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Memories of Billy Lackie
Billy was loved by everyone. He never met someone that didn't love him. Especially those blue eyes. The staff of our vet loved him too. They called him "Ole Blue Eyes" when he went to visit them.

And Billy loved everyone too. He had the loudest motor when he would start purring - which was often. And that sometimes would drive our vet crazy as she would say "Billy stop purring so I can hear your heart and lungs." He loved to be petted. He would sit for a long time just to be petted.

He loved to find those hiding places in the house. How he even got in them sometimes is beyond us.

We especially loved the kitty wrestling matches between Miss Kitty and Billy. And Grissom (our dog) and Billy were buddies even sharing beds together. One of my favorite photos of Billy is one where Grissom is laying next to him and they are touching each other to keep each other company.

Even Sarah (our other dog) came to love Billy. She even gave up her bed for him in his final days and allowed him to use her iBone as a pillow.

There were times where Mark's chair just wasn't big enough. Sarah on one side of his lap, Grissom on the other side of his lap, and Billy across either dad's shoulders, the arm of the chair or even on the back of the chair.

Please welcome Miss Kitty and find her so you two can be together. Also, Grissom has come and joined you as well. And now Mommy is there with you too. I know you are in Mommy's arms as she absolutely loved and adored you.

Enjoy your time with Mommy, Grissom and Miss Kitty. If you like, go ahead and cross the Rainbow Bridge. Sarah, Paloma Grey, Annie, Jedi and I will be there soon enough and we will cross the bridge together to join you in heaven.

All of us here, miss you all.

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