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Memories of Brady
My owners loved me at first sight. I was 6 months old and had never seen the out of doors. Came home in the winter, then my little paws would freeze during housebreaking.
I loved the bouncing and tossing tennis ball. I loved my couch.
I was always the best boy.
I had three different female housemate dogs (at different times of course). The middle one, Amelia, was my true love but very sadly I lost her fully pregnant with our 10 pups and they all went to the rainbow bridge 11 years ago. Now we can be together again.
I know I will be missed and never forgotten at my home. I was a classy dog till the end.
I loved my walks in the woods and meadow. I really didn't like the water or even getting my feet in.
7-22-17 Brady I have been thinking of you all day and miss you so much. People are helping me to cope with this but I can see you sometimes sitting on the couch. Last night I swore the blanket you last put your head on moved. Now I am looking forward to seeing you again because that's all I can do. I can't kiss you tonight. I hope you are happy with where you are now. I hope you have met many new friends and have found Amelia and met your 10 puppies. I hope you can take long walks and run now that the weakness has left you. I hope your legs are stronger now. I hope your stomach doesn't hurt anymore. I hope you forgive me for the times I may not have done my best for you. I miss your little kisses on my legs. I will have to come back and keep in touch, I will be thinking of you. Have fun my little man. XXOO Mommy

7-25 Feels like you are still here now because you are part of my soul. Daddy and Maddie miss you too. Maddie cuddles with your blanket. We are trying not to spoil her too much out of missing you. I have not figured out whether she wants to be an only dog or if she might want a playmate. We will not be getting any more puppies. After some time though we might be able to foster a dog. Right now you are still in our hearts and thoughts. Maddie will be the only dog we keep now. You were the lead dog so she's a little confused on her own but she will figure it out and be the new lead dog. Will never forget your sweet little leg kisses. You were such a gentle soul. I will be looking forward to joining you one day at the bridge and give you lots of kisses. Love, Mommy

7-27 Hi boy. Up late and missing you. Today I was checking out rugs, remembering how much you loved the bear rug we got. Then realized you were the reason that I would think of getting it. Got so sad knowing you wouldn't be here this winter to use it. I miss everything about you. My world will never be the same without you friend. XXXOOO Love Mommy

Stayed up so late it became morning. I worry more with you gone. You are a calming influence but now I have to think of you there to be more calm. I'll get used to it but it was just natural when you were here. XX Mommy

7-30 Hi Bubs! We miss you so much. It is a help to me being able to come here and talk to you. Also people I didn't know are helping by visiting you here. Could you do me a favor and visit Maddie in her dreams. Maddie seems ok, but..she isn't coming out of her pen much. Now we know she likes it there, even though she shared it with you when you wanted to use it near the end, but I think she is staying in there too much. She hardly comes out to say hello. I believe she is missing you more than I can know. You spent a lot of time lapping her and loving her. Maybe if you could lap her in her dreams she would be happier. You were such a good brother to her. I know when we first got her she was a little bit of a pain using your toys and taking up our attention, but you began to love her as we do and then you were her bestie. I've talked to her about you and how you couldn't stay here hungry and thirsty all the time, getting weaker, but I don't know how much she understands. Like me, she misses your physical presence and your licks. So do what you can. Please have fun and remember I will be there to meet you and it is something I really look forward to. XXOO Mommy

8-11 Hi baby boy. Missing you. Seems like life moves on even when you would rather it didn't. I would rather stay with you on your last night and be able to spoil you more. Maddie is still not quite herself but she is okay. I think you did lap her in her dreams because after that she started coming out of her pen a little more, though she still likes being in there. Daddy is ok but I know he misses you too. We collected your ashes today and will put them under the lilac tree where Amy and the pups ashes are. That tree grows wildly. We will say a prayer for you and I am sure I will shed some tears, maybe a lot. Don't feel bad though because I am happy that you are in a much better place and no longer suffering. I know you wouldn't let us see your suffering and would have kept on fighting to stay with us even as you suffered. You were too good for us. Love, Mommy XXXOOO

8-21 Hi sweet boy. You are remembered every day with love and longing. Remember when we named you "the Commander"? That's because you really were. You were always in charge. Today Maddie jumped up whole body on me while I was asleep. She got scared after hearing the tweet the smoke/CO2 detector makes when the battery is low. I know it isn't too loud or anything but you know how timid she has always been. You were her protector. I thought she might take the strong role on, but I don't think she will. I think she is even more timid without you. But don't worry we will be her protector now and she will always be safe. You should know that I miss taking care of you even more so when you were sick. Having the summer off made it easy and I hope you know you were never any trouble. I don't think we could have loved you anymore. I see you now running and chasing all the other dogs and cats and having a great time. You sent down your love recently in the form of a beautiful red grosbeak bird. He was visiting our yard every day for about a week, until Maddie stalked it one day. She was just being a dog. I knew you sent us that bird and it was beautiful just like you. Love, Mommy, Daddy and Maddie XXXOOO

