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Memories of Blu
Blu, I will never forget the day you were given to me. I was so ecstatic yet anxious. Anxious anything would happen to this newfound light in my life. Anxious as to how I would ensure your safety from the moment you opened your beautiful eyes until the moment you closed them. I always looked forward to opening the front door and seeing your tail ferociously wag in excitement. I loved the walks we had together and the all-nighters we would pull off every now and then. I wish we could have traveled, but I know your condition wouldn't allow it. I would have loved to put you on more ice and snow where you belonged. Your first time on ice was absolutely hilarious; the way your sheer excitement led to silly slips and falls that I inevitably had to prevent. You started to get the hang of it, but the Louisiana weather wouldn't allow that bit of fun to stay. After we would come in from a walk, I'd give you your favorite treat-- an extra gravy Milk Bone. Man, you went crazy over those things, but I don't think they beat table scraps. You loved table scraps so much that it led to you being a tubby Husky, which is quite rare. Oh, how I miss those days and cherish those memories. I will always love you, Blu. Thank you for the blessings you have given me in the short time you were here. Thank you for the smile you put on my face each and every day. Thank you for the love and faith you gave me. I know I'll see you again sometime in the future. Until then, be happy and free. Free from pain and suffering. Rest easy, buddy. I love you.

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