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Memories of Boo-Boo
Life without Boo-Boo

Life without Boo-Boo
Without you every day
Life without Boo-Boo
Hurts more than we can say
Life without Boo-Boo
Without you by our side
Life without Boo-Boo
It's so hard not to cry
Life without Boo-Boo
Without hearing your step on the stair
Life without Boo-Boo
Why does life have to be so unfair
Life without Boo-Boo
You were taken from us without warning
Life without Boo-Boo
We lost you on a Saturday morning
Life without Boo-Boo
Hurts more than we can say
Life without Boo-Boo
But us give up? No way!
Life without Boo-Boo
We know we'll see you again
Life without Boo-Boo
But we're going to miss you until then. - Written by Dave

Boo-Boo, it's been a week since we had to put you gently to sleep. A week filled with many tears, and a few smiles, as we remember the love and joy you filled our hearts with. As time goes by, the tears will (hopefully) be less, and the smiles more. We will never forget you, and we hope, and pray, that you will never forget us. The time has gone when we can say "this time last week we still had you." That saddens us greatly. I still find myself thinking I have to set the automatic feeder when we are about to go out for a few hours. I still find myself automatically looking for you when I first open the door. We got so used to you greeting us as we came home. All the old habits are still engrained into us, and it's going to take a long time for them to fade. We miss you, baby. Keep visiting us and please keep giving us those signs that you're still around. We cherish them, as we cherished you when we had you. - Dave

Boo-Boo, it's your Momma here. Oh, how I miss my little girl. There isn't a day that goes by that your Dadda and I don't think of you. Last Wed., we picked up your beautiful urn and we have your paw print and lock of fur. Both of us just lost it when we felt your fur. I know you are always around us, especially when we call out to you. The last few mornings, your Dadda felt something like your tail brushing on his feet, like you always did when you were laying down on the floor next to him. The other day, after I stepped out of the shower, I know I saw your paw prints on the towel on the floor! That made me smile, and I always smile whenever we have signs that you are around. But believe me 'little one', what we wouldn't do to have you here with us again. Some people suggest we get a new kitten or cat, but we both agreed that we would never get one now or while we are living in our home. This is YOUR home and will always be. Of course, if we ever do move, then that new home will be your home too. I get so angry at times that you got so ill in just one week. It wasn't FAIR!! Not to us nor to you. I know you are with many other loving pets and also with our loved ones who have passed on. Please remember, you will ALWAYS be our 'Little Girl'. We love you so much!! - Christine

Boo-Boo, it's been over 2 months since you left us but doesn't get any easier. We still miss your cute little ways. The way you would sit on the arm of the chair next to me when I was on the computer to get my attention. The way you would gently bunt heads with me. The way you would stand on my feet when I was making a turkey sandwich to make sure I didn't leave you out. The way you would come to greet us at the door when we come home. You were the cutest little kitty cat. We will never forget you and will love you always.

Boo-Boo, today it is 3 months since that horrible morning where we had to let you go. It is still so painful for us. I think even more now, if that's even possible. I guess for awhile, in our minds we were hoping that you will come back to us, that you went somewhere 'on loan', and that any day you will be returned. So sadly, this is not true. We still have your bed with all your stuff animals and toys in it. The timer feeder is still where we left it, (cleaned of course!). And yes, even a clean litter box is still in the bathroom. These little touches make it a bit easier. Please don't ever stop sending us little signs. Your Dadda and I always smile whenever you come to visit us. I know you are with your cat mommy Princess, Dadda's cat Smokey and all of our loved ones who are in heaven. I have 5 photos of you around me at work, and we have a lot here at home. Every time we see a stray cat, we stop, if we can, and give it a bowl of dry food. We always carry a box of dry food and plastic bowls in the trunk, in case of this. I know you must be smiling and laughing whenever you hear me talk to you at home. It helps me. I bought a silver heart locket that I had engraved with your name in front and RIP with the dates on the back. Inside, there is a photo of your beautiful face and on the other side is some of your fur. I wear it every day and you are by my heart always. Your Grandma and Grandpa Don miss you very much too. I miss holding you and singing my special song to you. You know which one I mean. Until we really meet again over the Rainbow Bridge, please never stop visiting us spiritually. We love you always!!

