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Memories of Bo Bo Woo Kerrick
Mommy wants to say "Thank you" to you, Bo Bo. I remember mommy had her tough time 9 years ago. You came and rescued me by putting your paws on my arm, three days in a row. For the past 13 years, you gave me unconditional love each and every day. I forever love you and cherish your memory! It is hard for me and PaPa Craig as we so used to your furry love/meow. We will be brave and strong, like you were brave and strong during the last 6 months. Although we are parted from one another, we will meet some day soon. Say hi to Heavenly Father! He takes the best of care of you!
Mommy paw print
Three musketeers will reunite soon!

Tomorrow will have been one month after you left. We sorely miss you, Bo Bo. You won't see our cherry tree blossoms this year. However, you don't suffer asthma/allergies/vomitting hairball any more! I feel relief for you! We love you, Bo Bo. I feel you are around me sometimes but I just don't see you. Say hi to Heavenly Father for us!

One month ago at 12:40pm, we set you free at the Lynnwood Specialty Center. Your head dropped at my arm and I knew you were gone with Heavenly Father. You looked so peaceful and very beautiful. We miss you, baby Bo Bo! No more stupid cancer nor chemotherapy! Love you, Bo Bo!

Hi Bo Bo, mommy wants to tell you that I finished our financial statements at work. I am happy. However, I sure miss you every day. I have to calm myself so I won't cry all the time. Each time I think of you when you were sick, I feel very sad. But I let it go. Then I think of our happy time together. I feel warmth. Your mommy's body is a wreck now. Asthma flares up due to the constant grief. Remember when I felt under the weather, you looked sick as well. I knew how to take care of you. You had asthma which was less than 3% feline population in US. I didn't mind as I have one, too. But you were also the sweetest cat on the land. I was so lucky to get to know you. I love you. Talk to you later!


Dearest Bo Bo, today is Easter. It is time to remember Jesus and His scarifice to us. You have left us to Jesus for exactly two months now. I felt like you were gone for 2 decades. Mommy is adapting and learning to live without you. It has been a uphill battle. I have been praying to God to restore my spirit and bless you each and every day. Hope you have good time with Gomie. Be a good host to him!
I love you. I hope my sorrow will be replaced with your smiles/positive memories/unconditonal love soon. Mommy and Pa Pa love you forever!


Hi Bo Bo Bee, how are you? I hope you have been keeping my dad a good company at Rainbow Bridge. Last year was tough for me to lose you both. I still miss you daily. I love you, Bo Bo. Remember your friend-nemy, yellow tabby. He is coming almost every day. Your Pa Pa and I have been feeding him. We named him Tai-Bo, aka Billy. I fed him the last bit of dry good and brought myself into tears. It was the last bag of food I got you last year. I can't believe it has been a year. I ask God to give you a blessing. Say hi to Cinnamon, Go Mee, & bunch of your new friends for us. We love you, Bo Bo. Take care!


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