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Memories of Boris
I got Boris from a Animal Shelter when he was 3 yrs old. It was like he was waiting for me to come.
Whenever someone came to the house. He was right there to greet them. He was a gentle Cat and more
or less reigned over the other Cats with a velvet paw.
The last year and a half of his life was rough for him, but he took everything in stride. He never complained. I love and will miss him dearly

October 4 2009
Dear Boris, About a week before you went to Rainbowsbridge. I wrote you a letter, At the time
your quality of life was steadly going downhill. I never got to read it to you. I found it a few days ago.
Dear Boris,
You know how much you mean to me! You are such a fighter as you have shown these past months. But you are not getting any better, you do good and then, bang! your sick again. I have been thinking that maybe,perhaps you are fighting because of me. I don"t want to lose you, but it hurts me to see all you are going through. I would rather have you pass on,to wait for me at RainbowsBridge. I hurt at the thought of losing you. I don't want you to suffer anymore! If you feel its time to go. Go Honey! I understand! You'll always be with me in spirit and my heart and I will always love you. I'll spread your ashes in the garden patio and you can become one with the earth and still be close to me.
I love you " BorisDeloris"

February 16 2010
Hi Precious, I miss you! I keep seeing you in Sammy. I use to confuse the two of you sometimes. Sammy makes my losing you a lot better to accept.
The Shelter is in dire need of Cat Trees for the FIV room. In your memory I donated 2 cat trees. Soon they will have something to climb and scratch on. Give Bear and Teddy a hug for me. I Love You!

March 8,2010
Hi Precious
Yesterday I got 3 foster kittens. They are about 8 wks old. I need these kittens in my life at the moment. They remind me that no matter what happens in one's life. " Life goes on!" You always loved the foster kittens that came into the house. I was able to give them names. My first thought was on you. So! Even tho one is Gray and White. I named him " Boris " Even when the time comes and he gets adopted they may change his name. But it will always be Boris! Miss you!!!!!!

May 12, 2010
Hi Precious,
One year already,So much has happened this year, Teddy, Shorty and Petunia all have gone. Sigh!
Those kittens I told you about. The other gray and white one is a female. I had named her Natasha.
Well, Boris and Natasha got adopted together and their new Guardians are keeping the names. So my Sweetheart. Your name goes on. To me, its seems only a few months since you died. I miss you so
much. I love all my other " Babies " But you were special in your own way! Jack is trying to
fill your " Shoes " . But he can't. Not yet. He does't have the compassion you had. He justs
bullies everyone. You never did. Give hugs to all. Tell them I miss them!
Love you, my BorisDeloris

May 12, 2011
Hi Precious
You are often on my mind. You have left such a gap in my heart. Two years have passed. It does
not seem that long! I got some more foster kittens. A MaMa and 5 babies.They were 1 day old when I got them. Guess what? One is Gray. Like you. Even tho he has a name already. I call him " Lil Boris" You were 3 when you came into my life. I never saw you as a kitten. Now I get too
( In a way. )
He is a fiesty little guy and always on the go. I will miss him when it is time for him to go back
to the Shelter. I will enjoy every moment that he is with me!
Love you, my BorisDeloris

May 10 2012
Hi Precious
By any chance have you met Wuzzie and Wookie? They both had FIP. They were only 4 months in this world and it was their time. They touched my heart deeply and I feel some what different inside just by having them with me this short time. But Life goes on. We cannot alter it. You are always on my mind it seems and I miss you. Charmander will be 2 soon and he is one spoiled brat!! because he was sickly as a kitten. I let him get away with alot of things, now I am paying. But I love it. he is such company and likes people ( like you did ) Enjoy the meadows my love. You are always in my heart.
Love You Boris

May 14 2013
What can I say? But I love you BorisDeloris and we all miss you!!!!!SIGH!!

May 13 2014

Hi Precious,
Miss you! I forgot to tell you, Jack and Benito have been trying to open the cabinet doors like you did. But they can't do it. That doesn't mean that they
won't stop. At least it gives them something to do. I am going to take Charmander to a different Vet to get him checked out. Its a 2 hr drive. As soon as the
weather gets warmer I"ll go. This Vet knows more about his condition than his own Vet. She is more specialized in this field, soooo we'll see..
Hi to all.
Love you Boris

May 12 2015
Hi Precious,
Miss you !!! You have been on my mind so much lately, now I know why, its the Sadversary of your passing. Sigh! We are all doing fine, I added a new member to the family. He was a rescue.
15 plus years. His name is Henry and he, now is a beautiful long haired kitty. rusty in color. He has kidney issue. but he is doing great. he was 6 lbs when I got him in Sept. now he
is 10. He is a " lap " cat. I never had one before. all you guys always laid next to me. soon Jack and Jill will be 10 yrs. Yea...
Love you Boris

May 12 2016
Hi Precious,
Miss you. There is always something to remind me of you. How do you like Henry? I lost him in October.
I told him about you,Teddy,and Bear, Unfortunately Sammy followed him a month later, my world fell apart. He was with me 19 yrs, Then Jill decided she wanted to go to. Sigh, Her last few years were not that nice. I got so many Babies at Rainbow Bridge, When my time comes, it will be like a stampede when you all come running Ha Ha
Take care of yourself my Boris Deloris. Love Ya

May 2017

Hi my Sweetie, My Boris Deloris.
Are you and Sasha catching up on old memories?
Her passing was hard for all of us. Especially Noah!! But life goes on. The years seem to pass so fast!! I got so many lovely memories of you. It helps the time past. Take care of Sasha, be sure to show her the ropes. Baby and EmmyLou might be joining you guys soon. Love Ya!!

05-08-2022. ❤️❤️

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