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Memories of Bowen
We rescued Bowen from Palm Beach County Animal Control 2 days before he was scheduled for euthanasia. We couldn't have chosen a more perfect boy to be our fur-baby. We loved him from the very moment we met him and I think he knew he was one lucky boy. He came home to brother Drako (dog), brothers Jigaboo,Dusty & Frosty (cats)that have all crossed over the rainbow bridge. Have you ever seen a dog tip-toe? Well that's just what Bowen did so he could sneak up on the cats! He was definitely a character. It is said that Black Labradors are quite intelligent and Bowen was no different. When I told him I loved him he would respond with telling me "I Love You". Bowen loved to go for a ride in the truck and loved to swim in the lake. He enjoyed a good rainstorm as it brought out the turtles and then Bowen would bring them in the house....I'm sure he thought he was rescuing them! He slept in bed with Mommy & Daddy until he could no longer get up on the bed. We gave him his own bed on the floor right beside Mommy. He was patient with the grandbabies and the new puppy that recently arrived. He protected me and would have given his last breath to save me. He was my buddy, my super dog hero and my one of a kind big boy. My heart is so broken and I will miss him every day. I can only take comfort from knowing that he has found brother Drako and they are running free together over the rainbow bridge. I love you Bo!

10/24/15 Oh Bo, Mommy's heart hurts so much. I picked you up and brought you home for the last time on Thursday. I have you sitting on the mantel of the fireplace in the bedroom where you always seemed to be most comfortable. I have said good-night to you every night and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. I long to hold you just one more time but even then I don't think it will ease the pain I feel. I hope you have found brother Drako and that you two are running free together. I asked him to look out for you. Please know how very much Mommy loves you and that I miss you terribly. There is a special place where I have you tucked inside my heart and you will never be gone from there.

11/1/15 Bubbies, Mommy cries for you every day. The other day I came home from work and entered our darkened bedroom and turned to see a dog figure on the bed and my heart skipped a beat thinking you were back home but it was Merlin who had run in behind me and I didn't see him. I sat and held your urn and cried and cried. I know you were tired of hurting and Mommy told you to let me know when it was time but my heart is not ready to let go. Remember how Mommy saved you from that awful place, well there is another dog that needs to be saved and find his furever home. I keep looking at his picture and he makes my heart sing just the way that you did the first time I saw you. Mommy is just about sure she will bring him home and let him enjoy some love, treats, happiness and get a new sister & brother. I'm hoping Gabby and Merlin will welcome him into our family with just as much love as Mommy & Daddy will. They call him Rocket, hmmm, not sure about that, but I want you to know that there is absolutely no way he will ever replace you in my heart. You are tucked away in such a special place. Ms Rosalyn at work says that my face lights up and my voice gets all excited when I talk about all the love I have to give to these special fur babies, I only wish I could save them all. Run free my precious boy and hold tight as Mommy will come for you one day. I love you!

11/9/15 My sweet Bowen, I can't believe you have been gone 2 weeks today. My heart is so sad knowing you are not here for me to hold and give kisses to. I miss you saying "I Love You"....I miss everything about you. My tears flow so easily whenever I think about you. Will this emptiness in my heart ever go away....I miss you soooo much my handsome boy. I will love you forever.

11/26/15 Hi Bo, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope you and brother Drako are having fun running free together. Today and always, I am thankful that I got to be your Mom and so thankful for the special memories that you have left in my heart. I love you !

12/8/15 My Dear Sweet Boy, Mommy misses you so very much. I put up the Christmas tree over the weekend and found your stocking and ornament and cried and cried. Mommy hung your stocking next to your buddy, brother-dog Merlin and has your ornament hanging front and center on the tree. Don't worry my precious Bo, your stocking will be filled with memories and love this year. I hope you and brother Drako are creating new memories at the rainbow bridge, talking about the day that we all meet again. I love you!

12/25/15 Merry Christmas Bo Bo! Mommy wishes you were here to celebrate such a beautiful holiday with us. Daddy made Mommy cry this morning cause he gave me a beautiful bracelet that lets me know that even though you are no longer here in my life, you will always be in my heart. Can't believe that it's already been just over two months since we lost you. My heart aches for you every day. Mommy & Daddy went to the humane society today and brought presents for all those furbabies still waiting for their forever homes. Mommy wishes she could save them all. I pray that you have found brother-dog Drako and that you spent Christmas together playing like old times. I miss you more than you'll ever know but I've got you tucked away in a special place in my heart where you will always be. I love you!

2/18/16 Hi Boo Boo, Mommy misses you soooo very much. Having you here sitting on the fireplace, I get to say good morning to you every day and say goodnight to you every night but its just not the same. Our home is filled with the activity of 3 busy dogs who love to wrestle all day! Sometimes I just wish you were still here so we could cuddle quietly on the couch together. I hope you and Drako are having fun and sharing memories as Mommy & Daddy share memories of the both of you here. Words cannot describe the emptiness in my heart without you here. I love you!

3/27/2016 Happy Easter Bo, Mommy & Daddy love & miss you so much but you are always in our hearts!

5/31/16 Hi Boo Boo, Mommy is visiting the grandbabies in Florida......she sure does miss Daddy though. Daddy has been busy making the house even more prettier than when you left us. You would love to go to the basement now. Mommy has your picture on my phone and I get to see you every day. My heart remains broken and sad that you are not here with me. I miss you so much! Run free with brother Drako, I will see you again one day!

