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Memories of Bosco
Bosco was my soulmate in so many ways. He provided me with more comfort and protection than anyone has ever shown me. He was truly one of a kind. I named him Bosco because from the moment I saw his shining personality, I knew he was the boss. And boy oh boy, he did in fact call the shots around here. He was so smart and resilient, but also very stubborn and hard headed.

He was a lover! All he ever wanted to do was shower everyone with kisses and love. He was a master manipulator too. He always got his way with treats and table scraps. He loved long walks at the park, and smelling everything in sight. He was a natural explorer of all things! He loved nothing more than sticking his head out of the car window and watch the world around him. He was a natural leader! Every time we took him to the gated dog park, he was known as "the greeter" always welcoming the new dogs that came in. He was very curious in his nature, and always had to check everyone out. He was my protector! He always kept me safe with his big bark and hair rising fur. He would always be by my side no matter what. He followed me everywhere. He was my buddy! My one true love and the only one who could make me feel whole. I'm lost without him. I can't imagine a life without him by my side. But I know that him and my other baby girl, China are at the bridge chowing down on some delicious steak and playing with all of the tennis balls in the world.

Bosco you are my beating heart outside of my chest, and I love you every ounce of my being, and I promise you we will be together again. You are my true love dear baby boy! You and I made a pact to be together forever, and I will never break that promise. You and I were meant for each other. You were my confidant, my shoulder to cry on, my only bit of happiness, my whole heart and soul, and I can't believe that your gorgeous face will never greet me again. My bed is empty without you. I keep snuggling with all of the toys you loved so much. I could use your kisses now more than ever, because my world isn't complete without you. I can only pray that you are happy. You're my angel forever and always mister man. Everyone left here is heartbroken, but I thank the universe for sending you to me, and giving me the best 10 years of my life!


I'm missing you so incredibly much my baby! It's so difficult to be here without you by my side. Every day that goes by is another day without you. I love you more than anything in this universe, and I will miss you until my dying day. It's me and you forever bubba! -Nikki

It's been 2 of the toughest weeks without you here my love. Mommy, daddy, and I had a memorial here at the house for you. We made one of you're favorite meals..spaghetti and meatballs. I remember the time you were a pup and jumped up on the kitchen counter and ate nearly all of the meatballs I had made that night. You were however nice enough to leave each of us one lol. Also, we had many lady and the tramp moments were you and I shared a noodle. At the memorial, I made you a video dedicated to the life we had together. Everyone of your friends was in attendance and they all shed a tear over you. I keep hearing you were the most handsome face anyone had ever seen. I know that for a fact to be true. We made some chicken here tonight and I can't help but look under the table hoping to see you watching me cook. I also still want to give you some table scraps and have you be the plate licker lol. I miss you more than I feel is humanly possible. I sleep with one of your favorite toys just to feel close to you again. Please come to me in a dream tonight! I love you with everything I have mitter man♥️♥️-Nikki

I'm missing you so incredibly much mitter man. My heart is absolutely crushed. I need you now more than ever my sweet angel. Things around here at the house aren't the same without you. Everywhere I look, I have such strong memories of you. You are still everywhere I go. Your hair is still here on the carpet and all of your toys, but it's starting to slowly fade and I can't do anything about it. I was just remembering our walk at balboa park last month, and how excited you were to get out and see the ducks on the lake and smell every tree in sight. The way you went was so sudden and unexpected. I'm rather angry with the vet I took you to, and we're fighting for you baby. I'm sorry if I ever let you down. Watching you pass was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I ignored even thinking about what might happen to you over the years. My heart stopped when yours did my love. You were and always will be my whole heart! I love you more than I could ever express. I hope you're warm and safe baby. Please wait for me at the bridge! But until that day comes...have fun mitter man! I want you to sit high up on your treehouse and be your funny self. I love you bubba 💕-Nikki

We took a trip to Michigan to visit baby Axel! I'm so glad you got to meet him when he was here last fall. You were very gentle and protective of him. I loved so much seeing you with a baby. Jen and I wayched the video I made for you and she loved it. She thought it was a very special tribute to you. Bubba, my heart is still so broken without you and I know it'll never be mended, but you are there. I still snuggle with Mary every night. You are and will always be my world. I love you more than anything in this world baby. It's me and you forever and always!-Nikki

