of Buddy Bear
Although my husband and I have always had animals, it had been almost 10 years since we had our last dog. I wasn't ready to get another one but with the death of my mother in February 2006 and the void in my life, when we saw Buddy at a Pet Smart back in June 2006, I instantly fell in love with him. My husband was a little apprehensive because we had always had big dogs. We knew Buddy had some health issues and was extremely shy of men because of his abusive background but we decided to take the chance. His foster mom, Kim, had named him Buddy and requested that we keep that name. We already had a cat named Buddy so we decided to name him Buddy Bear.

I can't begin to tell you how much this little "angel" has affected our lives. He soon became very well adjusted to his new home and although our three cats weren't exactly thrilled with him, at least they did tolerate one another. WE managed to get most of his health issues under control and we are proud to say that he became a Registered Pet Therapy Dog with K-Pets (Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services) and also passed his AKC Canine Good Citizens Award. He brought so much love and joy into our lives as well as all the lives he touched with his therapy work

Thanks to both Kim (his foster mom) and Christy (Furry Friends Network) who insisted that we wait to see Buddy Bear that day in June 2006. He was a real joy in the short time he was with us. Thank you all for the work that you do to provide these animals a new start in life.

We had him less than 3 1/2 years. He became ill early December of 2009 and was diagnosed with an immune deficency disorder called IMHA. We tried to save him but he continued to go "down hill" and we decided to let him go on December 26, 2009. He was only seven years old. We are devastated and miss him so much. There will never be a dog like him.

Rest in peace, Buddy Bear. We'll be reunited in Heaven one of these days.

WE love you, Mommy & Daddy

January 1, 2010
Happy New Year, Buddy Bear!
It's been almost a week since you left us and we miss you so very much. We hope that you are happy in Rainbows Bridge and that you are free from pain and playing happily with the friends you have met up there.

Everywhere we go, there are reminders of you but we've come to realize that you were only on loan to us. We rescued you from a terrible life on the streets and gave you all the love our hearts could hold. You rewarded us with your love and devotion. You also passed that love onto those you touched as a pet therapy dog.
I think you left us so we could pass the love you gave us to another little dog that was in need of a new home due to neglect. Bandit will never replace you but hopefully, he'll be able to carry on your work as a therapy dog as well.
We love you and miss you.

January 26, 2010
Buddy Bear, it's been a month since you left us and we miss you so much. We had a portrait done of you and it's hanging in the LR so we see you every day. You were so very special and brought so much love into our lives even though it was just for a short time. We were so very proud of you.

Bandit is doing very well and we do believe that YOU sent him to us to nurture just as we did with you. He'll never replace you and he doesn't look like you but we notice that his personality is a lot lot like yours. He is very gentle and also had a rough life before we rescued him. Are you sure that it isn't YOU that has come back to us?

June 26, 2010
It's been six long months since you left us. You are with us all the time and we miss you sooooo very much. We went to K-Pets Karnival last Sunday and we remembered that you were with us when we went to the last one. It was such a hot day but you didn't seem to care. You even took your AKC Canine Good Citizens Test and passed with flying colors. Little Hannah passed away about six months before you did. I wonder if you have seen her. She really enjoyed when we visited her.

Bandit is doing very well & like you, he has become a therapy dog-we are just waiting to get his final papers. I know YOU sent him to us to carry on your work. About a month ago, we rescued another little Pom. His name is Baxter and he is all Black. His previous owner was dying of Cancer and was unable to care for him. Perhaps you'll meet her one day and assure her that Baxter has a wonderful home with us.

Mommy also fostered 3 little kittens for about a month-until they were old enough to be adopted. They got along great with the other dogs.

I just want to finsh by saying that you have made me a better person. I have learned to have more compassion for animals as well as people. Every time I take Bandit on a therapy visit, I know you are with us. Thank you for making our lives better. NEXT STEP: Training Baxter to follow in your paw prints as well.

We love you. Mommy & Daddy.

September 22, 2010
Hi Buddy Bear. It's been awhile since I wrote to you. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't think of you. On Saturday, Sept. 18th, we went to Puppy Mill Awareness Day and I couldn't stop thinking of you and what you must have gone through before Kim fostered you. I look at the pictures of you then & you looked so sad. I wish you could have been with us longer but I know you were happy with us. You gave us lots of love and passed it on to others as well. We took Bandit with us on Saturday and he gets more and more like you each day. He is a good therapy dog, too.
Mommy is fostering 6 more kittens. You would have loved them. I hope to find homes for them soon.

Take care, my little one. We love you.

December 25, 2010
Merry Christmas Buddy Bear. We miss you so much-it will be a year tomorrow since you left us. I hope you are up there watching over us. I had a memorial DVD made for Daddy for Christmas. He hasn't watched it yet but he said he wanted something to remember you so I thought it was a good idea. It has all the hightlights of your life with us and dozens of photos.

Bandit would make you proud. He is a great little therapy dog and is so much like you. Every day he does something else that reminds us of you. He makes us feel as though you are still with us.
Bella & Baxter are doing well too. Bella doesn't get along very well with Baxter-she's always fighting with him just like she did with you. She just wants to be the Alpha dog!
Mommy also found homes for the 6 kittens that I fostered & Mama cat has been spayed so there won't be any more kittens.