8/26/16 Hi Bo, today is Daddy's birthday and we celebrate but the true celebration is not the same without you here. I touch your picture and your soul all the time but its just not enough...I miss you you so much! i find myself calling you by name only to find you're not here. We have opened our home and our hearts to others that need so much care and love. I dont want to betray you but I know you would want Mommy & Daddy to give those in need the love they deserve. None, None, will ever be my man, like you were, and I wait for the day I get to hold you in my arms again! I love you!

10/19/16 Oh Bo Bo, I can't believe that just a year ago i held you as you crossed over the rainbow bridge. I miss you sleeping beside my bed every night, your gentle ways, your patience with your new sister, seeing you at the fence, having you greet me at the door and your special "I love you" phrases. You filled such a special place in my heart and now your memories do the same. I hope you will always know that I PICKED you because I loved you from the start. I hope your days are filled with fun times running with brother Drako and eating lots of chewy bones. Even though I have opened my heart to other babies that needed love and care, you will always be my boy....I love you & miss you!

11/24/16 HAPPY THANKSGIVING BO BO! Mommy & Daddy have done it again....we rescued a new baby pitbull and we named him Grayson. Oh the joys of having a puppy! Just wanted to let you know that on this Thanksgiving day, we are so very thankful that we had you in our lives. You made our hearts swell with so much love....I could not have imagined going thru life without you being a part of our family. We miss you everyday....I love you!

2/24/17 Hi Bubbies, As I write this tears are streaming down my cheeks. I miss you so much. Poor Rocco, I keep calling him Bowen, I guess thats because you are always on my mind and in my heart. Its been a very warm Winter so Daddy will be getting ready to zap all those nasty bugs. I told Drako that there is a new baby that has come to the rainbow bridge and her name is Sage. Please find her and keep her close as she is no doubt missing her humans as much as her humans are missing her. I know all too well the heartache when losing your best buddy. I miss you everyday. Know that Mommy and Daddy will love you forever.

9/29/17 Oh sweet Bowen, Mommy misses you more than you will ever know. There was a turtle in the road the other day and I thought how you would have loved to go save it. You were a one of a kind boy and although we have become Mommy and Daddy to others that needed our love, there will NEVER be another boy to steal my heart like you did. I promise to find you as soon as I get there. I love you!

6/19/18 Hi Bo Bo, It's been too long since Mommy has visited and written. Our home is so busy with 5 furbabies to take care of. Today Mommy cried as she held a little furbaby that was just too sick to carry on. The doctors said she would be better off if we just let her rest and cross over the rainbow bridge. I told little Bella that you and Drako would be there to greet her so watch for a little blck lab puppy with white spotted feet, yup, that's Bella. Her little human was so sad and I held her as she cried. It brought back so many memories of that sad sad day that I had to let you go to doggie heaven. Oh how I wish you could live forever. My heart misses you every day. Please keep watch over Bella and you, Drako and little Bella run free. I love you!

12/8/18 Hi Bubbies, Mommy's heart is broken as brother Merlin gained his angel wings yesterday. You and Drako watch out for him as he is coming to the rainbow bridge. Mommy and Daddy know that he will be ok as our 3 musketeers will all be together again. We miss you so much. Much Love to you all.

9/20/20 Hi sweet BoBo, its been so very long since Mommy has visited. Please don't be mad, Mommy just gets busy buts needs to make more time for her favorite guy. I talk to you every night when I rub your box, you're on the shelf above your buddy, Merlin. Mommy has decided that she will retire in January from working with the babies at Head Start. It was a hard decision but Mommy's bones ache. I'm gonna miss those little ones! I'm gonna be starting a new adventure making my crafts. Daddy set up a really nice desk in the basement where I can work, not gonna be fond of being down there with lizards tho!!!!! We have been here for 11 years and in the past 6 months there have been 2 lizards in the basement....why....make them go away! Here at home we still have your little sister Gabby, she is a funny one and Coco is still grabby with food but the poor thing was just dumped somewhere to fend for herself and that's just wrong. And we still have the big dude, Rocco. He's a lot of dog to love! We think about you, Drako and Merlin all the time. You were our 3 boys, our 3 musketeers and we miss you all so very much. Mommy will promise to visit more often. Run and play free my handsome guy.

6/29/21 Hi my big handsome Bo, It's been way too long since I visited you. Mommy & Daddy got a new granddaughter last night. Her name is Harper and you would love her. She is a rainbow baby because the baby that was before her went to heaven. Lots of rainbows! I know that you will be looking down on her just like you do the other grandbabies, Mommy and Daddy, and your brother and sisters here, keeping us all safe. I miss you soooo much and Daddy and I talk about you and brother Drako and how great a team you made. I'm sure you're at the rainbow bridge being that same awesome team and watching over brother Merlin. Mommy & Daddy love you!

10/19/22 Oh sweet Bowen, I can't believe it's been 7 years since you went to the rainbow bridge. So much has changed and Daddy and Mommy are no longer living together but we promise that we still love you so big and that will never change, you are forever our beautiful Bo. I have to have faith in God's plans even if I don't understand them. My heart is heavy most of the time but the memories of you help. Sister Gabby is keeping Daddy company, I can still hear her bark (that's the beagle, lol) but Rocco and Coco are here with Mommy and give me sweet love & kisses. I don't know where life will take me but I do know that as long as I keep you in my heart you will always be with me. I wish you could have lived forever but I know you are pain free and happy, running with your brothers Drako and Merlin at the rainbow bridge. You will forever be my strong, loving, talkative big guy Bo. Sending big hugs!!!

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