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Memories of Bogey
Bogey I will always remember the first day I saw you! When our eyes met and we stared at each other, I could feel your want, your begging me to take you and when I picked you up and you cuddled your little body in my arms I knew you were my baby! You needed me as well as I needed you, and that was the beginning of the most beautiful relationship, you entered my heart and will remain there forever. The first night home brother Doug said "that puppy is going to cry all night, get ready for noooo sleep". You realy shocked him, I took you into my bed and you slept all night without one peep! You cuddled up to me then that first night as you cuddled up to me for the past 11 beautiful, happy, glorious years. You are such a good friend, keeping us happy every day, even when we had bad days for one thing or another, you always managed to cheer us up, make us smile, laugh, and shower us with your beautiful wet kisses and great big hugs! You are such a sweetheart!! You grew up with our frind Ping, she taught you well and you learned so much good from her. You let her be the boss because she was your elder even if you were 5 times her size. You two were very cute together and your friendship and closeness with her was so great and adorable to watch because that is what is so special about you and how you draw people to you and they love you immediately, they feel your warmth, your tenderness, your friendship, your love, you are the BEST!! The Grandchildren love you and believe you are the 101 Dalmatian STAR!! And you are our STAR!! We love you so very much for being our best friend, for giving us your love, your companionship, your support,and all the joy you have given us to make our lives so perfect, you touched our hearts in so many ways. You taught us to live each day to the fullest, and showed us how to grow old gracefully and how to die with dignity! You did not make a peep to us! You did not let us know something was wrong! Oh Bogey how I wish I could go back to August 12th! I would change that day ! I LOVE YOU so very much! I don't know how I can live without you, I just don't know how to do it. But I do thank you for giving my life all these beautiful happy memories that I will keep in my heart forever. You are in my thoughts all day, every day. I love you sweetheart and miss you so very much, but I feel your closeness, your love, we will never lose that feeling. You are here with us, you are in my heart forever! God bless you!

***Merry Christmas Bogey! I love you and miss you so much! It is now 4 1/2 months since I held you in my arms. I did not think I was going to make it, this still is so hard for me. There are tears every day.....Sad tears because I miss you so much, and happy tears when I remember all the sweet, funny, adorable things you would do! I hold your favorite toy "Millie" every night, and I feel close to you as I remember how you would hold and lay your head on "Millie" as you slept. You are our sweetheart, Daddy and I love you! Thank you Bogey for all the joy and happiness you have given us. I feel your closeness at times, I know you are near,Merry Christmas Bogey, I LOVE YOU!

***Happy Valentines Day Bogey! One of "our" favorite days! I miss you and your kisses...I LOVE YOU!...Please stay near always...you are forever in my heart...I LOVE YOU!

***Happy Easter Bogey! You know what I have...YOUR FAVORITE! MILLIE "your" Easter Bunny. I miss you so much sweety, I think of you every day. Toby misses you, whenever he comes over he runs to check if your dish is back. Then he looks at all your pictures, and asks me when we will see you again...I love you Bogey! You are the BEST! I know you are near...this still is so hard for me...Hugs and Kisses sweety, I LOVE YOU!

Hi sweety! You know what day this is? It's "your day" my best friend! I miss you so much! I've got your "Millie" here! I love you Bogey..stay near my dear sweetheart..kisses and hugs to you!

Good morning sweetheart! Mommy is right here! I love you Bogey.. You are with me in my thoughts every day.. I miss you so very much.. YOU ARE THE BEST MY ANGEL..See you in my dreams..

Bogey, my BABY, my BEST FRIEND, it is one year since I held you in my arms by the fireplace on your favorite pillow, and we said "good-bye"...it does not seem like one year...it feels like yesterday because the hurt and pain of not having you here next to me is still what I feel. MY SWEET BABY I LOVE YOU ! I MISS YOU MY BEST FRIEND! You are in my heart forever and with me in my thoughts every day. I still feel your hugs and wet kisses...stay close Bogey...Mommy is here...I will hold you again in my arms sweety... somewhere over the rainbow...I LOVE YOU BOGEY !

My sweeetheart! I love you so much and miss you soooooooooooo much!!! Hugs and kisses to MY BEST FRIEND FOREVER....See you in my dreams Bogey.....Mommy loves you........

Bogey my BEST FRIEND, it has been 4 years since we said "good-bye". I know you are near...my heart tells me that... you are with me in my thoughts every day, I miss you so very much! I love you Bogey, stay close sweetheart...my hugs and kisses are with you every day! I LOVE YOU!

My BEST FRIEND! I miss you sweetheart so very much! You are always in my thoughts, my prayers, my dreams....YOU ARE MY ANGEL....mommy loves you...hugs and kisses..stay close...mommy is here.

My sweety,another "Happy Birthday". I will never forget your parties with "cousin Loomis" Both of you in birthday hats, eating icecream and cookies! I MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH! I LOVE YOU FOREVER!....MY ANGEL...mommy is here, stay close, HUGS and KISSES!

Hello "Best Friend" I miss you! I want to touch your ever so soft fur! I miss your kisses! I love you Bogey! Mommy is here sweety, stay close....my Angel... stay close....Mommy loves you!!!

Hello my baby, Mommy is here as always, and as always...miss you...thinking of you...LOVE YOU! Last night I seen you in my dreams...I was so happy! I could feel all your wet kisses and your soft fur...and to see you run and jump and play, you look so cute! I felt so happy this morning knowing you are still here with me. You are my BEST friend forever...I love you!

