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Memories of Billy
Dear Billy,

I will make this short and sweet for you. I love you and I miss
You more then you could know. I hope you are happy
And you have everything you need and want. I will see you
Again some day. Mommy loves you!!! rebel misses you. You have
So many people here that miss you. Xoxo my handsome boy.

Till I see you again. Big kisses, mommy


Billy always tried to eat the goldfish crackers he would jump on the couch when you had a bag and beg you for some. He would stick his whole head in the bag.

He was my best friend he would come to the mall and sit with me while I got my nails done and go shopping with my friends and I

He was my companion going over the bridges together from college back home.

He always caught my tears and licked me to let me know he was there for me.

On top of billy creating 100,000,000 memories in 8 years I had him he was my best friend, I would have never made it through college without him.
When the decision had to be made I told him, begged him to give me a sign I was doing the right thing, and the night before I put him down
I laid on the couch with him like we did so many times before. He snuggled his head under my chin and stayed there, as I started to cry he picked his
Head up and licked away my tears as if he was telling me, not to cry it will be ok. I was there till the very end I reminded him over and over again how much i loved him. i did everything I could and more. He was an old guy and the fun slowly dwindled but he never stopped showing me how much he loved me. I miss his little kisses.

Billy- I love you

Dear Billy,

It's almost Christmas it has snowed twice already. You know how much mommy loves the snow. I am trying so hard to get in the spirit but its so hard without you. I wrapped Christmas presents for the first time in a long time without you stepping on the paper or cuddling up on grandmas new pj's :( it's just not the same and I miss you so much.

It has almost been a month but it feels like forever. I miss you just as much if not more. I miss your little kisses and snuggling with you when it's cold out. I miss eating goldfish and you trying to attack the bag. Life is not the same without you by my side. I hope you are happy where you are and I will see you soon.
I keep you on the dresser and kiss you Goodmorning and Goodnight. Love you Billy
PS: you are coming to Christmas with Rebel and I :)


It's January 3rd handsome boy and we had a big snow storm last night. It looks beautiful you would have loved a carriage ride! Rebel went to Petco and they cut his nail to short a week ago. The cold affects his foot and nail but him and Coli Roo had a lot of fun in the snow It wasn't the same without you and our walk. Hope your having fun with your friends be good. Mommy misses you very much. I love you. We miss you. HUGE hugs and LOTS of kisses Love Always Mommy & Rebel.

Happy Valentines day handsome. I love and miss you 2014 <3

March 15, 2014
Hi handsome today was a beautiful day one of the warmest ones we had, would have been perfect for a carriage ride. My tattoo for you is almost don't just need your little feet done :) I will be honest sometimes I wish I kept you a little longer but I know letting you go was for the best. Aunt Denise and I found two Huskys their mommy and daddy hasn't come forward yet poor puppies. I had my first vacation for almost a week with daddy. I would have loved to spend a whole day cuddling with you, we had some warm days but like I said today was the best. The other night I woke up and thought I heard you sneeze made me a little sad. I hope you are having fun and behaving yourself mommy misses you VERY much. Love you handsome. LOTS of KISSES and a VERY BIG HUGE. Mommy.

April 11,2014
Hi handsome,
Daddy left us don't worry I'm ok. It's just Rebel and I now but boy do I miss you. The weather is getting nice out. I hope your having fun I love you monkey xoxo

August 5, 2014
Hi buggy, I know it's been awhile but I do think about you every day. We might be moving to Florida, so much has happened. Wish you were here through it with rebel and I. I love you monkey face. I babysat Danielle's bunny and it was not nearly as love able as you were even when I first got you. There is no other bunny like you and even Rebel knew that. He was not happy about him. I love you and miss you so very much. Goodnight handsome xoxox

November 2,2014

Simple. I love and miss you. I think about you everyday. Hope your having fun. Xoxo forever n ever

July 4,2015

Hi monkey sorry it's been a while it's been busy. I kiss you goodnight every night still. I love you more today then I did yesterday! Mom is going on a cruise soon wish I could bring you😃 I'm not at the barn anymore that often went back into small animals I ati of course have your friend rio 🐴 rebel is doing good his leg is still bothering him even after surgery 🐶 but I very much so love and miss you. I was telling zach ( who you would loveee) all about you I wish you guys could have met each other. Happy fire work day buddy I hope you are happy and healthy with lots of carrots and gold fish. Xoxoxo handsome mommy loves you!!

October 2017

It's been a while since I wrote in here but you know I talk and think about you all the time. I wish I can squish that face. Time doesn't heal the lack of you being here. I know your watching down on me. Rebel is doing much better, we stopped chemo a month ago, fingers crossed baby. Hope you are enjoying life say hi to grandma for me! Love you monkey xoxo mommy ❤️❤️

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