Boo-Boo, it's our first Christmas without you. We're finding it tough to stay upbeat when we miss you so much. We left a piece of wrapping paper on the floor for you to play with. We used to love watching you claim the spare wrapping paper, pouncing on it, then flopping down on it on your side. Not a day goes by that we don't miss you. You're in our hearts forever. - Dave

Boo, I wear the heart pendant with your photo and fur inside and I know you are always close to my heart. Your 'Dadda' misses you sitting on the arm of the sofa next to him.

One day, we will all be together again. Until that time, please everyone in heaven don't stop sending us the little signs that you are around.

I better stop, because I can't see through my teary eyes. - Christine.

My sweet little girl, my Boo-Boo, I can't believe it's been a year since you left us. It doesn't feel like that long, but not a day goes by that we don't think about you. You still have a very strong presence in our home. This is your home too. We still have your bed with your toys there. Your litter box is still in the bathroom, with fresh litter too. I know you are always around us, especially when your Dadda and I are in the living room watching tv. You would be by one of us and then take turns and be with the other. Then after awhile, you will just plop down on the floor between us. You always wanted to be near us. We loved when you would fall asleep with your paws on us. And you always loved to have your belly rubbed too. That is the ultimate trust.

I loved when I would pick you up and let you look out through the door and we would look for the 'birdies'. I know I treasured those 2 minutes when I held you in my arms. Dadda loved when you would sit on the arm of the sofa and get inbetween him and the computer. Of course he never minded. He loved when you would bunt heads together. You were telling him you loved him.

There have been a few times that we could have brought another kitty in our home. As much as we want to, we do not feel that it is right because this is your home. Perhaps if and when we move, we will get one or two. I know you wouldn't mind because we would be taking care of the little kitties and love them too. But, as you know, we will NEVER stop loving you and you can never be replaced. You are our little girl and will always be.

I guess it still hurts so much because to us, you were our baby and since we were unfortunately not able to have one of our own, when you were gone, it felt like our own baby was taken away from us. I know some people wouldn't understand, but most people who have loving pets do.

Your Grandma and Don miss you and Princess very much too. I know you are with her and Smokey and are all getting along and playing together. I know that your Grandma and Grandpa in heaven as well as Grandma Rose are watching you too. I know you are kept busy by the 9 'embabies' chasing you around.

Here is a song that we wished we would have known while you were here, so we could have sung it to you. I know we sang a lot of songs and silly made up ones too.

"Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur;
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr purr."

Don't ever stop visiting us with your little touches and smells. We love you and miss you very much and we will see you again.

Love always from our hearts,
Momma and Dadda

Boo-Boo, We know you're around us more at the moment as Mommy recovers from her gall bladder surgery. You were always so concerned when one of us was sick. We still miss you so much. We'll never forget you or the love you showed to both of us. You were truly a unique and special little girl. We'll love you forever.

I came here to change the scenery to spring. Yesterday, was your Dadda's birthday and I know you would be 'smiling' and 'singing', (meowing), to him. We miss you every day and always feel your presence around us. Never stop doing that. You are, and always will be my 'little girl'. Love you lots, Momma

Boo-Boo, we can't believe that it has been two years since you left us and crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. We love and miss you every day. We still sometimes feel your presence and will even 'smell' you around. We treasure those moments and we love when you do visit us. We know whenever we are down, you would be around us to try to comfort us. That is what you always did. You loved to divide your time sitting next to each of us and then you would just lay down on the floor right in between. You were such an amazing, loving and loyal kitty cat and you loved to be petted and have your belly rubbed. That showed the ultimate trust. What we wouldn't give to have you back here again. You are always in our hearts and I wear your photo and fur inside an engraved heart pendant every day. Until we meet in heaven. Love and miss you lots. Momma and Dadda

7/21/13 Belated happy birthday Boo-Boo. I would have posted this on the actual day but life has been super crazy for a while. I'm sure you got a lot of kitty treats on the Rainbow Bridge. We still miss you. But we know you visit us. You would have been sweet sixteen. You were taken from us far too soon.