Seven Years...since I held you in my arms and you looked into my eyes...I love you Bogey, forever and ever.. you are my dearest, sweetest friend, my little "angel" Mommy thinks of you always, never are you forgotten...YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND FOREVER! I LOVE YOU!

Eight Years...Mommy loves and misses you so much .. you are my very best friend ..my little angel, you are in my thoughts, prayers, and heart forever. I know you are with Putter, Ping and Loomis, they are you best friends too! Last night you were in my dream, and it felt so real! I know you are still near! My hugs and kisses are with you always, I LOVE YOU BOGEY!!

My BEST FRIEND! I love and miss you so much! Again you filled my dreams and I love that because you feel so close. I'm always thinking of you sweetie you are my angel! I love You Bogey!

My dear sweetheart and best friend .. mommy loves you so very much .. your little sweet face was in my dreams last night and I awoke to tears, but happy tears because we were so close and I love you so much!! Stay close Bogey .. mommy needs you..it will soon be 9 years since I held you in my arms but I still feel your soft fur against my face . I LOVE YOU BOGEY ! I MISS YOU !

My BEST FRIEND...today is 10 yrs since I held you so close to me. I still see your sweet beautiful eyes looking into mine. I love you and miss you and I know you are near.. my heart tells me you are here with me. When I see you in my dream it feels so real when I awake and your sweet wet kisses and soft fur is what I can feel ! Stay near me always, you are my Best Friend forever. You are my sweet little angel and will always be here with me. Hugs and kisses to you sweetie.. Mommy misses you, and LOVES YOU SO MUCH!

I love you my Best Friend Bogey. You still are always with me. My dream last night of you was so beautiful, I'm still in tears thinking of you, mommy misses you so much sweetheart. Please stay near to me Bogey, I feel you and I need those feelings forever Hugs and kisses to you sweetie ILOVE YOU SO MUCH
BOGEY MY VERY BEST FRIEND you are in my heart forever.You are in my thoughts every day and with me in my dreams, I still feel your sweet kisses and my tears are kissed away by you as you always did. I feel your hugs as I cling to your picture...I LOVE YOU BOGEY you are my sweetheart forever.. Every day the past 12 years have been filled with loving thoughts of you and I feel you with me right here at my side, your soft kisses, your hugs, stay with me my angel.. Mommy loves you so much we will never ever part! I LOVE YOU BOGEY! God bless you sweetheart.

Bogey, best friend forever ♥️ I love and miss you so very much♥️ Thirteen years baby and momma thinks about you every day. You are in my prayers every day, I LOVE YOU ♥️Our love was, is, and always be the STRONGEST. Stay close sweetie, I feel you and I know your with us. Don't ever leave my side I need your "closeness" Love you Bogey, YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND FOREVER

Hello sweetheart mommy loved seeing you last night in my dreams. You know that your sister Maggie May is going to join you. I'm telling her about you and how you will take care of her. She's not doing good but I know she will be okay because she will have you to take care of her. I MISS YOU SO MUCH BOGEY and I LOVE YOU. Please stay near to me and visit me in my dreams You are the BEST and I LOVE you MY BEST FRIEND FOREVER
Bogey I need your kisses so much I am so lonely for you. Maggie is gone and joining you now I am so sad so alone without my two girls. My tears will not stop. Bogey stay close with Maggie, I need to feel you are near me. I love you my Best Friend❤️ You are my sweetheart❤️Forever❤️

My little sweetheart I love you and miss you so much. My dreams with you are with me always. Some days are so very hard for me but then thinking of you and closing my eyes I see my precious Bogey and I fell stronger, I love you Bogey thank you for staying near me. I know your with Maggie, I know your taking good care of her, she needs you sweetheart like I do. My tears are still flowing and I still dream of the day we will be all together again. I MISS YOU SO MUCH and LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART. Stay near, with Maggie, and let me feel your adorable KISSES...
Hello sweetheart I am so lonely this is so very hard our daddy is gone, I miss him very much, I know he is with you now and you're giving him kisses all over his face. Give daddy kisses for me too cause I miss him oh God I miss him so much, this is so hard, I don't know how to do this, you and Maggie have to take care of daddy for me. I love you Bogey you are my angel, please stay near with Maggie and daddy too. Oh God help me please make me strong, I've no one here to help me, I need Bogey, Maggie and our daddy to stay close so I can feel all of you, I Love You!!!

Hello sweetie ❤️ My dream last night was precious with you my little angel and you had darling Maggie and our awesome daddy with you too💕Thank you for watching and taking care of them you were always the strong one for mommy. Bogey I love and miss you so very much... can't wait till I can hold you again and kiss your adorable face. I look at all your pictures and treasure every single one. You &Maggie are my best friends forever Love you forever 💝

Hi Sweetheart Bogey I had so many tears for two days, Happy & sad tears I miss you and love you sooo much you'll always be my Best Dog as Daddy called you. How is daddy and Maggie.. I know you three are all together sharing hugs & kisses. I've your pictures all over my room you are so beautiful. I've your sister Maggie's pictures up too right next to you the way you two are right now, I know daddy is there with you Please give him kisses for me like you always did. I dont know what to do anymore these days are so hard for me to get through without you three. YOU ARE THE BEST friend and yes Maggie came to us and loved us the way you did to cheer us up and kiss away all my tears. I miss daddy so very much I don't know how to make it better. Every night I sleep with your favorite toy and Maggie's too, also a teddy bear that has daddy's voice in it ..then I can fall to sleep and DREAM OF YOU, You are so sweet I love you and miss you sweetie, my heart is lonesome for you. Stay close to me don't ever leave my side. I feel you near every day and night I LOVE YOU !!

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