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Memories of Bonnie
October 21,2012 Today started off like any other day I came home from work. You greeted me when I came home, and watched me make rice for you since your stomach was bothering you the night before. After alittle while you went into the bedroom and laid down, and that is when everything fell apart. You started crying and couldn't really move. Daddy went to help you up and you turned and bite him, for which he knows that you didn't mean as you were in pain. We tried calling different vets to see if we could have someone come out to see you. After much talking and crying we had to get help for you. Daddy put you on the blanket and took you out to the car, but before he did Scarlet, Baxter, Gizmo, Buttonnose and Razzle all came over to you. I don't know if they knew what was going on, but they all looked like they were saying good-bye. At 12:43 today we lost you my sweet Bonnie, you died in my arms when we got to the emergency animal hospital. Daddy an I stayed with you for awhile and were just heart broken. It doesn't seem possible that we have had you for almost 17 years, as you were 9 weeks old when we got you. I hope and pray that you know how much we love you, but now you are with grandma and your little brother Geech. Scarlet and Baxter(doggy sister & brother) Gizmo, Buttonnose and Razzle(kitty brother & sisters) miss you so very much and send their love. We miss you so very much an I will miss you mornings when I come home as you were the only one who would come and greet me at the door. Bonnie I love you with all of my heart.

october 22, 2012 Well coming home from work has not been the same for me, as you are not there greeting me when I walk in. Scarlet, Baxter,Buttonnose and Razzle are all still in bed sleeping. Gizmo comes out but I really miss you greeting me. Mommy has been trying to stay busy for most of the day and evening as this will keep my mind off of things. Daddy and I were watching your video from when you were in puppy class, we really enjoyed watching and we got to laugh for awhile. You had so much fun chasing the larger dogs in class. Well Mommy has to get back to work, I love you my sweet girl and miss you so very very much.

October 27, 2012 Hi Bonnie,just wanted to say hello and tell you how much we all miss you. Buttonnose doesn't seem to be the same without you, all he does is stay in the bedroom and you know that is not him. Gizmo won't go near the doggie bed she walks completely around it. Razzle seems to miss you also, I know Baxter and Scarlet really miss you, but not as much as daddy an I. Mommy is stopping on the way how from work today to get your ashes. I will be glad when you are home with us and are on the mantle next to Geech. We are thinking about getting another baby to love, but not replace you. I will let you know if we decide to get Godiva who is a chocolate lab. Well it is almost time for mommy to leave work. I LOVE Bonnie with all my heart and sole, tell I write to you again remember that mommy and daddy love you so very much, as do Scarlet, Baxter (doggie brother & sister) Gizmo, Buttonwnose and Razzle (kittie brother and sisiters).

November 6, 2012 Today is mommy birthday and you are not with us to have ice cream tonight. My birthdays aren't the same anymore since grandma left us 10 years ago today. I'm sorry I haven't written sooner Bonnie but we had a bad storm last week, where mommy stayed at the hospital for a couple of days. We have been without power since the storm hit on the 29th of October. Scarlet and Baxter are keeping daddy warm at night, while the kitties Gizmo, Buttonnose and Razzle are keeping me warm. We had a scare the other day when we couldn't find Buttonnose, you know how he likes to hide we were looking for him for about 15 mins before he appeared. He now has a brand new collar to wear and you know he doesn't like it. I wish you and Geech were here with me for my birthday, but I know that you are with grandma and she is taking care of all of our babies. Daddy and I miss you so much Bonnie, we love you so very much as does everyone else. I love you Bonnie!!

November 18, 2012 Well Bonnie is has been 4 weeks since we lost you, and not a day goes bye where we don't think of you and miss you. Daddy got mommy a beautiful cross with a paw on it for my birthday, and I was able to put some of your ashes in it. So I have a necklace for you just like I do for Geech. Wanted to let you know that tonight we had a home visit for another baby, you know that we have so much love in our hearts that we want to share it with another. I saw a 4 year old lab on the computer and we put in an application for her and we got approved. She came over tonight for a visit to see how she would get along with everyone. Baxter and Scarlet took to her right away as did Buttonnose. Gizmo and Razzles were hiding like they always do. It looks like she will be coming to live with us on Friday. When daddy saw her he said that she looked alittle like you my sweet Bonnie. Her name is Godiva for which I think we will keep her name. Remember Bonnie we are not replacing you but we have so much love for furbabies that we wanted to give another one a good home. Daddy and I love and miss you so very much. Stay with Geech and grandma and know that Thanksgiving will not be the same with you not being in the kitchen with me. Take care my sweet girl I love you.

January 4, 2013 Hi Bonnie, mommy is so sorry that I have not written lately, but is has been crazy with the new baby Godiva. At first daddy and I didn't know if we were going to be able to keep her as she was starting alot of fights with Scarlet and Baxter. Daddy was so afraid that she was going to hurt them or someone else. Well after having a trainer come and help us and daddy yelling at her she has finally turned into a sweet and loving baby. She loves playing with Buttonnose, except sometimes she plays alittle rough with him. Christmas was not the same without you and Geech mommy missed both her babies so very very much. Mommy worked on New Year's so it was kind of quiet. Mommy and Daddy send you and Geech all of our love. Love Mommy, Daddy, Scarlet, Baxter, Gizmo, Buttonnose, and Razzle and of course Godiva.

March 21, 2013 Hi my sweet Bonnie, it has been 5 months today that we lost you my sweet baby. It has been along 5 months without you, but Godiva is really helping with that. She is really doing great with Scarlet, Baxter where she is playing really good with them. The kitties are no longer afraid of her. Gizmo will not take any crap from her, Razzle will let her chase her and Buttonnose will still play rough with her. Daddy an I miss you still so very much and we think and talk about you often. When I make everyones Easter baskets next week I will be thinking and missing you so very much. I will be thinking about how you loved getting an Easter basket filled with doggy treats. We love and miss you Bonnie, Love Mommy, Daddy, Scarlet, Baxter, Gizmo, Buttonnose, Razzle and Godiva. Watch over us my sweet baby!

October 21, 2013 Oh my Bonnie, it has been 1 year today that we lost you. Not a day goes bye that I do not think of you. Sorry I have not written lately but I have been out on disability for awhile and just got back to work. As you know daddy has a job, so everyone sleeps with me during the day since I am back working nights. Oh Bonnie yesterday was Scarlet's 13th birthday and we missed you and Geech so very much at the party. I see you in Godiva as she is a licker and just a happy girl. Bonnie I miss you will all of my heart and soul, stay with grandma and Geech until I can be with you. We love you and miss you so much. Love Mommy, Daddy, Scarlet, Baxter, Godiva (doggie sisters & brother) Gizmo, Buttonnose, and Razzle (kittie sisters & brother)

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