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Memories of Brownie
My Beloved Son, I am so very very sincerely sorry i could not save you from that terrible cancer. I will never ever forgive myself. I begged God over and over and over to Give Me your cancer, so that you could live. I am beyond sick and grieving for you. YOU are the Best cat in the entire world. You are loving and kind and smart and sweet and such a wonderful baby boy son to me. My life is so empty with out you. I am begging God to PLEASE restore you to perfect health and to be in Heaven right NOW. i miss you so terribly much. You had such a hard life until God put us both togethe. YOu were a beautiful feral cat who came to me for help. And I was so touched and proud to be able to take care of you for 13 years. How I miss your beautiful face and sweet loving self. I loved how you came to trust me after years, and let me take good care of you, and pamper you and give you Love, Shelter, Food, and Care. How I wish you were still with me. I had so many dreams of me getting our own place with your sons and kitty wife, but now that dream is dead. I am so very sorry.
Your poor feral Kitty Wife, i tried so hard to help her. but she was so trap shy. I raised your 4 Kitty Sons. and they are still with me. But now my landlord is making me move and i can only take 2 with me.
My friend at Paws shelter promised me she would find good loving forever homes for your beautiful Sons- Shadow, Tiger and CoCo.

My sister mercifully agreed to take Buddy your other son.

I am so sorry I failed you. I am an older woman with no money.
I tried so very hard to win a lottery to keep us all together, but was not able to do even that.
Please Forgive me, please.

How I wish I could hold you again in my arms to tell you how much I treasure you and how Much I LOVE YOu.

i am so grateful for the time we did have together.
BUT it will Never ever be enough

I LOVE YOU forever, My dearest Son in this world.
GOD- please restore my Brownies health 100% and Please BRING my Brownie to HEAVEN RITE NOW.

Mommy Loves you my dearest Beloved Brownie.
YOu are always in my Heart each and every day for Eternity


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