6/25/14 Boo-Boo, I can't believe 3 years have passed already since we lost you! I don't know where the time goes. We will never forget that last night we spent with you, holding you, trying to give you what little comfort we could as you suffered. You showed us so much love. The way you would lie by the feet of first one of us, then the other, before finally flopping down somewhere in the middle. It was as if you were trying to show us you loved us both equally! I miss the way you would bunt heads with me, rising up on two paws so your head could meet mine as we gently connected. And the way you would be sleeping, but if one of us got up to go to the kitchen you would look up to see if we were going to bring you a treat. We have so many wonderful memories of you. We will always miss you, but we are comforted by the knowledge that we will be reunited the day we cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

Merry Christmas sweet little Boo-Boo. Another Christmas without you. We still think about you every day amd we miss your cute ways. You were so loving. I hope Don is giving you lots of love and hugs now he's with you. I know he loved you and I'm sure he's taking good care of you. We miss you both. We're helping a homeless cat shelter in your name. We hope you keep visiting us and giving is signs you're still around. We love you and we know we'll be with you again one day.

Boo-Boo, we can't believe it's now four years since we lost you. We still miss you so much. Just know that we think about you daily. I miss when you used to bunt heads with me as you sat on the arm of my chair. I miss the way you used to look upside down at me whenever I went to the kitchen, obviously looking to see if any treats would be coming your way. And we miss the way you used to lay at each of our feet in turn before flopping down on the floor right between us as if making sure we understood you loved both of us equally. You were a wonderful and loving member of our family. We know you're having a great time playing with Princess and Smokey. And say hi to Don from us. We love you, our baby girl!

Hi Boo-Boo! How is our sweet girl? We are sorry we haven't been here to post in awhile but today is 'National Pet Day' and of course we were thinking of you and your cat mommy Princess. Boo, we think of you all the time and sometimes we feel your presence. A light tap or brush on our leg and we smile. Sometimes, we might even 'smell' you - like after you went to the bathroom! :-) You will always be our little girl! I bet your are having fun playing with Princess and Smokey and that Don is taking care of you. Keep sending us your signs! We love you and miss you very much!

Oh Boo-Boo, we can't believe that it is now 5 years since you went over the Rainbow Bridge. It doesn't seem that long. But, your Momma and Dadda miss and love you so much!! I still wear the special heart locket we have made of you that has your photo and fur inside and your name and dates outside. I wear it close to my heart. We miss everything about you. Yes, even the times you would run down the stairs after going to the bathroom and stop and stare at us to warn us that one of us has to get up and flush your 'presents' and spray the bathroom because you really didn't bury it. But, before long the smell would follow and we both would take turns to 'clear the air'. LOL We miss how you would rub against us and sit by each one of us. I know Dadda misses how you would sit on the arm rest of the couch and bump your head against his. You were letting him know you love him. For me, I just knew by looking into your eyes and of course how loved to lay with your legs on us while you were sleeping. I can go on and on about everything we miss about you. We know you stop by and are with us. I am sure you are having a good time with Princess and Smokey and I know Grandpa Don is looking after you. We will see you again.

Boo-Boo, we can't believe you've been gone six years already! Time goes by so fast now. Just know that you are still in our hearts and you always will be. We have moved to a new home and you would love it. You would have loved sitting at the window watching the world go by. Wherever we move to we know you still be with us. We love you, baby girl.

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