I keep watching the video I made for you. I find it therapeutic to reminisce about the incredible memories we made over those 10 and half years. Tonight we're ordering chicken cafe, and it's the first time having it since you've been gone. You loved their chicken so much bubba. I still reach out often to give you a bite. This has been the absolute hardest and worst thing imaginable to go through. Grief is so abundant, and it's difficult to grasp. I see other dogs all of the time, but you had the personality and aesthetic that people couldn't even dream about. Those big beautiful light brown eyes melted so many hearts. That gracious smile and soft pointed ears were my favorite. I truly miss everything about you bossman. I don't know how to deal with these endless emotions, but what is keeping me sane, is knowing that we WILL be reunited! I sincerely hope you're having fun up their with your new friends....give chichi a big hug and kiss from me as well...she was my first baby after all. I miss you too my baby girl China!-Nikki


I still can't believe that i lost my best friend of 10 years. It's been 5 weeks my love since you left me but never for a moment in my heart. We both had a very special bond between us that i will always and forever cherish in my heart. From the minute i got you as a puppy you were always biting my feet and you were the most beautiful puppy and as you got older you were the funniest doggie. I miss everything about you and feeding you and caring for you every day.Our special bond will live in my heart forever. I miss you sleeping on my bed by Daddy's feet. Im so lonely without you here and the house is so quiet here now but you are home with us. I miss my kisses and it's to hard now to eat ice-cream without you by my side and licking the bowl as it was one of the favorite thing you loved to eat besides steak and chicken. Every day is very hard now but i know that your with China now as puppies again running and playing together. I was so very lucky you came into my life. you were the most beautiful little boy and we had the most beautiful little girl. I love you and miss you so very much every day. Sweet dreams my baby as i tell you that every night before i go to sleep how much you were loved and that you will always and forever be in my heart. There will never ever be another mitter man.Rip until we are reunited again my love and what joy that will be to see you again sweetheart. I love you with all my heart forever. -mommy

My heart hurts so much bossman. The emptiness I feel everyday is getting more difficult to bare with. You're my absolute best friend in the whole world, and when your heart stopped, mine did too baby. I almost selfishly adopted a dog this weekend, but in the pit of my stomach, I knew it wasn't the right time for me...I still need to grieve over you. I need your Love now more than ever before. Right now you would be up on my bed and watching a movie with me. If I could just go back in time I would do it in an instant. I'll always need you by my side my love. You're my everything!💗 -your Nikki

Hi Bubba! In my last post I mentioned a dog I was about ready to adopt...and I actually did it. I know you sent him to me to keep me company until you and I can meet again! I know many might think it's selfish for me to "move" on so quickly, but what they don't know is, is that you ARE my heart and I'm taking your lead. I know baby boy, that you and I are soulmates. That can never for a second be broken between us! I want to thank you for bringing Kai into my life, and in no way is he you, but he has indeed brought a smile to my face. I love you unconditionally my sweetheart, and I know you're always with me! -Nikki 💗


It's 7 weeks today my love and I'm missing you more than ever Boss. i know you brought Kai to me and Thank-you my beautiful boy. I wish you were back with me. I would do anything in this world to be able to kiss you sweetheart. I will always and forever have a broken heart that will never be mended. With you not here is so hard every day. I hope your safe and happy playing with China. I miss your Little white eyelashes and all the cute and funny things you did. I can never love the way i loved you but Kai has brought me smiles on my face. There's only one Boss and i love you so much. Your my heart baby. RIP and sweet dreams baby. mommy. xoxoxoxo. I LOVE YOU FOREVER IN MY HEART. -mommy

Hi baby boy! I miss you so very much and I want you to know you're always my #1. We're soulmates and I feel your presence with me always. Although you're not physically here with me, I know you're always by my side. You're my everything and I'll never stop missing you my sweetheart 💗


