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Memories of Biscuit
I will miss my furchild Biscuit immeasurably. He was so effortlessly beautiful. I would often say "How did you get so beautiful Biscuit?" while patting him. He was very handsome with defined check bones and gorgeous markings. Biscuit was an incredibly happy creature and his illness was sudden and unexpected. It doesn't feel fair that he had to be euthanised when he had been enjoying life so much 3 days before. Maybe he was sicker for longer than we realised? I just wish I could have him back - happy, healthy and ALIVE. Biscuit loved life. Even though he has passed away he will live on in his Daddy's heart and my heart forever. I have never known a more beautiful, happy animal before and I am thankful that Matthew (his Daddy) let me take him home when I met him in a caravan at Matthew's mum's farm. He was so playful with his sister and me and I feel in love with him straight away. I just had to take him home and begged Matt to agree! Maybe there is such a thing as love at first sight?! He was a beautiful little kitten who quickly grew into a beautiful long bodied cat with an extra long tail. It's funny that I got my current memory pillow the same time as I got him and he always seemed to think of it was his. I think the pillow remembered my head and his body! At first his body was small on the pillow and then he grew so big that he covered the entire pillow! He was very sensitive to my moods. If I was crying in the bathroom he would try to open the door when he was a kitten. Biscuit was originally named Gingermegs by his Daddy, but because of his love of biscuits he "asked" to be named Biscuit. He was a cuddly, affectionate cat who loved to be with his peeps (us). He slept with his peeps most nights and loved being cuddled. He would purr loudly and overtake our pillows, which sometimes woke us up, but we loved him regardless and always will. We loved him even when he bit us either asking to be fed, being playful or because he just couldn't endure my obsession with touching his cute, wet nose. Biscuit loved food and we provided! I feed him the best always in his last year - (Royal Canin indoor cat biscuits for breakfast & Holistic Select duck & chicken wet food for dinner) - thinking it would keep him healthy and alive for a good 18 years. (He died too young at 5 years 11 months). He loved the duck wet food. We would call him Fluffy Duckie, because of his enjoyment for eating duck and because even though he was a short haired tabby - he was very fluffy! We called him lots of funny names, Bizza etc (I can't even remember all the names we made up for him!) but his name Biscuit stuck. He was Mr. Biscuit. He ruled the house - he was the prince, the King! I will miss so much about my furchild - Biscuit. I don't have children - I called him my furCHILD, so the loss feels greater and the house feels empty without his beautiful presence. I will miss his head butts, nose gots, purring, cuddles, pats, meows, brrs and mehs. I will miss brushing him - he loved being brushed on the face and I got a lot of fluff off him! I will miss coming home to him and how he poked his head around the curtain to see that we were actually home and he would meow in greeting. I will miss him coming into the bathroom with me just because he wanted to be near me. I will miss him following me around the house. I will miss him sitting in between his Daddy and me when we are watching TV - always happy for a pat while he got his 18 - 20 hours of beauty sleep. I will miss him massaging my tummy. I will miss feeding him. He was a funny little Bizza when we gave him his dinner - he would eat a bit of his dinner, than he would wander back to us as if to say thank you for such good food and then go back to his dinner! His Daddy would give him treats of raw chicken, beef and mince too. I would give him smoked salmon treats when we had it. During his last days we put his dinner bowl in a fruit box and he ate dinner in there. We called it his restaurant! So much to miss. I will even miss his bites and scratches - I still have some scars on my arms to remind me off him. Those scars will heal in time and so will the pain of losing such an important part of my life. Losing Biscuit has helped me see the value in life. Biscuit was the best cat in the world! (Sorry all other cat owners! But he was!! Me = biased) Biscuit loved his Daddy and Mummy. Biscuit was part of our little family. It was Matt, Biscuit & me. We will always love him. Rest in Peace beautiful creature, Biscuit.
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