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Memories of Buddy
9/27/06 Buddy Baby, Why did you have go and catch that rat that day. But baby how could you have known that you would contract a fatal disease and leave Mommy and Den-Mommy. We and the Vet tried 1 day shy of two weeks in the hospital to save you. He thought you were going to make it, but I knew the last time I saw you that you wouldn't. The next day you died in cardiac arrest. Oh, Baby, there just are no words in the English language to express the depth of the sorrow I feel at your passing. I want you to know that you were my Buddy Baby and will always be. You were Mommy's shadow, and I miss you so much. I know at "the Bridge" you are that wonderful healthy, bouncy baby you were all of our six years together. Come visit Mommy in her dreams. I have put your name in tomorrow night's Monday Candle Lighting service, I know you will see the light and know you were loved in this life and are certainly loved in the next. Baby, I miss you, alway will. Play with the other Angels and wait for Mommy.


Hi Baby, Mommie has not forgotten. Sad times. Den Mommie passed away on 12/26/08, but you should know that for I am sure you and her are together. I really miss you. Sunny is still here keeping Paco company. I only wish you could be here too. This is an empty house with you and Mom gone. I still cry when I come to visit. I guess I will do the same when I go visit Den Mommie. I'll come and visit you more frequently. Mommie loves you very much and will always. You go play and keep Den Mommie company.


Hi Baby, Mommie has not forgotten you. Miss you Baby. I will always miss you. Your buddy Sunny is now 17 years old and not doing bad for his age. I know I don't get her often, but I think of you much. You were my best Buddy. I will visit more often. I cry each time I visit. Now, go play with your other furbaby companions. I am sure by now you have a lot of them. I'll be back soon. Love you baby.


Hi Baby, Mommie has not forgotten you. Miss you Baby. I hope you and Sunny are having a wonderful time. Your companion, Sunny, passed on 3/12/12. I miss him too. You were and still are my best Buddy. Well, go play,with all of the friends that you have there at Rainbow. Mommie still loves you. I will visit you again soon. Love you baby.


Hi Baby, Mommie has not forgotten you and never will. Miss you Baby, I may have many furbabies, but you won my heart. I know that you are having a wonderful time with Sunny being at your side. I miss both of you so much. Time is not the great healer that people think it is. Well, go play among all of your friends at Rainbow. I will come and visit with you again, Love you baby.

9/27/2015 Mommie has not forgotten you and never will. Really miss you Baby. Of all my furbabies, you stole my heart. After all these years, I still miss you so. I miss our cuddle times so much. I am retired now, and have too much time to think. Well baby, I know that you and Sunny are having fun and will be for eternity. I hope to see both of you one day again. Mommie still love you and will always. Love you baby.

9/27/16 Mommie will always remember you and miss you.

9/9/19 Baby, Mommy has never forgotten about you. You were one in a million, little guy. I still cry baby when I write you a message. Your were and are still my little baby. Now, baby, go play with your friends and tell Sunny that I love him very much too. Love you baby.

9/28/2020 Hi baby, I have not forgotten you, I have always keep you in my heart and thoughts. I do hope one day that I will see you again. I hope you and Sunny are having may hours of play together. You are still my baby and will always will be. I tried so hard to save you, but it was just not meant to be. You go play sweetie. Mommie loves.

9/27/21 Hi baby, I have not forgotten you. I will always keep you in my heart as the years pass. I hope you and Sunny are very happy. My current baby Paco, will probably be joining you and Sunny in a year or so. You are still my baby and always will be. Go play my sweetie. Mommy still loves you.XXXXXOOOOOOO

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