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To our baby boy. Today is 8 years since we last held you in our arms. We still miss you very much and will never forget you. We loved you so much. You were our first fur baby. We were so lucky to have you in our lives for almost 16 years. Oh the fun we had. I wish I could feel your fur. You were so soft. I hope sometimes you go to the edge of Rainbow's Bridge and look down to see us. I hope your happy when you do.
The beginning: In October, 1988 dad and I had longed to bring a fur baby into our home and treasure him/her forever. A friend told us about a Shih Tsu that had a litter of puppies and we went to see them. All the puppies were jumping up and down and you were just hanging out wondering what was going on. We picked you up and played with you in the area the owners had set up. We thought you were beautiful even thought you had one brown eye and one blue eye. Yes you were different from the start.
We brought you home and you brought so much energy into the house. We gave you many toys and you loved playing with them and throwing them up in the air. We would laugh and laugh at how silly you were. You loved sitting on our lap, going for car rides and visiting people. You also loved the snow. It was funny because you were white and so is the snow and you would jump right into the snow and we couldn't find you. When we went inside, we dried you off and sat in front of the fireplace.
Of course you got into trouble every now and then. I would let you out to do your business and one day there was a skunk around. I saw him before you and hoped you didn't see it because I knew you would want to play with an animal who was smaller than you. Well, you did see him and went over and got sprayed. The faces you were making were so funny, but I'm sure you weren't happy about it. When you came to the back door, I opened the door, took a sniff and shut the door in your face. We were new to country living so I didn't know what to do. Dad was at work, so I called a neighbor and asked for help. He told me what to do and I let you in, held my nose and gave you a bath. You than smelled like a salad which was a heck of a lot better than skunk. When dad came home, he asked what happened because the smell of skunk was still lingering by the back door. I told him what happened and he figured you probably wouldn't do that again. People loved when we took you visiting. They thought you were so cute and always wanted to play with you. You were just so full of energy.We took you everywhere. Boating, vacations, bike riding etc. I will post some photos of you having the time of your life. As you got older, you still played with your toys which people thought was odd. They figured pets mellowed out when they got older. I said, "Not my Bruce." You filled our home with such joy from day one until the day you passed on.

The End: When you were 15 you started changing. You no longer wanted to sleep in bed with us or sit on our lap. You walked and walked the same route over and over again. We could see that you were blind in one eye and you were just getting more and more ill. I would try to pick you up, but you just wanted to walk and walk. At some point as you would walk you would move your bowels and didn't even know it. You then started to fall down and you would bark so that dad or I would pick you up and you would continue to walk that same route. You started falling more and more and we didn't go out because we felt if you fell nobody would be here to pick you up. We talked about being selfish by not taking you to a Vet to find out if you were ready to go to sleep forever. I told dad the Vet would have to look me in the eye and tell me we were doing the right thing. That the time had come. When we took you in, you got an exam and we explained what was going on. She looked at me and told me it was time to put him down. I asked her if she was sure and she answered "Yes." She sedated you and left the room so we could be alone with you. I tried to hug you and pet you, but you wouldn't let me. You just wanted to walk. By this time dad has lost it and I was the one who had to be strong. It wasn't easy. After about 30 minutes or so, the Vet came back in and put you on the table. Dad couldn't even look at the table. I stood beside you and the Vet told me you knew I was there and I should put my hand on you. I watched as she gave you the injection and within seconds you were gone. I broke down saying, "My boy....My poor poor boy." I asked the Vet if we could stay for a few minutes and she agreed. I just stared at you and petted you. We left without you and it was so painful. Dad and I swore we would never go through this again. We mourned your loss for such a long time. I wouldn't even speak to people at first, but we received lots of sympathy cards from friends, relatives and friends of Rainbows Bridge residents. Dad and I talked and we told each other we had to take this one day at a time. That was all we could do. We told each other you were now healthy, happy and playing with friends on Rainbows Bridge. This was a comfort to us.
Our house seemed empty for 2 years. There wasn't that joy that only a pet could bring. One day we looked at each other and discussed loving a fur baby again. Our neighbor knew someone who had Maltese puppies and we went to look. We walked in to see 4 fur balls jumping around. We selected one and brought him home. Our house suddenly was alive again with a loving baby. He is so sweet, cute, and so laid back. He doesn't have half your energy and doesn't like any of the things you did, but we fell in love anyway. He feels safest at home, so we don't force him to do anything that might upset him. He will go in the car as long as he can sit on my lap, but looks forward to getting out quickly. He does love going to motels with us and jumps from bed to bed. In my opinion a house is not a home without a fur baby. More to come. 11/26/13 - 11/28/13 Happy Thanksgiving my sweet boy. Hope your having fun with your friends on Rainbows Bridge. We miss you and love you.12/25/13 Merry Christmas to our little angel on Rainbows Bridge. I hope you had a great day playing with all your friends. I picture you young and full of energy, so you must be tired from all the fun you had on Christmas day. Love you so much. Miss you terribly. I spoke to Louise about you during this holiday. She knows how much I miss you and long to hold you in my arms. Love, Mommy and Daddy. 01/01/14 Happy New Year my boy. Hope you had a great New Year's eve party with all your fur buddies. I hope you know how much we miss and love you. Mom & Dad Hi sweetheart, Valentine's day is right around the corner. I decorated your grave site and hope you like what I chose. Please don't ever forget us, as we will never forget you my dear little fur baby 2/12/14 2/16/14 Happy 10th anniversary on Rainbow's Bridge. We can't believe 10 years have gone by since we last saw you and held you in our arms. We still miss you so much. On Valentine's Day dady gave me a beautiful corsage. Today daddy took it and put it on top of your urn. Our gift to you to let you know how much you are missed. Always love you. Mom and Dad December 4th, 2014. My sweet boy. I hope your having the time of your life on Rainbows Bridge. Your brother Jay passed away as I'm sure you know. I hope your looking out for him and introducing him to all your friends. You know how shy he can be. I want both of you to be happy, just as happy as you made dad and I. Thinking of both of you constantly and loving you forever. xoxoxo

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