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Memories of Buddy
You came into our life that June morning so long ago.Such sadness in your eyes and yet a glimmer of hope that maybe I would help you.As you came to me and offered me your paw i knew you were sent to us, a gift from God and you had found your forever home where you would be forever loved.The scars around your neck bore evidence of a collar left on to long and you fearful yet hopeful look just touched my heart as no other dog ever had And we loved you so much for almost 13 years and you loved us back in so many ways.You were a one in a million companion and friend.Always so happy and so gentle and loving. You loved everybody and everyone loved you.You loved exploring, running around the yard and catching lizards.you loved jumping over the fence and exploring the woods and the small pond in back until we put up a higher fence for your protection.When you were tired you loved snuggeling up with me on the couch or the bed.That was our special time together. Your beautiful noble head would lay on my lap and I would stroke the softest fur in the world.So many happy memories together and now that your gone there is an emptynes in our hearts and home.We miss your happy doggy grin and even all the fur that you left everywhere.I know that you will find Jasmine when you cross over Rainbow Bridge and you will play together like you always did before she went to the bridge 2 years ago. Our hearts are broken and there is such a big part of our life missing. I long to see you one more time and stroke your soft beautiful fur.But we know you are not that far away because you are always and forever in our hearts.We love you Buddy and always remember you will always be my best boy forever. There will never be another one like you with such gentleness, nobility, kindness and pure love for everyone.Our love is with you forever.

12-5-09 Hello my sweet Buddy boy.Daddy and I just got back from the beautiful memorial service at the funeral home. It was A Night of Remenberance for all of us that have lost our beloved pets like you.It was so very beautiful and so touching.We put a picture ornament of you on the Tree of Loving Memories and there was beautiful music and prayers and poems.There was also a man who played Amazing Grace on the bag pipes and it sounded so lovely. But the part that touched my heart the most was in the beginning when they played the Eva Cassidy video of her singing "Somewhere over the rainbow".I know you remember that song because it was what I played for you the last few hours of your life here with us as we waited for the vet to arrive. WE laid on the floor together and i petted you and held you and stroked your soft soft head.The video was just breathtaking and i could just picture you up there over the clouds ,over the rainbow and running , playing and being the happy young boy you once were.It was a very meaningful,and also emtional evening and I'm so glad Daddy and I went to honor you and put your picture on the tree.Oh Buddy,Christmas just isn't the same without you here but then no day has been the same since you've been gone.I'm trying to follow your example of love and kindness to everyone by reaching out to others who have recently lost there beloved pet and offer them some kind words of comfort. Just as I know you would do in your own special way.You had such a sweet gentle spirit of love for everybody you ever met. I know this is what you want me to do.So by reaching out to others I hope to continue your legacy of sharing love and kindness with everyone in need.Thank you my sweet loving boy for teaching me this and I also feel it just keeps our spirits that much closer.Your always and forever in my heart. Your Mom

Sept 18,09 It's been one week today since you've been gone and you took your last breath as I stroked you and held your head in my arms. I picked up your ashes yesterday and it was almost like bringing you home.I know it's not really you thats in that box because I know your running free and whole again and back to being the happy boy you once were. But those ashes are a part of you and they are precious to me just like the bag of fur i've been saving to have a special little pillow made for my bed.My heart is still heavy but I know you are now at peace.Goodnight my best boy I wish i could see you one more time. I know the special bond we had will never be broken. Love forever, Your Mom

Oct 11,09 One month ago today you left us as I gave you the gift of freedom from your pain and struggleing. I knew in my heart it was only because of the love I have for you that I was able to let you go.Those last few hours we spent together will always be so special to me as I laid on the bed with you and looked into your eyes.I understood you loved me but you were so tired and ready to go.We had tried everything to help you and we finally knew there was only one answer. As I waited for the vet to arrive I felt my heart would break at the thought of not having you with me any more.All the special things about you that I loved would be gone. But I was giving you your freedom back to the dog you once were.I know your now at peace dear Buddy and I miss you more than words can express. But I have you always and forever in my heart. So many memories, so much love for all those years ,so much a part of me.I've made a memory picture albumn in your honor.Going back through the years with all those pictures, and even the ones with Jasmine has been a healing for my spirit.I know you were happy I was doing this because I was happy doing it and I know you don't want me to be sad.Thank you my wonderful son Jeff for coming to me in my dream with the vase of white roses. I know you were giving them for Buddy to help me feel better. I will never forget that.Every morning when I look at your picture or walk by your ashes on the table I get a feeling of loss. But then I remember all the happy times together, how much joy and love you gave all of us.How much you loved everybody. Then I remember your now happy again,jumping,playing,and catching lizards.One day we'll be together again I'm positive of that.When there's a bond of love that deep, thats where God is.He is the source of all love. I'll always have you in my heart, Mom

