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Memories of Bucko
If anyone has ever had more than 1 fur baby in their life, you know they all have such different personalities and I've never been one who was what others would consider an overly obsessed parent. I've always told myself that at the end of the day, they are animals and not humans but over time I've realized just how special this little animal was to me in my life. As relationships in my life became impermanent that I thought would last, friends who became no more, this little guy was always there. He was never so distracted that he left me behind and there was never a need for a leash other than to satisfy rules and other people. Sometimes when it was possible, I would walk him off leash and he would always walk ahead of me a few steps and I would playfully hide behind a tree or some bushes and within a few steps, he would turn around and look for me. Bucko was one of those unusually (from shared stories) healthy dogs that could eat ANYTHING and be fine. We shared many french fries, ice creams, spaghetti pastas and yes...the occasional cheetos and gummy bears. Even in his later years in life, he became heard of hearing and nearly blind but his nose always knew where his mom was and where dinner and snacks were. Sometimes he couldn't control his bladder but he ALWAYS managed to find a tiled surface when he just couldn't hold it anymore. It was almost as if he knew it was a better place to do his business than the carpet or the rug. I've been told I got real lucky with this guy especially when I brought him home as a pup when he was the last remaining one out of the litter since he was a runt. He turned out to be the best and i will miss him forever.

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