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Memories of Billy
We got you through Pet Adoptions when you were 2 years old. Your prior owner did not want you, as you had a broken leg. You never knew what it was like to have a home and a Mom and Dad. We taught you what a home was like and gave you all the love we could. I called you Billy Button or Sweet William. You slept with us every night and always waited for Arlen to get into a special "position" so you could snuggle up to him. You loved playing in the middle of the night and morning found me looking for lost ping pong balls and catnip mousie's. This also happened when we went away for a few hours....Mousie's were scattered all over the house as you slept in your bed. You loved looking out the front door and sleeping in sun spots. When we would go away for an evening the neighbors would see you looking out the curtain. You knew our car when we drove in the driveway and parted the curtains to be sure it was us. It is so hard to come home now and not see the curtains move and you peek out. I am so sorry for you, my best guy who never knew any pain and never hurt a soul (not even an accidental step on a tail) that you had to go in such pain before you went to the Bridge. We tried to help you so much. Arlen was with you when you were finally taken. We will love you always. We got your ashes and they are in a beautiful urn. We also put in your favorite mousie that you loved to carry around the house. Every morning I say 'morning Bill' and I know you answer 'morning Mom'.................it is now the 4th of July I don't know exactly what date you were born but Pet Adoptions said it was July 1999. I decided you were my 'YANKEE DOODLE DANDY' Born on the 4th of July......Happy birthday Baby....we miss you so...please don't mind that Momma Cat comes in the house more.....you are still my best boy....
It has been a year since you went to the Bridge. I hope you have met with your brothers and sisters. You probably know Momma Cat took over the house. I think when she came home from being boarded she realized you were not here and this was now her job to love us. You are still my BEST BOY and I will never forgive those who made your last minutes in such pain. I still love you baby and you will slways be my life. I will see you at the Bridge for sure.

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