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Memories of Big Cat
9/15/2012..........Biggie....so sorry you had to leave us....you were such a loving, funny ole kitty. We sure are gonna miss you, Mr. Big. Your Dad and me are so sad...and so is Richie. He loved you, too...you were his buddy when I rescued you from that trailer. And you were with Donnie, too. We all got to love you. I know you and Angel are having fun playing at the Bridge....I will be there to see you both one of these days. Take care of each other.....Love you....Mom

1/26/2013..........Biggie....Just stopping by to say hello to my furry big ole kitty cat. I do miss you, Biggie....I will see you again at the Bridge...some day. Oh that will be so great...with Angel, too. Love you, Big.......Mom

6/15/2013..........Happy Birthday Biggie. Hope you are enjoying your Birthday at Rainbow Bridge with AngelFur. Today is Itsy's Birthday, too...he's 17. Ole Whits. I sure do miss you, Biggie. I loved you so....even with your old grumbly way. I miss you, too. Please know that I will see you both again some day......Love you, Mom.

9/14/2013..........Hi Biggie....one year ago today you went to the Bridge. I sure miss you. My big ole softee kitty. Dev is so needy....meows alot...he wants all the attention. I have a candle at your picture today....but I'd never forget you..you were my special big kitty cat. Love you so much and miss you.......M

6/15/2014.......Happy Birthday at the Bridge Biggie. I do miss you, boy. You are 14 today....poor old Itsy is 18 today. I hope you and AngelFur are having fun there....and are waiting for me to join you. I look forward to that glorious day. Love you so much Biggie.......Mom

7/26/2014........Well...I guess you and your shared Birthday guy are having a fun time at the Bridge. Poor old Itsy...he was so tired...and now he can play and be happy. (7/24) Please take good care of him...he was with us for such a long time.....I love you furbabies, and wait to meet you again.......Love, Mom

9/14/2014.........2 years has passed since you left us. I miss you, Biggie. Poor Dev is all alone here in the house. I won't get any other fur babies...he can be the center of attention for at least the rest of his kitty life. Richie misses you, too....you sure were a special guy. Love and miss you, Mr. Big.......Love, Mom

6/15/2015.........Happy Birthday Biggie and Itsy. Today Biggie, you are 15, and Itsy is 19. I hope you two are having a good time at the Bridge, celebrating your special day. I miss you both so very much. But we will be together again at the Bridge, when the time comes. Love you always.....Love, Mom

7/24/2015.........Hi Biggie....Mom loves you and misses you. Today I am sending loves and hugs to Itsy. Today is his Angelversary....one year ago today...the little old guy came to be with you and Angel at the Bridge. I hope you furbabies are having a good time playing together.....I love and miss you all......Love, Mom

8/14/2015.........Oh Biggie....it's been 3 long years now that you left us. I miss you so much with your grumbles and growls and bites. Dev is getting big, too...but not like your furry big self. I hope you and Itsy and Angel are having a good time at the Bridge. Mom is looking forward to the day we can all be together again..... Love you, Biggie

1/18/2016........Well Biggie....your buddy Dev is up there with you now. I sure hope you're glad to see him. I know he missed you and Angel. Mom is so sad that Dev has gone to the bridge so unexpectedly. But I long for the day we will all be together again....Love you, Big.....Mom

1/18/2016........Also Hi Itsy....you have a new buddy now.....have fun little guy.....Love, Mom

4/30/2016........Happy 14th Birthday Dev...Mom loves and misses you so much. Til we meet again....

6/15/2016........Happy Birthday Biggie and Itsy....today is your sister Missy Fur's Birthday, too. Biggie....I hope you and Itsy are having fun at the Bridge. Don't forget, we will all be together again some day....Love you guys.

7/24/2106.........To Itsy on his 2nd Angelversary. Love and miss you so much, Whits. I hope you are playing at the bridge with Angel, Biggie and Dev. I love you all and miss you all so much.......Mom

9/14/2016.........Biggie...today is your 4th Angelversary, big guy. I love you and miss you so much. I hope you are having fun with your sister and brothers. I know you are. I miss your grumbly old self...and pray for our reunion at the bridge.....Love, Mom

4/30/2017........Hi Biggie and Itsy....just Mom saying hello and I love and miss you guys. Hope you are having fun at the bridge...I know you are. Love and miss you, Mom

6/15/2017.......Happy Birthday Biggie and Itsy. I hope you two furbabies are having a good time at the Bridge. And romping with all your friends. I miss you both so much. Til we meet again at Rainbow Bridge...I love you....Mom

7/24/2017........To Itsy on his 3rd Angelversary. Love and miss you old UBE Kitty Cat. Your little meow and your determination to stay alive...really gets my heart. I know Mom and Dad loved you so much, and so do I. I hope you guys are all having fun at the Bridge...until we can be together again.....Love, Mom

