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Mommy misses you Boyie the pain of losing you is so hard I only hope you have made new friends and know I carry you in my heart. I love "My Boyie"

07-27-2011 Hey Boyie, Seems you are doing okay making new friends and getting treats and toys, Mom sure misses you a lot and my heart is so empty I wish I could have you kneading on me again and giving me your sweet kitty kisses; my life is so lonely since I no longer have you to share it with wow Boyie we were best friends--we still are fur buddy nothing nor anyone can or ever will replace you nor can the hole in my heart ever be filled everday I wish I had not let you go and I am sorry I did but Boyie to do otherwise would have been very selfish and I could not bear to watch you go through pain and not eat I just want you to know I always think about you, carry you in my heart every minute of everyday and will never let you really go. I miss you Sweet Boyie, Love Mommy

07-17-2011 Hey sweet Boyie, Mommy brought you home yesterday the funeral home did wonderful fixing your Urn and when Mommies days on earth are over and God calls me to heaven you will be buried with me in my casket; Mommy is there with you and although I would give anything to have you back in life I am happy that you are home.You are back sitting in your favorite window looking outside; probbably thinking "Mom let me out there" but Baby you know you were not allowed outside unless in my arms;your soft little paws never touched the outside once I brought you home.My days are lonely my nights sleepless without you but I want you to know although I may not be able to feel your sweet little body or wipe your little licks from my cheek you are always in my heart and thoughts and my love for you will last forever.Dear Boyie, Always know I am with you and hope you are enjoying all your new friends.

07-08-2011 Hi there Sweet Boyie, Mommy is so sorry for not writing you sooner but please know you have been in my heart and every thought;Mommy has not been feeling good with her MS these past few days and missing your comforting nose nudges and kneading more than ever oh Boyie I would give anything to have you back in my arms, waiting for me when I come from work with your sweet loving Meow and yes I even miss your shedding. It is so lonely without you, my smiles belong to your memory, my love too.Boyie I miss you so so much;Mommy loves you dearly Angel

07-01-2011 Hey Sweet Baby, well here I am facing a long weekend without you my best friend and am going to be missing you so very much; be sure to tell your friends you do not like fireworks so not to pop any. Mommy misses you so much and wishes I could do something to bring you back to me another train went off the tracks last night and it woke me up so scared all I could think was if my Boyie was here right now I know all would be okay for we stuck together no matter what. You gave me light in my darkest, lonliest days and love when no others could. Boyie I want you to always know that Mommy loves you and misses you with all her heart. You were my nap buddy and I only wish for you to have sweet dreams each time you close your precious little green eyes. Love, Mommy

06-30-2011 Hey Sweet Boyie Mommy misses you so much;if I could build stairs to reach Heaven I would come visit you everyday and you could bring your friends over to eat tuna and see your condo;you left your sweet little paw prints all over my heart and I treasure everyone of them.The night you came into my life is one that I will forever remember you brought me so much love and gave the unconditional love I have never had. You quickly became my best buddy and saw me through so many sad, unhappy times and I will forever be grateful to you.Mommy is with you Boyie so do not be scared or unhappy have fun with your new friends and all the gifts you are receiving.I love you Buddy

06-29-2011 Mommy picked out your Urn yesterday and got her necklace with your little Paw print on it ordered; the house is empty as is my heart and the lonliness is horrible; Mommy misses your kneading her and your wet little nose nudges and Yes Baby I even miss you waking me at 3 in the morning wanting food. I always ask myself Why did you have to go and I can only say God wanted a special Boyie to play with all the other pets.Mommmy thinks about you all the time and will love you forever.

Mommy misses you Boyie I would give anything to have back right beside me with your little PurrMotor going I love you

You came to me when we were both down and needed each other so much you opened my heart and filled it with your love, gentleness,kindness and caring I miss you more than I can say and carry you with me in my heart and every thought. I know we will be reunited and when I am with you again your can of Tuna will be in my hand. I love you Boyie, Love, Mom

A year has passed My Baby Boyie sice you crossed the Rainbow Bridge Mommy is hoping you have made lots of friends and having fun, I miss you terribly and will forever love you and carry you in my heart and thoughts just know my precious Baby we will be together again one day. Mommy took in a stray (like you were when we first met) she is nice and like to play all the time, she is white with big green eyes and has lots of energy she did not and will not replace you I do beleive you and she would get along just fine and know one day we will all be together. I LOVE YOU BOYIE and I miss you terribly.

05/30/2017 Boyie, I miss you everyday it has been a long 5 years without you and Mommy would give anything to hear you purr and rub your wet nose on my legs, oh it would bring me such happiness to put you a bowl of food out, to pet and hug you; there are no words to say how much Mommy loves and misses you; have fun my sweet baby I will see you again. All my love my sweet, loving, wonderful friend and baby.

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