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Memories of Botti
09/05/12 - Six years ago our beloved "Botti" entered our lives and represented the cornerstone of our unity and strength among one another. Today, God called upon the Angels to take him home to doggy heaven. Our sweet loving and loyal Botti's paws left prints on our hearts forever. May our beloved "Botti" R.I.P.......<3 <3 <3

In Loving Memory of
Botti Dominique Miles
December 15, 2005 ~ September 5, 2012

On December 15, 2005 the most adorable English Bulldog was born. At just 8 weeks old, Botti met his Mommie and Daddy and entered our lives as such a sweet loving bulldog. On September 5, 2012 we lost our beloved Botti. At only 6 years old, our Botti lived a very good life filled with lots of love, joy, fun, play and happiness. Our sweet Botti, you are in doggy heaven now playing with all the other furry pets. You are no longer in pain as we have set you free so that your spirit can live forever in our souls.

Botti, you will be missed deeply by your Mommie and Daddy. We love you so much. You truly brought us together as a married couple and we thank you for that always and forever. You left so many memories in our hearts. You loved to play with the garden hose and drink the water. You would always want to help your Dad water the lawn and the garden, but really you wanted to bulldoze your way up to the hose and get a drink of water. We remember you playing with your rubber tire. You loved to chase the tire and especially chew the tire up. You were such a sweet loving boy. You also loved your nylabone chew keys. You went through too many sets of keys to count. We saved your last set of keys and we have them hanging in the garage sweet Botti, right above where you used to sleep. We look at them and remember your sweet wrinkly face and are reminded of how much you loved your chew keys and how much we loved you.

We remember so many things about you Botti. All of the baths Mommie used to give to you in our shower. You loved them because you loved to play in the water. You have moved so many times with us that each house held a special meaning to you as it did for us. You always loved your walks especially the time your Daddy took you without me. I know you loved spending that time with Dad. Some of your favorite outings were to go to the marina and go for long walks with us. Daddy used to always let you drink water from the fountain at the restaurant. You loved that. Botti, remember how much you loved to chase shadows? You had so much fun chasing the shadows in the yard. The sun would always move on the concrete and that would make you chase the clouds. You were so funny Botti. Your Daddy would even get the flashlight out at night and move it around and you would chase the light from the flashlight. That was so much fun and you gave us so many good memories.

Botti, your passing has been so hard on your Mommie. Daddy has been my rock and my support and the shoulder I lean on when I am sad missing you. I have cried so many tears my sweet son. You will be cherished in our hearts forever and never forgotten. Your paws left prints on our hearts Botti. Hugs and Kisses.......Mommie and Daddy <3

Pawprints Left by You
You no longer greet us,
As we walk through the door.
You're not there to make us smile,
To make us laugh any more.
Life seems quiet without you,
You were far more than a pet.
You were a family member, a friend,
A loving soul We'll never forget.
It will take time to hear-
For the silence to go away.
We still listen for you,
And miss you every day.
You were such a great companion,
Constant, loyal and true.
Our hearts will always wear,
The pawprints left by you.

9/13/12 - Hello Botti, your Mommie is doing a little better today. I wanted to let you know that creating your residency at Rainbows Bridge has really helped me with your passing. I had fun creating your residency for you. I really love that I can add toys and special things to your residency as well as different trinkets for the holidays. Being able to write about you is also helping me. The grieving process is so difficult. I should tell you that all of the kind guardians at Rainbows Bridge have been so thoughtful, caring and so nice to send us the most beautiful words of sympathy. It is nice to know that we aren't the only ones that cherished our furry little pets. I wanted to let you know that we ordered some beautiful windchimes for the backyard. They are in honor of you Botti. They will have your photo on them as well as a bone with you name etched in it. I can't wait to see them. I know you remember how much Mommie and Daddy love windchimes. We thought this would be the perfect thing for the backyard. When we hear them chiming in the yard we will know it is you blowing kisses to us all the way from heaven. We also ordered a special Christmas ornament that we will hang every year on our Christmas tree. Of course the ornament will have your adorable face on it so that we can always look at you on our tree. Your Daddy and I also plan to paint the bench that sits in the backyard. We've decided not to order a plaque, however instead we will paint little sayings on the bench in your honor Botti. That way we can say as much as we want to about you sweetheart. I've got to get some stencils and some paints soon for the bench. I was also thinking that I should paint some paw prints for you since your paws are etched forever in our hearts. Love and miss you Botti.....Mommie <3

