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Memories of BRANDY
07/10/04 Today I had to put my dog "Brandy" to sleep. She has blessed and enriched our lives for 9 years almost to the day. Her passing saddened my children but I know they will bounce back from this. Their relationship with her was more indirect and playful in nature. Brandy's passing has had a more direct and devastating affect on my wife and I. Brandy was always at our side,everyday in every way. My wife and I have grown up with dogs in our lives but none has made an impact like this special animal. She was always the topic of conversation in our home and everywhere we went. She was truly a member of our family,and in the 9 years she blessed our lives,she was a source of pride equal only to our children. She left a lasting impression on everyone she was introduced to. It was not because she was a "Rotweiler",it was because of her gentle loving nature,intelligence and her faithfulness to family and all our friends. I was with her when she went to sleep and I will never forget what I had to do.My heart truly aches and the emptiness will never go away.I will learn to live with it.I will not forgive myself for what I had to do. I will never forget her in my arms, looking in her eyes and assuring her I would never leave her. I just kept saying that I am sorry. In our lives,there aren't many people,occasions and events that impact us in a major way. This gentle animal has impacted my wife and I in a way we will not ever recover from. Thank you "Bran" for the 9 years you graced our lives. You will be in our thoughts everyday until we meet again!07/12/04 Today I made arrangements for your cremation this was a difficult thing to do.Soon you will be home again and in our bedroom where you always slept.Mommy loves and misses you with every inch of my heart. My tears will never dry for you.You will always be my BRANDY GIRL.07/14/04 Hi Bran I love you and miss you dearly.07/15/04 Today I picked up your ashes,Grandma came with me.Now your back home where you belong.Did you feel me kissing you?I'm soooo sorry.Maybe we didn't do enough for you,but you were such a loyal and loving girl, I didn't want you to suffer.Seeing you fall and trying to get up,was horrible.You didn't deserve that.Not for all the happiness you gave me.Please forgive me.I LOVE YOU,Mommy.07/17/04 My sweet Brandy it's 1 week since your out of my life,but never out of my heart.I miss you with every ounce of pomy being.You were and always will be my baby. Today is so hard for me.The crying has not stopped.Love and kisses your mommy.07/24/04Today has been 2 weeks that your gone.I miss you.I love you.You are always on my mind morning,noon and night,Love and Kisses always Mommy.07/31/04 My beloved Bran 3 weeks have passed and my mourning for you is as strong as the 1st day.My heart aches for you. Each day I wake up hoping this is a b.I look for you and your not there.It wasn't a nightmare!I will never be the same again.You have a huge part of my heart with you.Keep it close.For one day we will be together again.I LOVE YOU!Mommy 8/7/04( 4 weeks today,)I miss you my sweet Brandy.You have brighten our house and my heart and now Heaven must be a brighter place now that your there.I kiss you every morning and right before I go to sleep every night.You will always have a lasting impression on my heart.Good night my sweet BRANDY GIRL. I LOVE YOU,Mommy 8/10/04 Today marks one month, that you left one set of loving arms and into another set of loving arms.Time has gone by,we go about are every day routine,and I think of you all the time.Even though I stay busy,you are not far from my thoughts.You are and will always be my pride and joy.Until your in my arms again I LOVE YOU.Mommy 8/28/04Today I was very sad,I thought about you all day,it's so lonely here without you.I miss you following me around the house,laying down by me when I'm on the couch and most of all when I go to bed,you always came with me.I do think of the happy times and smile.You were terrific.I just thought I'd let you know YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.I love you Mommy.9/10/04 Today I visit with you,2 months have gone by without you.I spent today remembering all the wonderful years we had together.From the first day you came home with us until your last day,you have been our special joy.I think of you quite often and miss you always.God bless you,We love you Mommy.10/07/04 Hi my sweet Bran.I hope you are running and playing with you Rainbow friends.On 10/05/04 we got a puppy.We named her Ebony.She's just like you were a little spunky,and playful.She reminds me of you.(You already knew that)She's not a replacement for you,but in honor of you.If Ebony is half of what you were she'll be wonderful.Always remember I will Love and Miss you.My heart will have you in it,until we are together again.I LOVE YOU.Mommy10/10/04Today is 3 months since your gone from here.Your memory will live on in me for as long as I live.Your are my sweet little baby,and I love you sooo much.Forever in my heart Mommy.Bye for now be a good girl.11/10/04 4 months have gone by and you are never far from my thoughts.I miss you all the time. You will always be my baby.I love you and will always miss you by my side.Be a good girl.