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Memories of Brady
"Maybe it's not too late?"

There was a rather small, very sweet and lovely kitty. He was found abandoned in Braidwood -- hence someone named Him Brady.
Before He arrived at the animal shelter, some tests were done at the animal clinic and it turned out, that Brady is very sick -- leukemia positive.
It was determined that He could be around 9 months old. He arrived at the animal shelter, but He was located in the isolation room, to avoid the other cats' infection. Brady was very friendly, cheerful, and active. There were no symptoms of His horrible illness. He spent almost 10 months inside the small room, without any windows, no sunlight, and no fresh air -- day after day, night after night. Unfortunately, He was getting worse and worse. The respiratory problem, weakened him from the beautiful kitty He was, to mere "bone and skin", the only thing He had left was His shining fur, of which He cared so much for until the end of His days.
And only then someone felt pity for a poor creature, and took Him home with hope, that it is possible to "rescue" Him, keep Him alive a little bit longer? That person was taking special care of Brady, but God said: now, it's too late, now I am taking Him to Me. And after 1 week Brady passed away to the Lord.
I was that person -- Brady's foster mom, and mom for the other 3 cats.
Brady's life was very short and very sad. He was only 1.5 years old when He passed away. He was a special lovely and trustful kitty.
Rest in peace, Brady -- my little, sweet boy!!! I still love You so much and I will miss You forever!!!
It is the 1st anniversary (September 24th, 2014) when Brady passed away.
But...there (in the animal shelter where I am a volunteer) are still cats -- kind and nice, there in the isolation rooms. Think, maybe it's not too late for Them? Maybe, you can give Them a home? They are still waiting... Please, think about it...
It was written on St. Francis Day -- the animals' patron (October 4th, 2013), updated on September 23rd, 2014.

My sweet Baby,

I always remember You, I am thinking about You every day...I pray for You, I light the candle. You are always in my heart!
You were born again in Heaven 2 years ago, and You will live forever, waiting for me...This is NOT the end!
Rest in peace sweetie!!
I love You!!!
Your mommy

Dear Brady,

I am 1 year closer to You...I hope you love to play with Stokrotka and Cyrus (my lovely cats from "your" shelter).
It is unbelievable, but Cyrus passed away the same day - 9/24 so, we have a double anniversary.
I light the candles, I pray for You guys, and I believe You are really happy now, waiting for me.
I have to thank You for the little yellow ball - a very important piece of the cats' toy. That ball was lost for many months, I was looking for it everywhere and couldn't find it. It appeared again now, on Your anniversary! I really believe, You are close to me and help me!
Always love You!

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