9/16/12 - Hello my sweet Botti, your Mommie misses you so much. I think of you so many times throughout my day. The weekends are hardest for me as you may know since I always was with you more then. Today your Daddy and I went to Michael's Craft store and bought the stencils for your bench. We picked out a nice set so that we can write your name on the bench. I also got some pretty flower stencils. Then we went to Home Depot and got the stain for the bench as well as the paint for the stencils. Next weekend we will begin this fun project in your memory. You have meant the world to me sweet Botti. God took you from us too soon. You were a young six year old boy. But God had a bigger plan in that he didn't want you to be in pain anymore. Over time, Mommie is beginning to accept that because all I want for you is to be pain free and live the rest of your sweet life in heaven enjoying the beautiful world. Chase those butterflies and shadows. Make new friends and play with them. Pick out a special spot for yourself and always know that Mommie will hold that special place in my heart always and forever for you sweet Botti. Hugs and kisses......Mommie <3

9/19/12 - Hello my sweet loving boy Botti, Mommie sends you lots of hugs and kisses today. Today makes two weeks since you left us to cross the bridge and live under the rainbows in doggy heaven. I miss you so much. I am getting teary eyed as I type this today. I love you so much Botti. I can't begin to tell you what you meant to me in my life. You truly opened my heart so that I can love more fur babies in the future. You gave me that gift. I know you want me to love and spoil other fur babies and trust me I will in God's time. Your Dad and I are going to wait awhile before we adopt for doggies. We want to get a bigger house so we can get two next time so they have companionship. We are thinking about adopting a kitten perhaps next Spring or Summer. Again, it is just something we are pondering right now. It is so hard for me to think about other pets since you are always going to be my first love and will be embedded into my heart forever. Yesterday the personalized ornament arrived with your photo on it. It is a little smaller than I was expecting, but that is okay. It has your beautiful face on it with your favorite tire in front of your mouth. Your name and date is also on it. We've decided to hang it in the house on the bulldog hook near our bedroom and keep it up year round instead of just putting it on the Christmas tree. It is that cute. Just like you my sweet loving bully. I'm blowing you kisses and sending you lots of hugs. Please have fun with your new furry friends. Everytime I see rainbows now, I know you are looking down on me and smiling. I love you Botti dog. Forever and ever..........Mommie <3

9/21/12 - Good morning Botti, Mommie is still so sad that you are gone. I think of you all the time and I have so many pictures of you all over the house. I wanted to let you know that the wind chimes we ordered in your honor are scheduled to arrive today. I'll let you know how they look as soon as I see them. I can't wait to hear them blowing in the wind. It will remind me that you are always in my heart, my first and one true loving son. Hugs and kisses to you.....Mommie <3

9/22/12 - Hello my loving boy Botti, today is your Mommie and Daddy's 5 year anniversary. It is bitter sweet for us this year because this is the first anniversary of our marriage that you are not here with us. I am happy and sad today. Happy because I have your devoted Daddy by my side being the strong rock that he is and sad because I don't have your loving self to squeeze, hug and kiss. I have to tell you my sweet boy that so many people still are sending their condolences to us for you. Even people we don't know who are have fur babies at Rainbow Bridge. They say the nicest things and hearing those comforting things helps during my grieving process. Your doggy wind chimes arrived. They are much smaller than I thought they would be but they are perfect in every way. You beautiful face was etched on the dog house part of it and it is absolutely adorable, just like you my love. I finally decided where we will hang them. They are too pretty to put outside right now. I want them inside so that I can look at them always. We will hang them in a special place in our home where you will be honored sweet Botti. I also have so many pictures of you I still want to put up and also make a collage and hang that somewhere. I just can't get you out of my mind as I love and miss you more than you will ever know. I love my big boy. You have carved a heart inside my real heart and it beats everyday just for you. Have fun playing with your furry friends. Hugs and kisses my sweet Botti.....Love Always, Mommie <3

