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Memories of Boo Boo
To my lil boo boo,My best friend and the one that turned me into a kitty lover, thank you.
As you know, I've had dogs all my life growing up,but I could handle kitties from time to time, just never figured that I would own one.But that all changed when Cristin found you posted on Craigslist, and met you and your brothers and sister. But it was you that went to snuggle on her neck,and shoulder.So, that's the reason she brought you home.It was after I got in that we met for the first time and not only did we(I ) adopt you but you also adopted me as your papa, and it shows by the way you made yourself right at home on the pillow I used to use for extra back support on the sofa, with you laying on it and taking a nap.I remember, and always will the way you'd wait for me to come home from work, laying on the kitchen island waiting and when you heard the footsteps and the keys in the door, you'd jump up to greet me with some soft meows and some really slow blinks and a purring away.

Times when I worked from home, you'd lay on the coffee table behind my laptop and sometimes would reach around and play with my hands,till I stopped typing.It was then that you'd be in my lap for a cuddle and purr session, till it was time for bed.When I was in the kitchen either doing dishes or cooking, I remember you watching, and hoping that you'd get a taste of it, and you did all the time.
I remember one time of many you getting into my grilled salmon that was right off the grill, and enjoying it. So I started in making you your own at dinner time.
At bed time, I remember how you slept,either between my legs, on my chest or my left shoulder.Some times you'd be facing my with your chest and belly against mine with your arms and legs stretched out, and your head on my arm. I also remember the times when you'd clime up on the railing on the loft and watch from a high point what was going on.When we moved into the new apartment, you'd be on the window sill talking to the birds and the squalls outside, and looking at the people.
But then you'd get tired and climb down and lay on the sofa next to me, or in my lap.

We'd be playing the laser light game till you dropped from being exhaustion , and would sleep for hours, till you got your rest in and we'd be back at it, or be playing with the tennis balls.I keep those memories sooo close to my heart of hearts, knowing that,even though it was only for a short time(18 months) I did give you a safe and very loving home to call your own.Also that I did all I could do to take care of you, but you got really sick and I wasn't able to make you better again like the time before, so I had no choice but to surrender you to the Vet Clinic in the hopes that I'd find you on a web site and might be able to get you back, but I wasn't able to find you.
After 6 weeks of looking daily I did find out that you had crossed over the rainbow bridge, the vets did all they could do for you also.So, it was you'r time to go home and be with god, and Jesus. I know that you are safe and happy their, but I have to tell you little one,I miss you soo badly it hurts.But I have my memories and know that when my time comes to go home we will be together again, never to part.I find my self looking up at the clouds in the and wondering which one you are sitting on looking down,watching me, and also watching over lil Zoe.I wasn't able to save you but if love and memories could build a lane and steps to get to the bridge, you'd have never left.I wasn't able to save you as much as I wanted to, I was and am able to save a senior kitty(Zoe) that I've had for about 6 months now.No, she is not replacing you my lil boo but is filling the void that was left that I had in my heart of you no longer being with me.I know that she needed to have the same amount of love and affection that you got from me, and needed to be able to have a safe and loving home also, so that's why I adopted her. AS, no senior kitty should have to live out that golden years in a cage in a shelter or kennel.I owe this to you little boo man for turning me into a kitty lover.As long as I remember you my lil one you will always be alive.You'r just not next to me right now, but in time you will be again.
All my love, forever you'r Papa

Well lil boo man,it's been 9 months since you crossed over the rainbow, but it seems like its been 9 years.Not an minute of each hour in the day goes by that I don't think of you and the time we shared, thou short as it was.I do still and will awhile keep looking to the clouds to try to find the one that you might be sitting on watching over your papa.Flying around on your new silvery angel wings and playing with the others that you have met at Rainbow Bridge.I do still have miss zoe, and I keep her close at hand,in fact shes laying right next to me as I type this.Its the day before Easter lil one. Miss you badly!
Your papa

Well, its June 30th,and this has been to longest day in my life so far.It's also, 1031 pm, and this is the time frame that I last saw you, took our last pictures,and I had to leave the Vet ER clinic. Not knowing what was/or would happen to you shortly after me leaving. And, if I had known what I know now, I would not have taken you their. Instead I would have found another Vet to go to the next business day, for your infection and gotten treatment.The time since then has also not gown well for me, in dealing with your lose,and knowing that it came with out me being their to say good bye. Although I do know that I would have been able to, the Vet clinic would have had to called the EMS staff for me, cause I would have fallen apart, at you taking your last breath. And seeing you laying their, lifeless.No longer a spark in those big bright eyes of yours, nor hearing your sweet sweet meows.

