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Memories of Bubbles
Bubbles was such a little sweetheart. We were always together, when washing dishes she would be curled up on the floor near me. When in the bathroom, she was right there with me. And smart! One day walking past the bathroom I heard water running. Looking into the bathroom, thinking I left water running, I saw my baby squatting on the toilet relieving herself!! She must have watched me a million times and one day just got up on the bowl and used it herself! When getting ready for bed, she was right there waiting for me to turn the light off. Every nite she slept with me, her little body under the covers, but not her head, she hated to be completely under the covers. And when I got out of bed in the morning, she would jump right off. She loved to lay in my lap and nap. And when I was knitting or crocheting, she would sleep on the arm of the chair I was sitting in. She wasn't just a cat, she was my baby and I love her with all my heart. I've had many cats that I've loved, but, Bubbles is so special, such a strong bond between us, I can't imagine my life without her. I know one day we'll meet again, until then, I love you and I miss you. Wait for Mommy, I'll be coming along in time.

Hello, my baby girl, this is the first weekend without you. Mommy misses you so much, but she hopes you are happy, playing with all the new friends you have made at Rainbow Bridge. Lance loves you and misses you. In his minecraft game he wrote "I LOVE BUBBLES" on the roof of his buildings.

Your sister, Tabitha, joined you at the Rainbow Bridge today. She missed you so much, she got sick. You and her were always together and now you're together again for always. Have fun playing til Mommy and Lance Jr join you. We miss you both so much and love you.

My little Bubbles and Tabitha, we missed loving you little furballs so much, we went to the shelter and adopted 2 kitkats that really needed to be loved. Jasmine, a girl, is my kitkat, and Sammy, a boy, is Lance's. Little Jazzy is such a little princess, but I tell her all the time that you, my girl, are the queen. And Sammy, you would love to intimidate him! He is so jumpy and hates to be picked up, just like my Tabitha. I hope you 2 are happy at the bridge, Mommy and Lance still miss you both so much.

Well, my Bubbles and Tabitha, we have a new kitten in the family. I found her outside in a driveway, she was very sick and only one month old. The doctors got her well and Lance and I adopted her. Her name is Nikki. There hasn't been a baby in the house since you two were babies. I forgot how much fun little ones can be. Three kitkats in the house and no one wants to sleep with me. I miss the two of you every nite. Bubbles curled up by my pillow and Tabitha at my feet under the covers. More than two years now you are gone, we still miss you and love you.

Well, my babies, it's been four years now that you are on the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you every nite.

Jazzy and Sammy are on the Bridge with you now, so we adopted Simon a few weeks ago so Nikki wouldn't be lonesome. He wants to play with her but she gets scared and runs away under my bed. I love these two kitkats, but you, my Bubbles and Tabitha, have touched my heart in such a special way, that no one could ever take your places. Be happy my babies and know that I will never forget you and will always love you.

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