10/07/12 - Hello my Big Boy Botti! Mommmie still misses you and loves you so so much. I think of you everyday, many times throughout my day. You are so very missed. You meant so much to me in my life my sweet son. The bench has been sanded smooth and today I will power wash it and get all the cob webs off of it. Your Daddy will tighten the bench screws today as well. Then we will move the bench into the garage to fully dry. Then the next step will be to tape around the rod iron so that the new paint stain doesn't get on the rod iron. The taping will probably happen next weekend. But rest assure my sweet Botti, Mommmie will update you every step of the way with the bench we are working on in your memory. I miss you Botti and love you even more. May you continue to watch over us and bless us with happiness, good health and positive financial status. Life can get so hard at times Botti, something you never had to worry about. You were the best dog a mother could ever love my sweet loving Botti. I heard this quote so I will leave it with you today..."Heaven is the only place where all the dogs and cats you have ever loved will come running to meet you." Author Unknown......Love Always, Mommie <3

10/14/12 - Hello my sweet loving Botti dog. Mommie misses you so much. I placed a pumpkin and some fall flowers for you at your grave site. The bench is all sanded and moved to the garage. Next Mommie needs to tape it and I will get that completed soon. I have to buy a stencil brush so I will pick that up next weekend. The holiday are approaching my sweet Botti. Mommie misses you so much. I still cry for you sweet loving furry face to touch mine. Words can not begin to tell you how much you filled my heart. I love you so much Botti. I can't wait to see you at the bridge. I know you will greet me with open paws and lots of kisses. You are FOREVER in Mommie's heart Botti.........Love Always, Mommie <3

10/21/12 - Hello my sweet loving Botti. Mommie still misses you so much. Your love that you gave me is embedded in my heart forever. Life is moving forward for your Daddy and I. It is so quiet here now that you are not with us anymore. I miss hugging your furry body and just grabbing and kissing your loving face including your crooked teeth and slobber. I loved it all. Today I taped the bench and picked up the stencil paint brushes. Next weekend we plan to stain your bench and I will stencil your name and date on it. I can't wait to see it finished. I love you Botti, more than you will ever know. Until we meet again at the bridge, please watch over me and your Daddy. Love Always, Mommie <3

11/19/12 - Hello my sweet Botti. Mommie still misses you so much. It is still really hard for me. I miss just simply grabbing you and hugging your furry face and kissing you all over and rubbing your furry body. How I could have you back for just a few moments so that I can give you loves. We stained the bench with two coats of brown stain. I need to buy more outdoor paint for the stencils since I bought the wrong kind before, however I plan to get that this weekend. I'm looking forward to getting the new paint so we can complete your bench. It has been sitting in the garage Botti where you used to sleep so looking at the bench in there reminds me of your little body walking around out there. Tomorrow is Mommie's 39th birthday Botti. I wish I could give you a hug. That would be the best present ever. I added a scarecrow and some pie for you today to enjoy this month of November. My loving Botti, how I miss you so much, more than you will ever know my love. Hugs and kisses always and forever...........Love Always, Mommie <3

11/20/12 - Hello my sweet Botti Dog! Today is Mommie's 39th birthday. I miss you so much. I woke up today missing you so much. I was crying tears for you after I did my workout this morning. I remember how I always used to wake you up before I did my morning workout. You always kept me company in the early morning like that. This year by birthday will be quiet and I will be with your Daddy later tonight. I look at your photos everyday and everynight sweet Botti. You were the most wonderful dog ever and your love that you gave to me filled my heart with so much joy. I was so happy when we were together my sweet Botti. I miss you so much and I love you even more. Until I meet you at the bridge Botti, please watch over your Mommie and Daddy. You are my guiding light and your love in my heart keeps me going my sweet son. I love you Botti always and forever..........Love Always, Mommie <3

