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Memories of Bodie
Bodie was a shelter puppy of 5 weeks when we brought him home. From the start, he was always ready for any adventure he could find. His devotion to the people and animals on "HIS" farm was never to be doubted. He was deeply loved by his companion of three years Bella, a little cocker/terrier mix who thought he hung the moon. He would grudgingly accept kisses from her whenever she could catch him lying down. Breaks my heart now to watch her look for him.

In his 12 years, Bodie never tired of his favorite version of "Red light Green Light", he would walk right on your heels and if you stopped quickly, he would run around you barking. When you started walking again, the game resumed. He loved to ride in the truck, but, only if he was in the seat between us!

He would lie outside the Doe goat pens at kidding time, keeping a watch on the new babies. If he got the chance, each new one got a total checking over, then a "kiss" on the head.
The Does accepted Bodie being around their kids without fear.

Sadly we lost our Bodie boy in a tragic incident the day after New Years 2013. He had wandered onto the property of unfriendly neighbors with vicious dogs who were normally penned. He did not survive long enough for us to even get to him.

PLEASE, PLEASE, hug your pets every time you get the opportunity, they can be taken from you so quickly. An hour before this happened Bodie was "supervising" me bottle feeding a baby goat.

Its hard and it hurts,found myself crying in the dogfood aisle at the grocery store when I spotted his favorite brand of food the next day.

GOD in HIS kindness, took our baby in HIS arms and away from the pain that day. I know he didn't want to leave us, but his buddies Roscoe,Digger, and Kolie were at the bridge to meet him.

To the wonderful fur-parents who have signed Bodie's Guestbook and sent such wonderful messages: Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding. We have been so blessed to know the most wonderful of animals and Bodie was one of the sweetest.

Bodies family: His mom Marcia, dad Jimmy, little fursister Bella, best cat buddy Tom-Tom, and all the farm animals he loved to look after.Poo
Hey sweet boy, the rains finally arrived today. Knowing how much you loved it, I can see you out and about all afternoon. Didn't matter how cold, you always spent the day soaking wet, like a little kid playing in the rain. Just imagine, today you could play all you want and not get wet, but, I bet it wouldn't be as fun. :)
Miss you baby boy.

Simply can't believe it has been a year without you.The day you passed, we brought you over to the land we would be moving to soon. Your dad and I, Bella, and all your goats joined you last May. Your can now watch over everyone from under the big oak tree. The nasty neighbors are far away. I'm trying sweet boy, but it's hard not to continue to hate those people, who I still run into. My goal is to realize they are simply not worth it.
Wish you could have met our newest family member. Her name is Sadie and she adopted us in August. Just came up our drive one day, starved, almost hairless from malnutrition. An immediate trip to Dr Eberhart, let us find out we now had a young abandoned Great Pyrenees mix who needed a lot of TCL.
Sadie now weighs close to 80 lbs. Bella took to her immediately, she wrestles with your cat Tom-Tom, just like you did, and is a natural with the GOATS. We have no doubt you brought her to us, you have allowed us to pay your love forward.
Almost another year gone sweet boy.You should meet the pair of puppies we got to guard your goat herd. Their names are Jax and Sara and they almost as sweet and mischievous as you. Going to be much bigger though, so the goats are well guarded. Have you found Fiona, Clover, and Cayenne yet? They are probably grazing nearby if you want to play with them.I know that you can sense that we think of you often Bodie love.
1/2/2015 I knew there was a reason you were in my heart the last few days. You've been plying beyond the bridge for 2 years now. Have you ever gotten Roscoe to stop wanting to wrestle cats, I bet not. :) Please tell all of my other furbabies how much I love and miss you'all.Now...go find some mischief to get into. Mama loves her Bodie Bodacious.
Hi baby boy.
Another year gone, but you're still very much in our hearts.

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