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Memories of Barry
December 14th, 2021

I remember the day I picked you up from your first home, when you first spent the night with me, when you first when outside and tried to chase leaves, your different meows having all very specific meanings, your purrs when you fell asleep next to me after a long day of adventures, your softness, how your nose changed colors from white to pink when you were cold, your cuddles when I was blow drying you, your unique meow post bath as if you were saying "we are finish now mom", your big playful eyes when I brought home a new toy, your polite way of asking for ham when I was cooking, your love for butter and yogurt and the feeling of your soft tongue on my fingers, you falling asleep next to me on your pillow, waking up with me when you were grown up enough to spend a full night without crying because you needed to go out, your meows to get in n out, I will always love you so so so deeply and never forget about you my angel baby gone too soon...

January 12, 2022

My dear Barry, the holidays were very sad and empty without you, I kept hearing your meows, seeing you every time I saw something white in the distance, I still remember the feeling of you jumping on my bed in the morning and waking me up making biscuits on top of me of the fluffy blanket you liked so much... Your absence is making me really sad and know that I cherish every moment we had together, I am so thankful for all the joy you brought me during your short life and I hope I was the best mom you could hope for. I dream of you still being alive and this car accident never happened, I keep every photo and video of you preciously and so many songs reminds me of you. Every time I replay the scenario in my head of hearing my sister's voice crying, who called me in the middle of the night to announce me the sad news I start crying because it makes me so sad knowing that I could not be here for you more, keeping this from happening, let you know how much you meant to be and Id be willing to sacrifice for you.
It's been less than two months since you crossed the rainbow bridge and I still very very sad about the fact you are no longer in my life. I regret not being more present, giving you all the attention you need and deserve at all times, show you all my love and affection.
Your absence has been really difficult for me to cope with and it was very hard for me to think about anything other than your loss, I decided to adopt Bojack, a mixed black Persian that you would have loved to play with. I like to think he's the little brother you sent me to help me get over your loss. He's still a baby but brings me so much joy, I was really hesitant at first because I hated the idea that I would ever replace you or that it felt like I was "cheating" on you by getting a new baby but I am sure you would have wanted me to move on and eventually be happy again. He reminds me so much of you in his behavior, know that you will always have a special place in my heart and that I will never forget you, it helps having another fluffy baby to love and give affection to.
You are always in my thoughts and I miss you so so much my sweet love Barry baby.

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