12/03/12 - Hello my sweet Botti. Mommie still misses you so much, more than you will ever know. Thanksgiving came and went but was very nice. I thought of you all day and in fact I think of you everyday still. There isn't a moment that passes by me that I go without thinking about you. One night recently Mommie was really crying over you as I was missing you so much. You were my world Botti. I would give anything to hold your little face in my hands and kiss you all over and hug you all day and night. I long for those moments until we meet again at the bridge so that we will be together again. I bought the new paint for your bench and plan to work on it over the Christmas holiday. Your Mommie is finally going to take a week off of work so that I can complete it. I can't wait to see the finished bench in your memory my love. Christmas is approaching so Mommie has placed a beautiful Christmas tree and a present and some lovely red roses for you to enjoy this month for the holiday. I love you Botti always and forever..........Hugs and Kisses, Love Always, Mommie <3

12/15/12 - Happy 7th Birthday my loving sweet Botti. Today would have been your 7th birthday. Mommie has been sad missing you so much today. You have been in my heart all day today. I have looked at your photos today and put a cake and new flowers on your webpage. You were such a loving sweet dog. God took you too soon my sweet loving Botti. But Mommie only wants you to love heaven and run and play with all your new friends at Rainbow Bridge. I know you are watching down on me all the time. Your spirit lives in my soul. May the angels and your friends at Rainbow Bridge celebrate your life with you today my sweet Botti. Hugs and more kisses from me to you always and forever............Love Always, Mommie <3

12/25/12 - Merry Christmas my sweet loving Botti. Today is our first Christmas without you. Today was a good day for your Mommie and Daddy. I looked at your picture today and smiled knowing that you are shining down upon us all the time. You are in my heart always my sweet Botti. Mommie made a very good prime rib dinner with Brussels sprouts with panchetta, roasted potatoes, stuffed mushrooms and cranberry freeze. Our day was quiet with just the two of us looking at our pretty house decorated. I put an angel ornament by your memorial so that the angel watches over you always. Mommie placed a cupcake at your memorial along with a nice orange tree and some new fresh flowers. You are always in my heart and on my mind my sweet son. You opened up my heart to love another furry friend again. Your Daddy and I are thinking about adopting a rescue doggy. We are in no rush and always know that you were our first born puppy and no pet could ever replace you sweet Botti. Merry Christmas my love...........Always and Forever.....Mommie <3

04/29/13 - Hello my sweet angel Botti. Happy New Year to you. It has been awhile since Mommie has written to you. Mommie still misses you everyday so very much. I still cry missing you all the time. My computer is slow tonight so I will write more to you soon to catch you up on everything your Mommie and Daddy have been doing. Sweet dreams my beloved sweet Botti Dog....Always and Forever....Mommie xoxo <3

07/04/13 - Happy 4th of July Botti. Today is the first holiday without you. I remember how much the fireworks bothered you so much and you barked so much because of the noise. Well you don't have to ever worry about that again since you are in heaven with all of the angels and your furry friends. I miss you so much Botti. I am crying so much right now as I write this today. You are always in my heart and on my mind still everyday. I wish I could just hug and kiss your sweet face and scoop you up and hug you forever. I would give anything to fly up to heaven for a brief moment if I could do that. I will be lonely tonight not hearing you bark but I will look up at the stars and see you looking down upon me. Hugs and kisses to you my Beloved sweet Botti Dog......Forever in my Heart....Mommie xoxo <3

08/15/13 - My sweet loving Botti, Mommie misses you so much. I will visit your site very soon and write to you about all the latest things your Daddy and I have been up to. You stay in my heart forever embedded until I can join you and we can play together again. Always and Forever....Mommie xoxoxo <3

