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Memories of Bonnie
Bonnie, my heart is broken. I hope you have crossed the Bridge and are enjoying a sweet reunion with your sister/littermate Tessa True. I love you both so much my darling pug girls. I will miss you beyond measure.
Love you to the moon and back, Momma
4/21/17 I can't believe it is over a week since we parted! I still don't have your ashes back and I am anxious about that. I added a picture of you & Tess at 8 weeks the first time I ever laid eyes on you. You were too young to come home with me. I waited 4 more weeks til you were "big girls" and could leave your pug mommy. What a happy day! I miss you so so much, my darling Bon Bon. The house is so quiet without your noisy breathing, snort, snort! Let me know that you are with Tess , happy and comfy. Love you, Momma
4/28/17 Bonnie, I just can't wrap my head around that I'll never see you again in this life. I feel your presence out of the corner of my eye and I expect you to come trotting into the room. This wasn't supposed to be this way. Bella was sick, not you. I pick up your ashes at the vet today when I take Bella in for her blood work. That took way too long! She is lonesome without you, her buddy. We all have a big hole in our hearts, especially me, your Momma. The only thing that consoles me a little is that you're with Tess again. I love you sweetheart. xoxoxox
5/26/17 Your 11th birthday and the first one without your family. But you are with your sister, Tessa, who is celebrating hers with you too. I can't tell you how much I miss you, Bonnie. Almost 7 weeks since you crossed over the Bridge! Seems like yesterday, feels like forever. I love you Bon Bon. Momma xoxox
6/10/17 Two long months you are gone from my life. I miss you so much, Bon Bon! Love you, Momma xoxo
10/1/17 Hey Bon Bon! Momma just visited Tess for her 3rd anniversary at the Bridge and thought I'd stop by to send you a big kiss. I miss you both so much. Wait for me. Love you, Momma xoxox 11/10/17 7 months I've been without you and still hard for me to believe. I miss you so much. I still haven't been back to the park where we took walks everyday. It would break my heart. I love you Bon Bon! xoxoxox Momma
11/17/17 Bonnie, Bella crossed over the Bridge yesterday morning. I know she'll be scared so please go look for her right away. Thanks you Momma's girl! I'm so sad and alone, both of you in 7 months!
12/19/17 Christmas is coming. I just decorated your site and I hope you like it. I wish there was something I could've done for you. I love you and miss you so much, Momma's Bon Bon. xoxoxoxo
12/24/17 Merry Christmas, Lovey! I hope all my pups bask in each other's love. I visited Michelle yesterday and showed old pictures of you, Tess and Bella. We enjoyed reminiscing. Love you, Momma
4/10/18 One year already. My darling Bonnie, I was so not ready to let you go. I still cannot believe it. So sudden. I am so sorry.......I love you and miss you so much.....Momma xoxoxox
5/26/18 Happy 12th Birthday my darling Bonnie Blue! I hope you and Tessa celebrated together in spirit. I think of both of you always and miss you more! Love you, Momma xoxoxox
4/10/19 Two years gone from my life! I love you and miss you so, my Bonnie Blue! Momma xxoo
5/26/19 Happy Birthday dear Bonnie! Your 3rd birthday at Rainbow Bridge. You and Tessa are celebrating together. I miss you girls so....... Love you, Momma xoxoxox
12/29/19 Momma's Bon Bon, I am late wishing you Merry Christmas. We were in CT with the family and Leo. Do you remember him? Lately I've been really missing having a dog in my life. I hope you help me cope with that. So sad sometimes. I love you and miss you so much, lovey! xoxoxox
4/10/20 Good morning my darling Bonnie. Today you have been gone 3 years! I miss you so much Momma's girl. Pugs & kisses to you lovey! xoxoxox
5/26/20 Happy Birthday my darling girl! A pug celebration on Rainbow Bridge for you and your sister Tessa. I wish I could kiss your little faces today. Momma misses and loves you so much! xoxoxo
12/25/20 Momma's Bon Bon, Merry Christmas! 2020 has been a bad year and having you by my side would've helped so much! Tess too. Miss you & love you , Momma
4/10/21 Your 4th anniversary at Rainbow Bridge and I miss you so! This pandemic drags on....... You and your sister brought me a lot of joy. I long to look into your soulful eyes once more. Love you sweetheart, Momma
5/26/21 Good morning, my love and Happy Birthday! 15 years ago you and your sister Tessa came into the world and made my life so much happier. Love you and miss you beyond words! Momma
4/10/22 Five years......hard to believe. A big part of my life is so empty now without you and your sisters. After Bella I never got another dog. I feel I am too old. I loved you with all my heart, Bon Bon. RIP my love!
5/28/22 Happy Birthday, Momma's Bon Bon. Sorry I am a little late. Love you so Much!
4/13/23 I miss you more than ever sweet Bonnie! RIP and wait for Momma!
5/21/23 Happy Birthday, sweet love!
12/23/23 Another Christmas without you! I miss you so much Momma's Bon Bon! Sleep tight. Love you, Momma
4/10/24 Missing you so much my darling Bonnie! Only memories left to keep me warm. Love you so much, Momma
What I wouldn't give to have another hour with you to snuggle, kiss you and scratch your belly!
5/26/24 Happy Birthday, Bonnie Blue! Kiss your sister, Tessa for me. Love you to the moon and back, Momma

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