9/14/2017........Today is your 5th Angelversary Biggie. I sure miss you and your grumbly old self. I did love you even if you were an onry thing most of the time. You were so comical. I know you are happy at the bridge...and I will see you all there some day. Miss and love you, Biggie....Mom

4/30/2018.......Hello Biggie and Itsy. Mom wants to tell you how much I miss and love you both. My big ole grumpily kitty Biggie...and you poor little frail Itsy. I love you both and will be there to see you some day at the bridge. Miss and love you guys, Mom

6/15/2018.....Happy Birthday Biggie and Itsy. I miss and love you both very much....Love, Mom

8/31/2018....Hello Biggie you big ole fluffy kitty cat. And to you, Too, Itsy. I miss you both so much. And hope you are having fun playing at Rainbow Bridge. We will be together again there some day. Love you guys....Mom

9/14/2018....Today is your 6th Angelversary Biggie. I sure do miss you. Big old lovable grumpy kitty. You were the best cat anyone could ask for. I hope you and Dev and Itsy and Angel are having a great time at the Bridge. I will see you all again someday. Love, Mom

1/05/2019...Hello my two big boys. Biggie and Itsy. Mom misses both you guys and I hope you are having fun at the Bridge. Love you, Mom

5/4/2019....Hi my boys...Biggie and Itsy. Mom misses you both. Biggie I miss your grumbly old self and poor Itsy...you fought to the end, beautiful soul. Love you both, Mom.

6/15/2019...Happy Birthday Itsy and Biggie. Mom loves and misses you both so much. My grumbly old Biggie and frail little Itsy. Love both you boys. Love, Mom

8/31/2019...Hello my furry guys...Biggie and Itsy. Just Mom saying hello to my boys. Hope are are having fun at the Bridge. Mom will see you there some glorious day. Love and tears...,.Mom

9/14/2019....It's your 7th kitty Angelversary today Biggie. I sure miss you and your old grumbly loving self. And how we had to get you shaved when you got big mats in your fur. Love you, Biggie....Mom

10/20/2019...Hello my guys...Biggie and Itsy. Just stopping by to see how you are both doing. Miss and love you, Mom

01/05/2020...Just stopping in to say Hi to my furry boys at the Bridge. Today is Dev's 4th Angelversary. I miss you guys all so much. My big furry guy and my little skinny guy. Love you both. Love, Mom

6/15/2020....Happy Birthday to my old guys...Itsy and Biggie. Mom loves you both and mnisses you both, too. Hope you are playing at the Bridge. I will see you again Furbabies. Love, Mom

8/31/2020...Hello my big guy, Biggie and my little guy, Itsy. Just stopping in to say Hi to the both of you. Hope you are both happy at the Bridge. I miss you both so much....Love, Mom...

9/14/2020....Biggie, you have been gone 8 years now. Hope you guys are all playing and happy at Rainbow Bridge. Love and tears, Mom

1/05/2021....Hi Biggie and Itsy. My 2 funny boys. Mom loves and misses you both. Mom

04/30/2021....Hi Biggie and Itsy. Just dropping by to say hello to my furry guys. Miss and love you both, Mom

06/15/2021...Happy Birthday to my little guys. Biggie...I miss you so much with your old grumbles and bites. And Itsy you were the best little kitty in Upper Black Eddy. I sure miss all the good kitty times. Miss you and love you both.....Mom

08/31/2021....Hi Biggie and Itsy. Just dropping by to say hello and hope you kitties are happy at the bridge. Miss you both so much...hugs and scratches, Mom

09/14/2021... .9 years today you went to the Bridge, Biggie. I do love you and miss you. Hope you are having fun with your siblings up there. We will all meet again some day. And hello to Itsy...UBE Kitty Cat. You were such a joy, Witz. Love you, Mom

10/20/2021...Hi Biggie and Itsy. Just dropping in to say I love you both. Hope you are running free at the Bridge and having all kinds of fun. Miss and love you guys...Love, Mom

1/05/2022...Hi Biggie and Itsy. Just Mom saying Hi to my kitty boys. Miss you guys so much. Love you.....Mom

04/30/2022...Hi guys...Biggie and Itsy. Love and miss you both. Big old grumpy lovable Biggie. Little old sweet Whitz. Love you and hope you are having fun at the bridge...tears, Mom

6/15/2022...Happy Birthday Biggie..you big ole fluffy pussy cat. I remember when you had to get shaved...too funny, big guy...love you, buddy.
Happy Birthday Itsy..you sweet little kitty cat. You were with us for a long time. Now I'm at the house..remembering your sweet face. Darry sure loved you and so did Mom...and so do I...Mom

8/31/2022...Hi kitty boys...just stopping by to say Hi to my furry guys and say I love you both...Mom

9/14/2022...Oh Biggie...Mom misses you so much...my giant furry pussy cat. Play with your buddies until we meet again..love, Mom. And Hi to my little Whits...UBE PussyCat....love you, Mom

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