Oct24,09 Hi Buddy boy. Time has not made this any easier. I miss you so much. Every mornung when I wake up. Every night when i go to bed and all day in between.Someone suggested another dog but i'm not ready. I may never be ready. Because any other dog will be compared to you my sweet gentle lovable, cuddly Buddy.Xena is doing well and I know how much she needs because of her background and temperment so I'm just putting all my energy into caring for her.
We made our first trip to Daytona to see grandpa last wekend. It was really hard without you being with us. It was somehow worse driving back with Xena by herself in the back of the car and not seeing your handsome head poking up to see where we were.I knew you wouldn't be home when we got there either and it was just so hard to make that trip with out you.I've found voluntering here on RB has helped alot.You"ve always had such a loving spirit I feel that I'm helping and sharing with others as you would. So I will continue your caring for others here and know it's you helping me find the right wordsd that people need.It's you that gives me this desire to sit here and respond to all these many hurting people that feel the same pain that I do. Thank you Buddy for your gift of love to me and to every person you reach out to through me. I love you my best boy. Forever in my heart. MOm

March 1 2010, My Buddy boy. How I've been missing you so much lately. Grandpa is battleing cancer and I've been so very stressed over this.He's not doing well and I don't think he will be with us much longer.How I long to be with you and cuddle with you on the couch or bed. You always made me feel so much better with your love and gentle spirit.You helped me through so many heart aches and hurts and you just seemed to understand and give me your doggy love and just knew how to make me feel better. I know you are doing just fine running and playing in the meadow and you are free from all your pain and all you went through in your old age. But I just miss your sweet face,how you would smile at me no matter how bad you were feeling,and especially your loving spirit.I put some spring flowers here in your special place, even though it's still cold here. I want the spring to come and with it the feeling of new hope, new life and new growth.I love you my sweet boy. I think of you every day and keep your ashes in there special place with your little shepherd dog angel.Be happy and send me some of your love from the Rainbow.Send me a sign of your love on the wind, in the air or in my dreams. Always my sweet boy, Forever in my heart. Love, Mom

March2,2010 Thank you for the sending me a sign of your love from the rainbow today. I looked out my window this afternoon about 4:45 and there was the most beautiful full rainbow right over the backyard.I got Daddy and we went out in the backyard and saw your sign to us that you are still with us and are waiting for us one day to join you. thank you so much my sweet boy . We miss you still every day that passes.My love always , Your Mom

Sept 5,2010 It's been 6 months now since I've written to you and in another 5 days it will be 1 year since the day you left us.I know you are aware from your special place at the Rainbow just how much has been going on these past 6 months.You also know you have never been out of my mind for even one of those days.I missed you so much when Grandpa died on March 12 and remembered how much comfort and love you gave me through many trials and losses I've had.You were always just pure love Buddy. You had a heart of gratitude and love for everyone and spent many days in the bed with me when I was going through hard times. Everyday I miss you so much and just picture you running,playing and just being your happy self with Jasmine and everyone you have made friends with.I have thought about another dog to keep Xena company but I'm still not ready. Even after 1 year. It wouldn't be fair to compare another shepherd to you and I think I'm still looking for another special loving boy exactly like you.There will never be another Buddy. You are still so much a part of me and I sense your presence a lot.I wish with all my heart I could hug you and stroke your fur and give you kisses and have you curl up on my lap as much as you possibly could. You never seemed to realize you were such a big boy but thought you were a little lap dog who tried to get as close as possible on top of me.Of course 9-11 has terrible memories for our country but now even more so me since thats the day I had to let you go.I don't like to remember you those last few days, but love to remember the years of happy times, fun times,and all the joy and love you gave us each and every day you were with us.Time is a healer but my heart is still heavy as I remember you and all those ahppy years we had.The tears are falling as I write these words of love to you.My sweet Buddy,as you have always had a part of my heart and you are always and forever with me. As this song says "Some day we'll be together again".
With love,your Mom