It's 8 weeks today that we lost you and my life will never be the same without you here with me baby Boss. I think of you every moment of the day. We were best friends and always will be. We all miss you so much and i would do anything in this world to have you with me and ripping up my sheets. We have such beautiful memories of you. You will always and forever be in my heart my loving boy. The most beautiful boy ever. The house will never be the same with out you here. I love you so much forever. Run and play with China and have fun. I love you sweetheart so much. Friends Forever. mommy. xoxoxo. -mommy

Today was a rough day bubs! But I feel you by my side always, and you keep me calm. I can't begin to say this enough, but each day without you is treacherous. I'm trying my best to heal, but you were the only one who made me feel whole and safe. I miss your love, your kisses, your hugs, your smile, your amazing exuberant personality, everything about you bossman. I'll never be the same without you! You ARE my very true love! I miss you always and forever my sweet, loving baby boy!


10 weeks my love my everything. My baby Boss my love. How mommy misses you every moment of the day. It's so very hard every day without you by my side.You were the most beautiful boy ever and i just miss everything about you.I miss your little white eye lashes sweetheart. You will never ever leave my heart. The bond we shared will live on forever. I love you soo much and miss you my baby Boss. Sweet dreams my baby.I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. xoxo. My life isn't the same without you. Play and have fun and give China a big kiss from mommy. xoxoxo.


My baby Boss I'm missing you so much and my heart will never heal until we are together again. It's not the same here without you holding you and your sweet kisses. I miss feeding you your home-made food and you licking it off the spoon. you loved it so much. I know that you brought Kai to me to care for but i just miss you so very much everyday.I love you so much sweetheart.it .It hurst so much. you will always and forever be my best friend. Run and play with China and be safe baby Boss.My heart will always be broken into pieces without you. LOVE FOREVER AND EVER FROM MOMMY. RIP PEACE MY LOVE.xoxoxo.


Hi my baby Boss. 3 months now you have been at rainbow bridge and I'm missing you so much with each passing day. I think about you every minute of the day and I'm always going to be heart broken. I wish i could have you back in my life like it use to be with me feeding you and caring for you. You will always and forever be my best friend. It just happened so fast and i need to keep telling myself that you are now with China and are having fun and you are safe but it just hurts so bad every day. I can't wait to see you again my see your little white eye lashes eating your home made doggie food i made for you. It's so hard. You were the most beautiful baby boy i could ever ask for. Now i have a crazy puppy name Kai that i think you brought to me to make me smile again. I would do anything to have you back with me sweetie. I just have to keep telling myself that I'm lucky i had you for 10 years and that you didn't suffer to long but it's never enough time we shared together.I will never stop loving you. I miss you begging and having ice cream together and licking the bowl clean. my love my sweetheart my everything. forever in my heart. sweet dreams my baby. I LOVE YOU. XOXOXOXO. MOMMY.

Hello my love! I'm missing you and will always continue to do so, but I want to thank you for sending Kai my way. He has brought joy back into my life, however I still find myself comparing you two, and that isn't fair to either if you. Boss you are and always will be my heart. I promise you that always. Sending you big kisses and belly rubs me. Kangaroo! I love you eternally. Sweet dreams baby boy! - Nikki


Hi my beautiful Boss. Today it's been 4 months since i haven't been able to hold you in my arms and give you my special kisses and have you on my bed. It's just to hard every day and i miss you so much my baby. Life isn't the same without near me. It's a struggle every day for me. You had the funniest personality and i will never forget you as long as i live. My heart is just so broken baby. I know baby that you are home with me and that's some comfort. I will never stop loving you. You and me forever sweetheart. I WILL LOVE YOU AND MISS EVERY SINGLE UNTIL WE ARE REUNITED. Just wait for mommy and i will come running to you and China too. Just sit up in your tree house and wait for me to come. I LOVE YOU MY SWEET ANGEL. MOMMY FOREVER BABY. XOXOXO. SWEET DREAMS MY LOVE. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN MY BABY. XOXOXOXO.