10-17 Hi Baby boy! I haven't stopped by but have thought of you every day because you will always be a part of me. I did not give you birth but love. You returned in 100 fold. You know Daddy, me and Maddie miss you. Maddie had her first grooming without you by her side and I know it was a little hard for her. She looked a little lost when I went to get her. Even the groomer mentioned noticing a difference without you with her. She is getting a little stronger, trusting in us a little more with the trust she had for you. She is also getting Daddy's extra pats and Mommy's extra kisses. We can't help it, I hope they reach you a little through her. Almost 3 months now and at times I still cry. It might be from something else but I think of you then. Buried tears-usually best when out. We haven't put your ashes under the lilac tree yet. Daddy wanted to wait, he wasn't ready yet. That's ok because you aren't really there but here at the bridge hopefully enjoying your doggy life until we can meet again. I hope you found Amelia and the pups and I hope you were happy with your offspring. I'm sure you were happy to meet up with Amelia. Well goodnight sweet boy. Please keep sending Maddie dream laps and me little kisses on my legs in my dreams too. We won't ever forget our best boy. XXXOOO Mommy

11-18 Hi Brady. Thinking of you. Not long ago I saw a "big cat" at the end of the yard. Had a hard time believing what I was seeing. It looked like what a mountain lion looks like but they say we don't have them here. Anyway I know Maddie senses it and now she stays close to the porch when she goes out and I try to supervise her as much as I can. We all miss you. I think I want another dog but I know it's you I want. Daddy is not interested in another dog. We didn't have too much fall. The temperatures are going down already. A little snow. We had the wood stove going 1 day. Daddy sees red grosbeak birds at work and I told him they were signs from you. Missing you more than ever this time of year friend. My birthday wasn't the same without you. You were a bright light in my world. Not much else new. Hope you are feeling free and fine. Love, Mommy XXOO

1-6-18 Hi Brady. Hope you are enjoying your time at the Bridge. We all miss you so much. The holidays were not the same without you. I just never got into the spirit this year. We got a small tree. Maddie seems lonely to me but Daddy still doesn't want another dog and he's probably right. We aren't getting any younger and think maybe Maddie is enough now. Maddie is due to go to the vet but we haven't been back there since we brought you. We don't think she is sick but they do want to see her. It's just hard to go back there after losing/leaving you there. She went to the groomers today. They say dogs grieve for about 6 months and it's almost been that long and I still think she is missing you. Please visit our dreams so we know you're ok. Love you, Mommy XXOOO

3-1-18 Oh Dear Brady. How I miss you and think of you every day. The quiet without you is deafening. You used to bark loudly in the yard at everything, especially the wind. You used to whine loudly at us and paw the furniture we sat in when you thought it was mealtime, whether it was or not. Especially after the vet put you on the kidney diet. I would love so much to hear you now. Maddie is SO quiet. She makes no demands. She doesn't even want to walk with Mommy. I have thought so much about this and I think I decided we need to try to find another dog. I have looked at probably over 5000 dogs on the internet then stopped when I realized I was looking for you dear boy and would never find you there. Need to shed some more tears. So there is a dog not your breed who is 10 and he seems friendly and they say he is. We should really share our space and love with another dog who needs a home. I will let you know what happens. Maybe we can get Maddie to go walking again like she did when you were here and we all walked. I hope you are with Amelia and your babies feeling heavenly. We will all meet again some day. Good night sweet boy. Love, Mommy XXXOOOO

7-7-18 Hi Good Boy! It has been a while. Lots of thinking. Lives are so complex. I think it's just me, my brain, but others are very complex too. Since I wrote last I have a new job (like a lot more than last job). We are cutting corners for funds but no one cares. We also have a new dog. Gunner is 9 or 10 (some confusion) because we were told he was 9 then found out his birthday was in the middle of the adoption process so maybe he's 10. I'll check more. He's a beagle. Your sister was a beagle when we first got you. So Maddie is coming around like I had hoped she would. They aren't that close of course but she follows him in the yard and runs after him when he comes in. This dog comes when called. I think he is the first we've had that does that. When she hears my praising him she runs in after him as fast as she can so then we praise her. Treats for all! He doesn't like thunderstorms and cries/yelps to come in if he is left in the yard alone. We love him but he is not the alpha dog you were but of course no dog will be you. And we will always love you, you were a very special boy. My love for Maddie keeps growing as well. It's like I want to love her ahead of time so I can love her more. Good night sweet boy. Love you always. Mommy XXXOOO

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