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Memories of Boone
Boone was a very handsome Bluetick Coonhound. We got Boone in October of 2005 as a 6 week old puppy. We named him for the county that we lived in. What a challenge it was training you. Our yellow lab, Shelby (2001-2013) was a big factor in keeping him on the farm and not roaming around, didn't always work though.He was full of energy and wanted to go. His father was a 3 time champion coon-dog. I never did hunt him, but always cornered a coon every now and then in our barn. Coon dogs have a bawl for a bark and he never ran out of battery life in barking. He loved to run and sometimes he'd be gone for an hour in the corn fields and come back exhausted and sleep for a spell. Sometimes we couldn't find him and after looking and calling, we found him in the truck or car sleeping because we left the window down.He loved to go bye bye in the truck.What a ride it was with him.Anytime you put the turn signal on or slow down, he would start bawling.He loved Christmas time also and would rip open gifts with our lab,Shelby,(Mama's Sweetpea)
In the summer of 2010, tragedy struck. He came out of the corn field and was struck by a vehicle. The people never stopped but he made his way back up to the house where my wife took him to the vet. His jaw was broke in 2 places and extensive damage to his left shoulder and leg. He needed pins in his jaw with wires and the leg was useless from nerve damage. A few weeks of healing and getting strength back, he was learning how to walk and run with 3 legs.Our Son and 2 daughters provided a lot of help in healing him and loving him. were a very big help An amazing will to live and enjoy his life. We had to have his leg amputated at the shoulder later on. Boone loved to swim in the pool and seemed like great therapy for his shoulder.
In 2013 we lost our Shelby and Boone was heart-broke for a long time. He managed to get on with living as the only dog now and was adapting to getting around on 3 legs quite well. In 2016 we sold our farm in Illinois and moved to Tennessee.Moving our things down took several trips 600 miles each way with Boone each time.Man, were those some long rides with him!!!!!We lived in an apartment above a garage that our neighbor provided for us next to our property. 24 stairs up and down for a year.By now Boone was starting to feel old age and arthritis setting in his rear legs. We had to start carrying him up and down after living there for 6 months. We started building our house on 5 acres in the Cumberland Mountains in April of 2017. Our property was next to where we were living. Boone always managed to make his way across the hay field to be with me while we were building. We finished the house and moved in in October of 2017. He finally had another house with acreage to wander, but never went far anymore. He didn't want be alone and followed Gayle and me everywhere around the yard and garden. It took him a while to get where we were, but he made it. Winter is cold down here but nothing like the Mid-West winters. Even though it's not as cold, his arthritis in his rear legs was taking a toll on him and putting for strain on his front leg. We started carrying him more and more to go outside.
In February of 2018 we got another surprise. A 3 or 4 month old puppy came into our life. Someone dropped it off and came across our field because she heard our Grandchildren playing. YEAH, we brought her into our life and kept her. She's a mixed cur dog full of energy and very smart. Gayle has been training her and she's a fast learner. She brought some life back to Boone, although she annoys him.Boone has helped teach her that you don't need to roam away from the house. This is the best place to be for care and love. By the summer of 18 we carrying about everywhere to be where we were. He loved to be in the shop with me on the hot summer days with the fan blowing on him.As long as I was out there, he would be sleeping on his bed near me.The pain was getting worse every day and medicine was really not helping. He was eating and drinking well, but his health was failing. He was steadily losing weight and getting harder to go to the bathroom. Yet another challenge for Gayle and I. Carrying him outside morning, noon and night. Eating and sleeping is all he does now by late summer. By September 5th, it was time for him to cross the Rainbow Bridge snd play with his friends once gain. It was 6 days shy of his 13th birthday. He is buried in our yard to watch over us.
Boone (Booner Boy, you will be loved and missed forever.

Mama & Daddy

Hey Buddy,
you having fun with friends teaching them how to corner and tree racoons? How bout' them squirrels that drove you crazy running from tree to tree.
Man, I miss you!!! I still wake in the middle of the night looking for you. I sit by your grave every day and talk to you for a bit. Fall is about here and I know you want to go fishing with me.
Till next time my Booner Boy.
Daddy love's you.

you left us 4 months ago already. Seems like just yesterday. I can hardly write you without tears. I really miss you, buddy.I say hi to you almost everyday at your grave, hoping you'll show up behind me like you always did. Been a pretty nice winter so far here in Tn., but we have a bit to go. Little Tenney is grown and been with us almost a year. You taught her well, Boone. She stays on the property and has learned and obayed many commands, thanks to you. She loves riding in the truck just like you did. I have to tell you buddy, she's a better traveler than you were although I kind of miss your bawl when we were stopping. Drove us insane!!! Somehow I think your still riding with us. Mommy gave me a picture, of you in the field at the old farm, for Christmas. A great gift. It's on my desk so when at the desk, I can always look at you.
Hoe your having none stop fun with Shelby everyday. Talk to you soon, bud.
Love Mommy and Daddy

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