(I know you are)xoxoxoxo Mommy11/23/04 Happy Thanksgiving...I will miss you today waiting for me to slice the turkey....I know how much you loved Turkey...I love you and miss you always Mommy To my beloved Brandy today is 12/10/04 your 5 month anniversary at Rainbow Bridge. Having you not here with us everyday is very hard,not seeing your sweet face and those loving kisses you gave us,I miss the most.Christmas is almost here. I hung your stocking as always. I will be thinking of you Christmas morning.Have a Merry Christmas in Heaven.I LOVE YOU!Mommy 12/20/04 Today is a few days until Christmas,I wanted to spend some time with you, by myself.This special time is when I remember all the wonderful years we had together, and that you were such a huge part of my family. I love and miss you,Mommy.To my baby, January is here and Christmas is over.You were very much missed Christmas morning,you would get all excited with all your new toys and bones.Today is January 5th, and you 6 month bridge day is soon approaching on the 10th.You are always in my heart,and I miss you terribly All my love Mommy.:( 02/02/05 Hi my Brandy its soon going to be 7 months that your away from us.Every day I think of you.Ebony is going to be 5 months old,and I know she is not you, but I always call her by your name.She reminds me of you. The only difference is that she is head strong.You were so easy,she is going to take a bit more time.Always remember you are my #1, and I miss you even today. Run,Play and be Happy. I Love you.Mommy 03/11/05 Its been 8 months already, There are times when I think of you, and the pain of not having you here with me is as strong as the first day. I know you are in a good place and in great hands. Forever in my heart,all my love my baby girl,Mommy HAPPY EASTER BRANDY another holiday is here. I think of you every day, and miss you all the time. I love you. Hugs and kisses Mommy.4/18/05 Happy 9 month bridge day.I'm sorry I didn't write on the 10th. You know you were on my mind that day.Everyday I think of you. I love you,Mom May 10 2005 Today is your 10 month anniversary at the Bridge.You are in my thoughts today. I miss you very much. Also Happy Birthday Sweet Brandy.You would of been 10 years old, and still my baby. Hugs and Kisses Mom 06/16/05 11 months have passed, and I miss you terribly. It's getting very hot,and I know how much you loved the air conditioning,or your nice cool spot by the fence. I planted flowers in the garden, next to your favorite place by the fence. Always in my heart, I love you Mom----- Brandy one year ago today, was the last time you were here with us. You are very much alive in our hearts. July 10th will be always be your day, a day to remember happy times. We love you.It's now December 6th 2005 and you are in my thoughts as always.Almost a year and a half has gone by and I still miss you. I love you. Brandy Merry Christmas. May 23 2006 Happy Birthday my baby girl.JULY 10th 2006 Today is 2 years since we were last together. I still miss you dearly. You are always on my mind.December 2006 Hi Baby girl Christmas is almost here. I miss you always,I'll love you forever Mommy. Brandy It is now 3/24/07 I think of you often,and miss you always. I love you Mommy.May 16th 2007 Happy Birthday Bran, I'm here for you. You are always on my mind,Love Mom.July 8th 2007 3years have passed sinced I saw your beautiful face.My memories of you will forever be in my heart,my thoughts of you will always be happy ones. I love you Bran.Mommy Dec.9th 2007 I know I haven't come to visit you in a while,I think of you all the time.You are still missed in the house.I love you Mommy 3/16/08 Today I've been thinking of you alot. I don't know why. I guess I'm just missing my pretty girl.I love you. May 21 2008, Happy Birthday Bran I love and miss you.July 1 2008, 4 years have passed I can't believe it.You are forever in my heart.We love and miss you. Your favorite season is coming again. Fall 2008.I know how you liked the cool weather.I think of you often..April 9 2009 Happy Easter my Bran Even though I haven't come to visit you I still think of you often I love you my baby girl.May 20 2009 In a few days it will be your birthday, I didn't forget about you. Happy Birthday my sweet brandy girl.Kisses and Hugs to you.Even though I haven't written anything to you I visit you often.Soon another Birthday,wish you were here with us.4/26/10 Hi Brandy Another year has passed always missing you. I Love you my pretty girl 07/10/10. Hi Baby girl the weather is changing, it's the kind you love nice and cool. I'm sure it's perfect at the bridge.All my love9/29/10 Merry Christmas my dear Brandy another year has passed and I still miss you I will always miss you.Love Mommy:-Today it's your 9 year anniversary at the bridge. I miss you and love you always my sweet Brandy Happy Birthday baby girl,miss you, love you always:-)9/19/15 Hello my Brandy today Ebony will be with you,show her around,watch over her,We love you both,kisses :( 12/15/20 Its been a long time since I've visited you, even though I haven't been here you are still not far for my thoughts.Hugs ans Kisses Love you me sweet Baby Merry Christmas

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