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Memories of Brody
Our Dear, Sweet Brody.....where do we even begin? The story of your life has been filled with so many happy and cherished memories for Mommy and Daddy!

I guess we should start at the beginning. Mommy and Daddy had two babies at home; Beezer and Felix. And one day, we went to the shelter to make a donation. We decided to visit the cat room. Who did we see? We saw you and your brother Hexy! Back then, they called you Isaac and Isaiah. We fell in love. But we didn't think adding more kitties to the house would be a good idea. So we played with you both and then we left. Mommy and Daddy couldn't get you out of our heads. We decided to go back in one week - and if you were still there - we would adopt you both. We couldn't stand the thought of splitting you up! So, a week later - there we were. And there you were. And you became part of our family.

Almost 12 years ago today, Daddy picked you up at the Shelter because Mommy was at a fund raiser for another animal shelter. But when I got home, I was greeted by two of the most special kitties ever! You were so cute. Born in a shelter, you had never been outside, never played and spent several months in a cage before we brought you home. That day, you both excitedly played and then panted because your little lungs were not used to so much activity! For the next week, you hid under the futon in our computer room. Mommy and Daddy would crawl under the futon to pet you and coax you to come out. After that first week, you would never be shy again!

You were always such a loving kitty - never far from Mommy or Daddy. Always anxious for a hat kiss or to lay in Dad's hat. You didn't like to play much but when you did, it was with a Kong Kickeroo. After we adopted you, we brought 3 more kitties into the home eventually. You always took it so hard. You just never understood, we could have had 100 kitties, it never would have diminished our love for you.

You were always the peace keeper in the house - quick to run in between two kitties fighting to keep the peace. We sadly wonder who will do that now.

We will miss watching you run into the kitchen with your little pot belly for "FeFE" cat treats and we miss that adorable, sad looking face looking up at us from any sink in the house. (You always could charm us into doing anything for you, including having our sinks run 24 hours a day for years!)

Over three years ago, you were diagnosed with Diabetes. We noticed you were losing weight while we were remodeling the kitchen. We were so scared at first. We didn't know if we would be able to take care of you the way we needed to. But you made it so easy. Never fighting us, always willing to do anything that was followed by a treat. They told us if we were lucky you would live for 2 years. Boy did you show them!! We never did get your diabetes under control, but you were so strong, you just kept on going. That was our Brody. Strong, fearless....a fighter. A little kitty with a heart bigger than a lion!

But in February this year, you scared us. For the first time ever, you "crashed" and by the grace of god, it happened in the Vet's office or we are certain we would have lost you that day. But again, you rallied and amazed everyone who met you (Boy, every vet who ever met you loves you!). But on Mommy's birthday this year, you got very sick. And just like your sister Beezer, you were diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure. It was devastating. But we knew we would do whatever we had to do to keep the light in your eyes. And again...you rallied. Your numbers were never great, but you ate and visited and loved us, every day. But sadly, at this point, you were battling literally 10 concurrent medical conditions. We knew our time would be small, but we wanted to do everything we could to keep you happy and comfortable. Sadly, this past weekend, you took a very bad turn for the worst. Your megacolon was acting up and before we knew it, we were told you had progressive congestive heart failure and that nothing else could be done to save you. You will never know how sad that made Mommy and Daddy. So we went to visit you - and that sparkle, that twinkle in your beautiful eyes was no more. We knew we had to keep our promise made to you long ago. We promised that a kitty so wonderful, tough and enduring never deserved to suffer for one minute. We knew you deserved better than that. So Mommy and Daddy held you tenderly and kissed you for a long time and told you how much we loved you. And we just know you heard us and knew we were doing the right thing for you - even though none of us wanted to say goodbye.

Brody, you were such a special kitty that touched our hearts in ways that seem unimaginable. You taught us about ourselves. Our ability to love, our compassion or commitment. And no matter what, Mommy and Daddy always did whatever we needed to do to take care of you. And it was our honor and we would not change one second of it. We are so sorry you spent so much of your life battling one health issue after another. But Brody, you had the biggest heart any kitty could have ever had. And we know, you fought so hard because you wanted to be here with us.

Our little baby became an angel at 5:40 on 9/24/12. And the Rainbow Bridge is lucky to have you. We wish we still did. Letting you go has been the hardest thing imaginable for Mommy and Daddy. We miss you so much and we keep hoping this is all just a bad dream. The thought of never seeing that precious face again while we are here on Earth is truly heartbreaking. You were the light of our life and it will never be the same again without you. We hope you have made friends with Beezer (we know you guys didn't luck each other much here!) and hope you told her we love her too....and all of our other fur baby friends at the Bridge. I know they all welcomed you with open arms.

Enjoy your freedom now sweet Angel. A life without shots or medicine and all the food your could ever eat! We will see you again some day. And never, ever forget just how much Mommy, Daddy and all of your brothers and sister love you.

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