This past year, even though I did adopt Zoe, she's no longer with me, now.This is and was due to other parties, getting involved. You see 7 weeks ago,. While Zoe was their and I wasn't as, I had to go into the hospital for a battle with phenomena, but was only gown 3 days. During that time frame this persons older brother came up to check on his younger, and found that I was not their, but found Zoe. That was on a Saturday night. The next day(sunday) he returned and grabbed up Zoe her kennel, bed and all her toys, and took her to another 'family' that would be able to care for her better then he thought I was able to. And did this with out permission, and refuses to tell me where she is, or where.to make matters worse, all the pictures that I had of Zoe that were on my windows phone have all been lost after it did a factor restart to default settings. The only pic that I have out you both are the ones that I had saved on my laptop. I have your's in a folder, and that's way more then of Zoe. With miss zoe I only have about 25 or 30 of her.
So, now I'm without both of my furr babies.One is in in Haven,watching over me, the other is ???
I have started looking around to find another, to attempt to fill that void, that hole that I have in my heart,but not found any that would be able to measure up to both of you, in mannerisms, personalities, or temperament.But I will keep looking around and if, and when I find one, then. But,I don't know anymore.

I know that their are a lot of homeless kitties out their,that are looking and hoping to find a new fur ever home.Some as little as 8 weeks old, some as old as 10, and in between. I do have plan to go to this place tomorrow (sunday) to see that kitties that they have, that are up for adoption.But not keeping my hopes up.
As far as I'm concerned, I've had the two besttest kitties in the world, in both you and with Miss Zoe.
Know this my little boo man, I do miss you soooo badly,it hurts. I still find myself weeping myself to sleep at night,looking at your pictures on the end table, and thinking,the if I only knew,..then......While I had zoe she knew that their was something wrong,and it seemed to make it a little better, With her being their. But now shes gown, and I know not where.Nor does it look like I will ever see her again.

I miss you boo boo, and always will, till that day we meet up again at the Rainbow Bridge,till then sore high on your new shiny angel wings,and play with all your new friends.
Love you BooBoo always and forever!
Your Papa

Well Lil Boo man, its July 9th.Its been a long while since I've had a little kitty to call my own, but I found one. That needed a new home,and is a senior as well. So, I adopted her, her name is daggot and I found her on a web site called friends of strays.Seems that her former owners had to take him their due to their health, and has been their over the last 4.5 months, needing to be found and adopted.So I picked her up on this past Friday afternoon,and she;s settling in to his new furr ever home well. To the point that she will not let me out of her sight, and is already sleeping with me in our bed.Seems that she's pleased about his new digs.
But, I still remember miss zoe and what happened to her, but also what happened to you my lil boo man.

I shall always remember what happened to you, and I know that when my time has come to go home, I will see you again.And we will cross over the bridge together.
Love you boo your papa
Well my lil boo man, I have to say that you did open my eyes and also my heart to a new type of love and compassion, that is from at kitty like you, and also the type from Miss Zoe. You see I found another kitty that also needed help and a new home, so I took him in a little over a week ago. His name is Vegas, and he's 11. His parents are military and had to go over seas for about 3 years, and need to have someone to take care of him,so I had to step up to the plate,and bring him home. Seems like you are the kitty that is bringing them to me, cause you know that they would be loved and also be safe. But also to be able to keep that hole in my heart of hearts full,and giving me another reason to go on. Like when I had you and also miss zoe.
Till later , my little boo man, all my love and I am still find myself watching the clouds, wondering which one your one, till week meet again, fly high on your silvery angel wings.
Your Papa

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