1-4-11 Hey there my sweet Buddy boy.Another Christmas without you and another New Year has started and still my heart feels such a loss and I still miss you so very much.I had a little spot for your ashes out in the TV room where you always liked to be with us.I put a little Christmas angel dog to watch over you and sometimes I lit a candle for you.I know others think i'm silly but they don't understand what you still mean to me and the relationship we had.
We went to Daytona today and it was really good to see Robert & Sam but so sad not to have Dad there.I miss him so much and when we went to his house it seemed so empty and cold.It was just a place full of memories and sadness now that he is no longer there.I remembered all the times you were there with us for our visits and how you would be so friendly to whoever was there and just loved everybody you met.I was remembering as we were driving down how much you and Jasmine loved to travel with us for our visits with Dad. We always had to stop for our potty break and you smelled and peed on everything you could find.Today was full of so many memories Buddy. Memories of you,of Dad, of my Mother; who you never met, of Jackie, Maryellen.Memories of happy times, sad times, stressful times and always Dad's unwavering spirit and positive out look no matter what he was facing. He was a real trooper Buddy right to the end, just like you were. He didn't want to give up.I like to think back on all the happy times we had there and how much love you gave to everybody.

I know you are happy where you are and playing and running free with a strong young body free of pain.But I still miss you here and know that one day we will be together again.You are the one and only dog who was my best frind and companion.I miss you still every day.Daddy sends his love and Xena also.She is doing better now and is also in much better spirits but will never be the relaxed carefree soul that you were.She had to much happen in her life but she now knows that she is cared for and loved and is now more secure.

So my sweet Buddy I will keep my happy memories of you in my heart. I will wait for the day to be with you again and I will remember the lesson you taught me.That unconditonal love is always the answer to every problem.

Always in my heart, forever, your Mommy

09-11-2011 Dear Buddy, Another year with out you and life just goes on each day.So much has happened here but I somehow feel you already know about Xena's sugery. And all the problems we've gone through.In spite of all this my love for you is a constant and I think of you so often as I remember you and all the joy you brought to me and to all who knew you.You have left your paw print on my heart and there will never be another dog like you.The pain is not as bad now after 2 years but I still miss you so very much.I am reminded of you so often when I see you marker in the yard and think of all the fun times you had playing back there. I look forward to the day when i'm with you and also Jasmine.I know I will see you again Buddy because you are pure love and where there is love there's God and one day we will all be together.

01-20-12......Kisses to you my sweet boy.Oh how I miss your being here as I go through this difficult time with Daddy in the hospital and being so sick. You were always such a comfort to me during many hard times in my life and I remember many times crying into your neck and you just being there and sending me love in your own special way. I still miss you so very much even though Xena is here aad is sweet and loving it's just not you.This has been such a long hard 2 months and I'mtrusting the Lord to heal him and bring him back home.Sending you love and kisses from both Daddy and me and know we will see you again one day.

9-12-12....It's been 3 years my sweet boy and time has not changed my love for you or how much I still miss your sweet presence here .We are so thankful Daddy is almost recovered and almost back to his normal self.Xena is sweet and loving and still has weakness in her back legs from her surgery.I just miss you so much Buddy .No matter how ,many other dogs I ever have no one will ever be like you. You have my heart forever.

9-11-14 5 Years ago today you laid on our bed as the needle was given that put you out of all your pain and suffering. I held you and talked to you and looked into your eyes that told me you were ready to leave this life. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do but I did it for you not myself. I miss you as much as if it were yesterday and would love to stroke your soft fur and bury my face in your neck. You were a one in a million dog and I will always love you.

9-11-15 Another year without you beside me. And what a hard one this has been. Your Daddy met you at the bridge a few months ago and I miss him so much. I'm happy your together and know one day I will be with you both. I'm fostering a special boy almost as sweet as you are. He has some medical problems and not sure I will be able to keep him for very long. Besides this date being a sad one for our country it is extra sad for me since it's the date I lost your presence with me. somehow I know you are alright and are happy I'm helping another dog in need. I love you so much my sweet boy. You are always and forever in my heart

9-11-16 Seven years has passed and I still miss you.You were a special gift and no other dog has ever been like you.Without Daddy here I now have anew puppy.But I'm sure you know that. Misha is very sweet and playful 7 month old and I only hope she will be half as good as you were.I will always remember the special bond we shared my sweet boy and the love you brought to me and everyone who knew you.Your Always in my heart,and always loved.

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