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Memories of Bitty
We found our beautiful Bitty boy when we went to Longview Cattery to pick up a kitten in 1998. As we toured the cattery, this gorgeous one year old cat (Bitty Boy) walked up to us, and started licking our legs. He followed us all around, and although we came for a baby, we fell in love with Bitty. Since we already had 3 adult cats at home, we could only take one more cat. Afraid that bringing an adult into our house would cause problems, we said good-by to our new friend, and took our kitten home, but we never stopped thinking about Bitty.

A year later,unexpectedly, we lost our beautiful Scottish Fold Bentley,to cancer. We immediately called Mary at Longview, and told her we wanted Bitty ASAP! We never forgot him, and needed this beautiful furbaby to fill the hole in our hearts.
Mary, being the wonderful person she is, brought Bitty to our house, and we went to our vet to have him checked out. He passed with flying colors, and we became parents to the most wonderful, funny cat there ever was!

Of course, bringing him home where he was not the only one, did turn out to be a small problem. However, he soon established himself as the king of the castle, and all was good again. Bitty charmed everyone who met him, with his good looks and outgoing personality. It seems that he liked to lick feet, so anyone who came to our house without closed shoes, soon had their feet cleaned, whether they liked it or not! His antics were hilarious. Jumping onto the top of the refrigerator and knocking everything up there to the floor. Climbing from the fridge to the top of the kitchen cabinets and moving the decorations, and standing in the kitchen sink and letting the water drip on his head. Bitty loved water, and would go into the walk in shower with his dad, or sit in any sink and wait patiently for us to turn the water on so he could have a drink, even though there was a huge bowl of water on the floor.
When the bell would ring, all the other cats ran and hid. Not Bitty, he would saunter to the door and greet whoever was there. Once they were in the house and sat down, he would jump on the couch or chair and sit with them, he didn't have a shy bone in his body.

Unfortunately, youth and good health do not last forever. In August 2011, Bitty, at the age of 14, was diagnosed with lymphoma, and given a short time to live. So anguished about losing our wonderful boy, we treated him at BluePearl Specialty Hospital in Tampa and Brandon. Although our wonderful oncologists couldn't give him a great prognosis, we thought our SUPERCAT could beat the dreaded disease. This was not to be, and although he had 4 good months during treatment, the last couple of weeks were heartbreaking to watch. He succumbed to this horrific disease on 1/21/12, with us sobbing at his side.

Rest in peace beautiful boy, we miss you so much!!!!!

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