Hi my most beautiful Boss. 5 Months since you have been gone but never ever from my broken heart. Every day is more painful for me and i cry every day for you. Everything happened so fast with you and that makes it more painful for me. Hope my love that you didn't suffer that morning you left us. I just have to think that you went peacefully at home with us and I'm happy that i got to sleep with you next to me and i got to kiss you and cuddle. until the end. I will love you until my dying day baby and we get to be together again. There will never ever be a more beautiful dog Boss. Im sure Boss that you are up on your play house at pampered pets watching over all the doggies. As I'm writing to you the tears won't ever stop until i see you again baby. My life is so sad without you. Play with China and give her a big kiss from me. I can't even open up your box here at home. It's just to hard for me to accept. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN EVER SWEETHEART AND MISS YOU EVERYDAY SO MUCH. Thanks for bringing Kai to me. lol. He is a crazy puppy. you were the most beautiful puppy like China was. Im so thankful i had the most beautiful puppies. I love you my sweet and loving BOSCO MAN MY EVERYTHING. MOMMY MISSES YOU EVERY MOMENT OF THE DAY AND NIGHT. love forever in my heart. YOU AND ME FOREVER. XOXOXOXOXOXO. I LOVE YOU. MOMMY.


Happy Birthday Boss my most beautiful baby. Today you would have been 11 years old and i feel you should have had more time here with me but I'm so thankful that i had you for those many years. 10 years we had together and the most beautiful years i could ever ask for. You were the most loving dog and the funniest little boy.Today i celebrate your Birthday at home here with making steak and a cake and of course a ice-cream cone that you loved especially when daddy would give you the rest of his cone. I miss you every day and my love for you will never die. You were my best friend for 10 years. How lucky i was to have had you those many years. I miss your beautiful eyes and your little white eye lashes. It's so hard every day without you. My heart will always be broken. Im sure your having a fun Birthday in heaven with China and all your new friends sitting on top of your tree house looking down on all the other doggies. You were and always be the King. Mommy loves you so much and always will. You are glued to my heart forever. Happy Happy Birthday my baby Boss. Im sure that China is going to have a big party for you so have fun my love. I LOVE YOU FOREVER IN MY HEART. LOVE FOREVER MOMMY.


"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Bosco, happy birthday to you!" Happiest birthday in heaven my love. Today you would've been eleven. You and I always celebrated your birthday with style. A nice scrambled egg breakfast, followed by a long walk at balboa lake to greet the ducks, hours of playing ball, and to top it off a nice steak dinner. Today, we will be doing that in your honor. I love you mite than you could ever possibly imagine. You're my heart and soul and I swear to keep your heart and mine intertwined forever. I hope your up top your tree house chowing down on some steak like the king and BOSS you always were. You're the love of my life bubba! Happy Birthday my angel baby! Hey 🎂🍰🍦🍭🧁🍬🍗🦴🍖🥩🎾


Good morning my beautiful baby. It's been 7 months since you left us and it's so hard on me everyday. I miss you every day so much and wish you didn't have to leave me but i believe you got call home to your new home at rainbow bridge. Now that i have Kai in my life i find myself him Boss all the time. EVERY MOMENT OF THE DAY YOU ARE ON MY MIND. I miss you so much my love. I wouldn't want you to be here suffering in any way. You were just the most loving dog and i miss everything about you. Sweet dreams my baby. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART FOREVER AND EVER. MOMMY LOVES YOU SO MUCH AND MISS YOU. xoxoxo.


Hi my sweet and loving Boss. It's almost Thanksgiving and i wanted to stop by and let you know that it's very hard on me that i can't feed you on Thanksgiving as you loved turkey and mashed potatoes. You were so cute the way you slurped up the potatoes. Christmas will not be the same without you as you always got new balls and doggie bones that you loved. I still will never ever get over the loss of my best friend. I talk about you everyday and tell Nikki and daddy how much i miss you so much in my life. It will never be the same without you. Daddy dressed up your box for Christmas. I know baby you must be happy at your new home with China running and playing.I do feel that you brought Kai to me and Nikki as you know that we were so unhappy after you passed. Kai is a sweet but crazy puppy. My memories of you will last until my time comes and we reunite. I can't wait until i see you again and i will never let go of you. I love you with all my heart forever. We are glued to each other . I miss you more than ever sweetheart.My beautiful little boy with little white eye lashes. Sweet dreams my angel. Mommy. xoxoxoxoxoxo. Only one Mitter man. We all love and miss you so very much.


