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Memories of Brandy
My dear, sweet Brandy: It has been 3 days now since you passed on and, as I sit at my desk,I keep looking on its surface, expecting you to be curled up in your round blue bed watching my every move and getting up, from time to time, to have your head scratched. You lived a long life filled with love and attention. You were the only one in the house to have known me through so many periods of my life....from marriage, to divorce, to several moves. Through each change you remained your serene self...never making a fuss and always there to be cuddled and patted. I think we both knew that last Saturday was to be your last. You had stopped eating, without my help, the day before and, when I saw you were having difficulty standing, my heart felt like it was breaking. When I went to bed, I heard you cry. It seemed as if it were a cry from someplace far away and I went to get you. You have never been much of a " bed cat" and, besides, the little dogs resented anyone invading their territory. That night, however, you came with me and the boys respected your distance. I felt you stir a few times during the night and then, as I was in a half waking/half sleep phase, I thought I heard you sigh. I didn't look over then but, when I was fully awake, I looked over to touch you and you were gone. As usual, you were gracious and graceful, even in death. You knew that I wouldn't be able to make the choice so you made it for me. As you have passed to the other side, I know that a whole family of your bothers and sisters are there to greet you and show you the ropes: Varya, who died when you were only 3 or 4; Pepper, my sweet dog who, once, took a playful nip on your tail, leaving you with a more petite wagger; Whiskey, the regal queen of cats who looked out over all of you; Cassie who, like you, was delicate and shy but didn't have your inner strength; Merlin, your playful tormentor who never quite learned how to respect your space; Scotty, your brother with whom you shared the common bond of being rescued on the same day and raised together; and Trixie, my wonderful deaf dog who loved you and everyone with such a full heart and who, in reality, learned from all of you how to be a cat. They are all there for you and I know they will show you how you can look down on me and the whole household to see that you are in our thoughts and that your being fills our home. I will miss your gentle look and the simple black, velvet beauty of your coat as you, gracefully, went from room to room. In these last few months, since we moved in to the new apartment, your place was on my desk, You wanted to be near to me but you never intruded on my work....just wanted to know I was there and to let me know that you were there, too.Even when I would touch you, I did so knowing of your delicacy and, when I stroked your fur, it brought me much contentment. Sleep well, my little Brando and never let go of me as I will never let go of you. I love you**** Brandy, dear, you have been gone a year, now, but I never stop missing you. Heathcliff joined you a few months ago and I hope you took on the role of "big sister" and welcomed him as the others have welcomed you. There is a special place in my heart that only you can occupy. I hope you can feel it, too

Please also visit Pepper, Trixie and Whiskey.

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