Well my little angel, its' been a long day. Remember that we'll never ever forget you. You brought so much love into our lives. We love you.

Mommy & Daddy

March 21, 2011

Hello, my presious Angel,
I can't believe that it's almost 15 months since you left us. There isn't a day goes by that I don't think of you. Bandit is so much like you that at times I forget & call him "Buddy Bear". Tears come to my eyes because he reminds us soooooo much of you. He does those funny little things that you used to do-like running in your crate and sticking your nose in the air when you didn't want to do something. You gave us so much love and lots of laughs.

We have some bad news to tell you. Bella is very sick. We found out about a month ago that she is in the advanced stages of Kidney disease so it looks like she will be joining you very soon. We weren't happy with the Vet that we had when you got sick so we decided to go to another Vet. She is trying to help her out for as long as she can. She is on medications and has her ups and downs but I think she will let us know when she is ready. We just don't want her to suffer.

Mommy and Daddy are fine as are Baxter and the cats.

Take care, my little one and don't forget that we will love you always.


Hi Buddy Bear,
It is with great sadness that I write to tell you that Bella passed onto Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. I am sure she is with you now and not suffering anymore. It brings back so many memories of losing you only 15 months ago. It hurts so much but now my two babies are together. If there is any way you can send us a sign to let us know you are together, we'd be so happy.
We love you, Bear. Please take care of Bella.

Mommy & Daddy

Hi Buddy Bear,
You did send us a message when Bella passed. I was sitting at the computer and looking at your memorial page & I heard the sound of her jumping off the bed upstairs. I knew it wasn't her & Baxter & Bandit were at the kennel because we were leaving the next morning for New England. so there were no dogs in the house. It was a little eerie at first & then I realized that it must have been you telling us that Bella was with you.

I hope you and Bella found each other and are enjoying being together. After Bella died we decided to get a puppy instead of adopting again. Her name is Mia Cara and she is just five months old. She is a real sweetheart & loves everyone, children. Baxter & Bandit and even the cats. I think she will make a great therapy dog too. You guys were all rescues and we know both you and Bella came from puppy mills and we just couldn't bear to lose another one of you in the same way. Mia has been checked out thoroughly by our new vet and she is very healthy.

However, we need you to know that you were our first Pom and the others will never replace you but I have to thank you for putting me in the place that I am now. Therapy work is good for me because I can't forget how good you were. You and Gio were buddies and everyone says how much Bandit is like you. I know you sent him to us.

Well, little one, enjoy your friends at Rainbow Bridge and one day I will join you and we'll be together forever.

Love you, precious one,
Mommy & Daddy

October 1, 2011
Hi Buddy Bear,
Sorry I have written to you for such a long time. My computer was down so I wasn't able to get onto your site. I miss you so much. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you especially with having Bandit as a therapy dog too. As I've said before, he is so much like you. Our new puppy, Mia is doing great. She went to Obedience classes just like you did. She loves everyone, i. e., kids, cats, & other dogs. I'm hoping when she's old enough, she become a therapy dog just like you & Bandit.

Well my little one. Take care. We love you.
Mommy & Daddy

Buddy Bear, It's been 2 years since we lost you and tears still flow for you. We'll never forget you-you were such a sweetie. Hope you are with lots of friends and enjoying your life in Raainbow's Bridge. We love you.
Mommy & Daddy

Hi Baby,
It's been over two years since we lost you & we think about you all the time. Because of you, we've been able to adopt another little Pom that needed our help. Her name is Josie & because of abuse, she only has 3 legs. The minute we saw her, we knew she would make a great therapy dog. Daddy wants to take her to the VA hospital like he did with you.
Thanks to you, we are able to bring smiles and love to other people.

Take care, my baby, I still love you so very much & miss you more than you can imagine.
Mommy & Daddy

Hi Furface,
It's hard to believe that it has been almost three years since you left us. There's isn't a day that goes by that we're not reminded of you in some way. You changed our lives and have enabled us to rescue four other little dogs who, with the exception of Mia, came from puppy mills and were treated very badley. Both Mia & Bandit are certified therapy dogs and Josie is on her way to becoming one.

I know that we will be reunited with you but until that day, please enjoy Rainbow Bridge.
Love you always.
Mommy & Daddy

Jan.15, 2013
Happy New Year, Buddy Bear
It's a little over 3 years since we lost you & you're always on our minds. We miss you so much.
Love Mommy & daddy

Buddy Bear,
We'll never, ever forget you. We think of you all the time and miss you so much.
Love, Mommy & Daddy.

Oct. 15, 2013
Hi Buddy Bear,
There's not a day that goes by that we don't think about you. Now,we are going through a similar thing with Bandit. He has Pancreatitis. He is at the Vet's now. Hopefully we've caught it in time and he'll be home soon. I don't think I could bear to lose another dog.
Take care, Baby. We love you. Mommy & Daddy

Oct. 4, 2016
Hi Buddy Bear,
It's been a rough 3 years for Mommy and Daddy. He had been very sick and in and out of the hospital. He finally passed away on June 16, 2016. He was in Hospice care and I was with him when he passed. I miss him so much and I'm having a difficult time dealing with his death but hope you and Bella are with him. At least he will have comfort. I still miss you. Give Daddy a "bark" for me. Love, Mommy

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