Good morning my love. Today marks 1 year that i lost you and I'm in so much pain. It's so hard to believe that it's been a year already that i have had to live without you.Life will never be the same without you here. I think of you every day and i struggle too in missing you.You will always be my best friend and the love of my heart. It just breaks my heart that your not here. You were the most beautiful dog in the world and how lucky i was to have you for 10 years. I love
you so much and miss you Boss. I hope your new home in heaven is just beautiful with lots of rainbows and lots of doggies to play with. Take care of China and run and play. I do believe in my heart that you brought Kai to me so i would be happy again. There will always be a hole in my heart with losing you. sweet dreams my love and remember Boss you and me forever. You are always with me every moment of the day.I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. XOXOXOXOXO. MOMMY.


Oh Bosco man! How has it already been a year without you? Today marks the worst day of my life. I miss you with every ounce of my being. I miss your sweet kisses most of all my sweetheart. I can only find comfort in knowing that I'll be reunited with you again. You're always going to be my whole world bubba and no one will ever replace you. I love you so incredibly much my sweet baby boy!!!


Hi my most beautiful Boss. Mommy misses you so very much everyday of my life. Hope you and China are having fun in heaven together chasing butterflies. its
so hard for me everyday living without you. I love you so much baby. My best friend for 10 years and always are by my side. I know that after you passed you brought me Kai and wanted us to be happy again. I still call out your name everyday. Kai loves his ball just like you did. I WILL NEVER STOP LOVING YOU AND MISSING YOU. Fly with the angels you and China. sweet dreams my beautiful boy. you are with me at home baby. mommy. xoxoxoxo. LOVE YOU SWEETHEART ...

December 26, 2020,

My precious baby boy, oh how I miss you! Merry Christmas my angel 😇 I wish we could've been together yesterday to celebrate. I would've gotten you all of your favorite toys, bones, and tennis 🎾. This year certainly has been one for the books. I've missed you immensely, and would give anything in the world to have you in my arms again, and get those wonderful kisses you'd give me! My love for you is infinite and I cherish you and the time we spent here on earth together. I know we will be together again, and we shall never part when I see you at rainbow bridge. I love and miss you so much bossman! 🎄🥰😘

December 30 2020

Hi my most beautiful baby Boss. Another sad Christmas without you here with me my love. Im missing you so bad in my life and wish you could be with me again. Hope you and China had fun on Christmas playing together with all your new toys. I will be with you again and i can't wait. What a wonderful 10 years we had together and i hold you so close to my heart every minute. I can't wait until we reunite at rainbow bridge and you and china come running to me.Almost 2 years that you left me and until this day my heart is still so broken. sweet dreams my baby. mommy misses you so much. i love you so very much. mommy. xoxoxoxoxo.

February 12, 2021

I miss you so much my baby! I think of you everyday and dream of you often at night. Thank you for visiting me in my dreams. You're the very best friend I could've asked for. I love you with every fiber of my being, and this pain will never go away. You're without a doubt the love of my life, and I would give anything in this world for one more snuggle and kiss. This particular date gets more and more difficult, but I'm holding onto to hope and faith that we will be together again! Sweet dreams my precious bosco, I'll see you soon enough 💗💗💗

August 10, 2021

Happy heavenly Birthday my sweet Bosco! Today you would've turned 13 years old, that's crazy to think. It seems like just yesterday that I took you home as a pup. I think about you all of the time, and I miss you every single day! Your little brother Kai has been keeping me in good spirits since your departure, and I'm thankful you sent him to me. You'll always be my soulmate bossman. My love for you continues to grow each and everyday, and it will never stop. I love you so much my sweet baby! Sending you some spaghetti and meatballs tonight ❤️❤️❤️🍝🧁🍦🎂🥳

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