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Memories of Bismarck Tubbington
I love you Bismarck. You've been there for me at my lowest and I don't think I would have gotten through what I did without you by my side. You brought me comfort and joy when I thought the world was only misery and showed me the potential in this journey we experience. I didn't show it enough but you meant a lot to me.
Now that you're gone it's painfully clear. Everytime I sit in my chair I remember you used to jump on my lap, everytime I look out my window I remember you used to be sitting on the ledge outside waiting to be let in, everytime I leave a room I remember you used to be following close behind.
I miss you dearly. I miss how much you would ask for food even though the vet wanted you to lose weight, I miss you brushing up against my face, I miss holding you tight at night. I wish things didn't have to end so soon. I wish I could just hug you and pet you one more time and tell you everything would be fine. You were my best friend.
You're gone now. I'll never ever forget you, Bismarck. You changed my life. One day I hope we cross the rainbow bridge together, until then I'll have to figure it out.
It hurts so much to say goodbye. The world just keeps going on and I feel like I'm stuck in this moment. But I don't want to leave this moment because I don't want to leave you. It hurts. I suppose time fixes everything.
Bismarck, you were the handsomest, coolest, baddest, and beefiest cat boi on the block. Every moment we spent together was an absolute pleasure. You are the best cat I ever knew.
You should be chasing butterflies in God's prairies right now. One day I'll join you and we can be together once again. Until then, Bismarck. I will never stop loving you.
Love, Kaimyn

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