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Memories of Broc
Broc came into our lives when he was just a puppy, and we could hold him in one hand. He grew up to be a big clumsy pit bull mix, but the kindest soul you would ever meet.

Broc went through a lot as we tried to start our young lives and find our financial footing, but he was right there for us no matter what the enitre way. He left the green grass in Florida for a concrete and aparment life in New York City, but he never complained. He gladly became an 80 pound lap dog and couch potato that was always such a welcome site after a long day of work.

Broc was diagnosed with agressive bone cancer when he was 5 years old and had to have his left front leg amputated, and was given 6 months to a year to live. By the grace of God we found a holisitc vet that said no way to chemo and put Broc on a supplement regiment which allowed him to live cancer free for another 5 and a half years.

Even with three legs he never slowed down, and could sprint up aparment stairwells up until his last month, which is what makes it so hard. He seemed so indestructable, and then all at once his body fell apart while his mind and personality stayed intact.

The things I will miss the most are waking up to him first thing in the morning at the foot of the bed, his never ending appetite for rotisserie chickens, steak, bacon, veggie spring rolls, or really whatever else I happened to be eating, and his ability to just chill or nap whenever I wanted to. I will see you soon at the bridge someday buddy!

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