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Memories of Boboot
William and I would like to thank everyone who sent their well wishes, thoughts and prayers. Our precious pet, Boots joined her creator on Feb. 20. She had a fast spreading cancer called Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) which attacked her left lower jaw. We had no choice but to put her to sleep. She is greatly missed as she is the best pet one can ever have. Special thanks to Rainbow Bridge's grief support group - you all have been great and your messages of encouragement and support is tremendous. Thank you ALL!

Over the holidays (December 2008 in St. George UT) while petting and scratching Boots under her chin, I noticed she had a bump under her left jaw. Her appetite was unpredictable. Some days she ate good, but mostly fair. When we got back from CA, we took her to her vet since I was alarmed by her weight loss and constant drooling. The Vet diagnosed it as an infection right above the bump under her jaw so she was prescribed antibiotics. After a couple of weeks, her situation had not improved. We took her back to the Vet for follow-up. Her infection was still evident and her lump never subsided. We were then referred to see the surgeon. Boots had an X-ray and it didn't sound good. Although the surgeon did not state a diagnosis yet, she had already suspected it to some sort of cancer. Looking at the x-ray picture, Boots had lost her lower left jawbone. I couldn't help but cry. I know whatever Boots had, things were going downhill for her. Although surgery was an option, the surgeon indicated that it would only give her a few added months, and we had to think about her quality of life, that was February 17th. We took Boots home where Wm and I discussed extensively what was needed to be done. Putting Boots to sleep was not even the option for us, but it kept creeping in our minds since it was the only way to stop her suffering. We prayed every hour on the hour asking God to please spare Boots' life but at the same time to give us a sign of what we need to do.

February 19, Boots ate quite a bit. Due to her condition, we were giving her Gerber baby food diluted with Pedialyte. That day I was extra happy cause she ate again after a few hours. Later that afternoon, Wm and I went to church and when we got home he suggested I try to feed Boots again. I was beginning to think, God answered our prayers and that Boots will be okay. I started preparing her food and soon as she heard the plate and fork clicking, she knew dinner was ready for her. She immediately jumped down from Wm's lap and ran to her plate and began eating. Wm and I were watching her with joy as she chowed down her food. Then all of a sudden she started pawing her jaws on both sides, this time she was doing it intensely. Wm picked her up and thought one of her teeth might have become loose since one side of her jaw was out of alignment. However this time it was way out of alignment! She couldn't close her mouth and her tongue was hanging out. It was a pitiful sight. Wm immediately gave her pain medication. Our poor baby didn't sleep at all that night. What was also so very heartwrenching, was watching her in the middle of the night sitting in front of her dishes wanting to eat or drink but couldn't. Wm and I both cried... We talked about different options and the thought of putting her to sleep was like driving a red hot nail into our hearts, but it was the only choice for her sake to end her pain and suffering. We drove to Los Angeles at 4am the next day to see her Vet still hopeful that he could perform a miracle for us and save her. When the Vet checked her, he immediately indicated that Boots had broken her jaw due to the brittle jaw bone. The only humane solution was putting her to sleep. Wm and I felt devastated, I broke down into tears and sobbed until I felt like I couldn't breathe. We both kissed her and hugged her numerous times and told her we love her and that she was going to be with God. It was the hardest Goodbye we ever said. The last time I glanced at her, she was in the doctor's arms, and Boots looking at me and stretching her paws as if she's saying "don't let me go, Momma" or it was her goodbye to us and thanking us for letting her go and cross the bridge. That day, it seemed like the world just collapsed on us. Wm and I couldn't even look at each other without crying. We can't stop talking about Boots and tried to console ourselves that what we did was the right thing to do and best for Boots. We know that the night she broke her jaw was the sign from God that we were asking for otherwise, we would have prolonged the days just to keep her with us.

We miss her dearly and still long for her presence. Coming home to Ridgecrest was very hard cause we know we won't be seeing her napping in her usual spot, and we won't hear her purring or her sweet meows. Neither one of us wanted to face the reality that our dearly loved Boots is not going be on our bed waiting for us. Every corner of the house reminds us of her. She will always be remembered, she will always be loved and we will always treasure the memories of her. She taught us patience, courage, and unconditional love. She is the BEST and we love her with all our hearts.

Thank you for understanding of how we feel toward our pet. Losing her was like losing a member of our family. As we see and feel...she is not only our pet, she's family.

Boboot, we love you Boochiemama...God bless you in cat heaven!

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