09/05/13 - My dearest sweet loving son Botti. Today marks the one year anniversary of your passing onto Rainbow's Bridge. You have been in my heart and on my mind everyday since you left us. I still look at all your pictures that we have hanging around the house as well as your special spot in our home that we have memorialized you with the beautiful wind chimes. I will be finishing the bench this weekend. I've decided to stain it and give it a refreshed look to it. The stenciling was getting too difficult so I have opted out from doing that. It is looking nice and soon it will be back in your yard. Your Daddy and I are doing well and moving forward with our lives. There is not a moment or day that passes that I don't look at your photos or feel you in my heart. There is something about you that will always be stay with me. You, my sweet Botti have given me the gift to open my heart and love another pet. Your Daddy and I have added a new Persian kitten to our family and we are calling him "Rio." He is cute and you would love him. It is hard sometimes for me to love him, but I do and it is in a different way than I ever loved you. The love I have for you is so deep and devoted that no pet could ever replace that. Which is why that makes you so special and how close I hold you in my heart and thoughts always. Please continue to play with your furry friends in heaven and continue to watch down on your Daddy and I. We need all the prayers today, tomorrow and always. I love you Botti and miss you more than you will ever know my sweet bulldog. Hugs and kisses to you............Loving you Always and Forever......Mommie and Daddy xoxoxoxo

12/15/13 - Happy Birthday my sweet loving Botti. Your Daddy and I wanted to wish you a very special Happy Birthday. I miss you so much still so very much today. We talked about you today to Nanny who also misses you so very much. You were the guiding light in our lives Botti and I miss your sweet face and holding you in my arms. Please continue to watch down upon your Daddy and I. We are doing very well and are very happy. Our sweet baby Rio is keeping our spirits high and I want you to know that you have given me the gift to open my heart and love another pet once again. I never thought that was possible, but Rio proved me wrong. I know it was because you are watching down upon us and want us to be happy and open our hearts and homes to all our pets. My sweet baby boy Botti........may you find comfort watching over us and love and celebrate your birthday with your furry friends at Rainbow's Bridge. When you look over across the bridge, you will see me waving at you blowing you lots of kisses............Happy Birthday Botti......we love you with all of our hearts.....today, tomorrow, and always.....Love Always, Mommie and Daddy....xoxoxo

09/05/14 - My dear sweet loving Botti, Today marks the 2nd anniversary of your death. Your Daddy and I miss you so much and you are thought of still so very often in our home and we still have your special place in our home of your memorial. You would be happy to know that we have loved your brother Rio so much and have taken a love to showing Persian cats in the Cat Fancy. It is so much fun and we both really really love it. We will be adding another Persian to our family very soon. He is another brother to you and his name is Titan. We look forward to meeting him and hoping that him and Rio get along. Mommie will keep this message brief but I do want you to know that you are forever in my heart as always my first love and all pets after you are loved just as much. I never thought I would say that in time it does get easier but now I can truly say that my heart doesn't ache as much. Time has a way of healing things and bring in new members of the family does help a little bit with that as well. Please continue to watch over your Daddy and me always and forever. We are doing really good right now and want to keep things moving in a positive direction for us. We love you so much, our dear sweet Botti. Love Always, Mommie and Daddy.....xoxoxoxo

09/05/15 - My dear sweek loving Botti, I love you so much. This is the third anniversary of your passing and this year during this time your Mommie is not as sad as I have been in past years. The love you gave me has been passed onto your brothers who are Persian cats. You already know we have your brother Rio and brother Titan, but we added a third brother to love and his name is Eros. There will probably be a few more, but I am not sure when. We still have all of your pictures up and I look at you everyday next to my bed. You are always with me in my heart. I do hope you are having a beautiful life in Rainbows Bridge. It is so pretty there and free and you have all of your furry friends playing with you. Please continue to watch over your Daddy and I. We need all of your love and blessings to help us continue to get through life. I miss you Botti, so very much and I can't wait to see you again. Loving you always my sweet Botti, Mommie and Daddy......xoxoxo <3<3<3

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